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Created 2001
Status Inactive
Race 1st: Human
Classes Cleric
Last Seen 2006
Followed 1st: Tokugawa
Spouse DarkClaw


Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

February 10, 2002:
The warrior that stands before you meets your gaze clearly, without shame or fear, and returns it with eyes of the darkest brown, almost black. His thick shoulders are squared, held with pride and strength and a courtly grace. At a towering height of three inches past six feet tall, his bulk might seem oafish on another, but he bears himself with skill and dexterity. It would be easy to imagine him as comfortable escorting a lady to the dance, as it would dispatching a wicked creature menacing the young or helpless.
His smile is gentle, his gaze gentlemanly and not lecherous. Well schooled in the courtly arts, this warrior-priest calls to mind the anticent tales of heroes who gave their all for the honor of a lady, or the protection of the weak. His eyes flash with bravery and honor, passion and loyalty, but his heart belongs to only the lady of his life, and his fellow Tigers.
A faint flickering light dances in the air before him. A slight frown creases his handsome face, and he raises a hand to lightly caress the shimmering aura. "Go in peace," he whispers softly. For a moment, he is surrounded by a bright, incandescent glow, as he grants the soul release from its torment. His eyes return to yours, and he nods solemnly. "Too often, the value of souls is not given proper respect. This is a bloody land... but even still, grace exists."
Garland is in perfect health.

Garland is using:
<used as light>     (Weak magic) (Glowing) a gem of brightness
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) the hazy platinum ring
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) the noble amber ring
<worn around neck>  (Moderate magic) the scintillating quartz amulet
<worn around neck>  (Moderate magic) (Heathen) an amulet of worth
<worn on body>      (Moderate magic) an iron breast plate
<worn on head>      (Moderate magic) a scale mail helm
<worn on legs>      (Moderate magic) a pair of chain mail leggings
<worn on feet>      (Moderate magic) a pair of splint mail boots
<worn on hands>     (Moderate magic) a pair of leaf mail gauntlets
<worn on arms>      (Moderate magic) a pair of silver sleeves
<worn as shield>    (Moderate magic) an iron tower shield
<worn about body>   (Moderate magic) a ring mail sash
<worn about waist>  (Moderate magic) a leaf mail girth
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) a steel bracer
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) a mithril bracer
<wielded>           (Powerful magic) a black swagger stick
<worn with pride>   a cloth baldric, draped over the shoulder
<worn with pride>   (Weak magic) a rare feather

WHO Lists:

Hum [    Wa: 4 Cl: 9    ] Garland, has found [Balance]                          September 11, 1998
Hum [    Wa:15 Cl:14    ] Garland,                                      -WarD-  April 11, 1999

Dwa [    Wa: 7 Cl:18    ] Garland, weaver of souls -=tiger=-                    October 15, 2001
Dwa [    Cl:29 Wa:20    ] Garland: Weaver of souls -=Tiger=- *Star*             January 1, 2002
Dwa [ Or:21 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Garland: Weaver of souls -=TigerCounselor=- *Star*    October 30, 2002
Dwa [ Or:21 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Garland: Weaver of souls -=TigerCounselor=- *Star*    January 11, 2003
Dwa [ Th:26 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Garland: Weaver of souls *Star* -=Fate=- -Blade-      November 25, 2003
Dwa [ Th:26 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Garland: Weaver of souls -Fate- *Cordir* =Blade=      January 14, 2006

Character History:


Restring Worn: <worn on finger> (Moderate magic) (Gleaming) a mithril band set with a star

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:


October 20, 2001: Garland of the Tigers reaches Wa:13\Cl:18.

October 28, 2001: Cordir organizes a couple Newbie Random Hunting parties. Party members include LeiLani, Legionaire, Titan, Aiken, DogDaze (who was PK'd while randoming), Garland, Doza and Indiga. Despite the Black Conclave's non-aggression being withdrawn moments later, the parties still go out and collect items for several newbies at great personal risk, some paying a great price.

November 2, 2001: Garland swings his very first DEMO while fighting a fire demon.

November 17, 2001: Garland reaches Wa:17 Cl:22.

December 5, 2001: Garland levels to Cl:25\Wa:20.

December 10, 2001: A group of Tigers (Tiax, Charles, Garland, and Kantor) kill the lighthouse keeper and Queen Mariel, winning the 100,000 gold Tynian had placed on them and a spell crystal, and Tiax posts a note about the victorious Tigers.

December 12, 2001: DarkClaw dies in the Demon Realm and her sweetie Garland, Mandrake and Noctus go in and retrieve the corpse. Garland reaches Cl:27 Wa:20, and then uses 40 practices, getting ALL the languages to superb :P

December 28, 2001: Garland slays Berengor for #39, a ghostly woronin for MM#40, a young monk for MM#41, and an Ogre Guard of Gronk for #42.

December 31, 2001: Garland levels to Cl:30 Wa:20 at 231 years old (438 hours), created Tue Mar 20 01, 15:27:02, and gains a train.


January 18, 2002: Garland levels to Wa:23\Cl:30. Garland posts "The Weathered Rose" publicly - his pledge of love to DarkClaw.

January 28, 2002: Garland reaches Wa:24 Cl:30.

February 3, 2002: Garland levels to Wa:25\Cl:30.

February 4, 2002: Garland completes MM#59: Old Knight and # 60:Triton Patrolguard.

February 5, 2002: Garland of the Tigers levels to Wa:26\Cl:30.

February 11, 2002: Garland levels to Wa:27\Cl:30.

February 12, 2002: Garland adds to the conversation on notes about Sober (a "Good" Dawnbringer) corpse looting Nyx (a Neutral), and sacc'ing the remainder to prevent a CR.

February 14, 2002: Garland reaches Wa:28 Cl:30.

February 17, 2002: Rocky, by himself, fought a group of 5 others (Anduin, Legionaire, Paython, Drakar & Garland) and died. Late in the fight, Rocky firestormed and was taken down to "stunned" by the group. Since firestorm is an area spell, it hit Tokugawa (who was in the room), and Tokugawa accidentally ANNIHILATED and killed Rocky. After all was said and done, since there was no way to tell whether or not Rocky would have died had Tokugawa not squashed him, Rocky got his corpse back, and the group involved got something for their trouble.

February 21, 2002: Garland levels to Wa:30\Cl:30.

February 27, 2002: Calivax dies on the River of Dispair, and Garland tries to do a CR, not knowing a scumbag has already stolen the corpse. There, Garland dies to Scairz. Mandrake performs the CR of Garland solo, beating Taibh and Noctus on the run to rescue the corpse.

March 1, 2002: Garland is named a Tiger Councellor.

March 12, 2002: Tranquility: My thanks / Tue Mar 12 10:09:49 2002/ To: all - I had the fortune of meeting a mage mob today. Bubba, Garland, Korsk, Lins and Paython...without your help I would not have survived. Thank you, so very much for answering the call for assistance. It is my hope that your gods cherish you as much as I do. - Alive and kicking, Tranquility

April 3, 2002: Garland gets Fire Elemental as the target for his mob mastery for the 16th time in a row.

April 9, 2002: Garland gossips (in old-common), '<<Edited: An Anathema>> wins the mini quest, even though he just beat the pudding out of a Tiger >:P'. Garland gossips (in old-common), 'Next mini quest, get me a steak of bag of a mob that pops both, "A Clear potion" and "(Token Magic) A tablet'. Garland gossips (in old-common), 'This one is worth 5k (Running out of gold >:P)'.

April 16, 2002: Garland is ordained "Soul Hunter" by Tripper and levels to 2nd!.

April 18, 2002: Garland kills King Zentarian for MM#65 and levels to 5 Ordained.

April 19, 2002: Garland completes mobmaster 71 and levels ordained twice. (He completes 7 mobmasters total on this day - 3 Drow Soldiers, a Drow Warrior, a drow Guard, a priestess & Timon.)

April 20, 2002: Garland reaches 8 ordained.

April 26, 2002: Garland reaches Ordained level 12.

April 27, 2002: Garland completes mobmasters 74 thru 77.

April 30, 2002: Garland reaches ordained 14.

May 4, 2002: Garland levels to Ordained 17th and slays Ygren the sword crafter for mm#83.

May 25, 2002: A GT is held in New York with with Aslan, Belsambar, Craige, Dart, Garland, Nicolas, Talyn, Virez and Zoah attending.

June 14, 2002: Garland reaches ordained 19.

June 21, 2002: Garland accidentally kills Tiberius in a spar in the temples, and gives the corpse back.

June 23, 2002: Garland and Fenrir do a corpse retrieval from demon realm for Cygnus while Marisa whacks on his demons for him.

July 4, 2002: Garland reaches 21 ordained.

October 16, 2002: Garland reaches 1300 hours of play.

October 18, 2002: After some "very kind words and help", Garland announces that he's unretiring.

December 3, 2002: Garland has women fighting over who gets to wizmark him at Mish.

December 6, 2002: Garland gossips (in common), 'Vex attacked me and actually stumbled, which proves he may actually be human after all :)'. Vex gossips (in common), 'i got over excited'.

December 7, 2002: Garland reaches 700 years old (1377 hours). Proving age is just a number, Garland starts a mosh pit at Mish :)

December 26, 2002: Garland completes MM#85 - Ygren.

December 27, 2002: Garland takes up a collection to purchase Alex 300 bounty hunters, but sadly does not reach his goal. December 29, 2002: Cordir posts "The Time for Oaths", which refers to the upcoming wedding of DarkClaw and Garland.


January 11, 2003: Garland & DarkClaw are married! This causes the number of characters online to peak at 54 today, which ranks 10th on the TFC Top Online Player Activity list. The wedding also causes today to be listed as #14, #15, #19, #21, #23, and #24. Tynian comments on the activity in a post on the Forum. And here's Lexie's point of view of DarkClaw's kiddnapping, etc.

January 23, 2003: Garland joins the Wyld Hunt.

January 24, 2003: Garland & Khorlan triple to thief.

January 26, 2003: Garland reaches Th: 5 Wa:30 Cl:30.

February 2, 2003: Garland levels several times, reaching Th:13 Wa:30 Cl:30.

February 8, 2003: Garland levels twice, reaching Th:20 Wa:30 Cl:30.

February 9, 2003: Garland levels several times, reaching Th:23 Wa:30 Cl:30.

March 11, 2003: Dragonslayer gossips (in common), 'do you know where i can find a fetish'. Garland gossips (in common), 'Depends on what type of person you are....'.

May 19, 2003: Garland gossips (in common), 'I'm not insane, it's just that everyone else is'.

May 22, 2003: Garland departs the Wyld Hunt.

May 23, 2003: Garland joins the [[Chosen of Fate]. Scave dies in the icy wasteland and Garland performs the CR... only to find Scave died there twice, and he grabbed the wrong corpse. So back to the Wasteland he goes, to find the correct one, at the feet of the Ice Wyrm.

June 21, 2003: A GT is held in Darien Lakes, NY with Natilena, Skie, Malakost, Dart, Lycron, Garland, Kerriariadne, Belsambar, Tidus & Goth attending.

June 23, 2003: Garland reaches Th:26 Wa:30 Cl:30.

July 16, 2003: There are quite a few comments about EC being replaced, including Garland's note.

August 7, 2003: Garland dies in Master's Tower, and gets his corpse retrieved. He then posts a note to all saying, "Valin, Vex, Alucard, Azeworai, Aoife, Indiga, Roen, all my thanks go out to you guys for diving head first into Masters tower to get my corpse."

September 23, 2003: Garland posts "a new low." [[Category:Tigers]