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Cistercian Silverleaf
Status Inactive
Race (Drow)Elf
Classes Warrior
Followed Cordir

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Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Elf [       Wa:10       ] Cistercian SilverLeaf, Servitor of Fate         02/07/2000
Elf [    Cl:16 Wa:16    ] Cistercian Silverleaf, Seeker of Fate           07/30/2000

Character History:

Short in stature and stocky in build, the elf that stands before you has hair the color of newly fallen snow. His complexion is dark, certainly displaying ancient Drow lineage. Silver eyes are almost hidden beneath a dark thoughtful brow. His armor is meticulously polished and without dents or scratches. Appearing as if it has seen little use on the field of battle.

Although he shows no outward sign of distress, you sense something is not right. Perhaps it's the barely imperceptible twitch of the fingers in his left hand.

A party of raiding goblins stole into Loth-Llorien one night and pillaged the home of his family. He narrowly avoided detection by hiding under the stairs in his cellar. When all had quieted he returned upstairs. The twisted bodies of his family lay on the floor, except for that of his brother, who was nowhere to be found, dead or otherwise. His mother was still barely alive, but he could do nothing to save her. As she lay in his arms, he vowed to her to learn the healing arts so that none other should suffer before him. He now begins his quest to learn the healing arts, and to provide relief from suffering wherever he is able.

He seeks that which he has vowed and scours the land for any news of his lost brother, spirited away by the goblins.


Cistercian says (in elven), 'I swear to never harm a living thing within my home of Loth-Llorien.' Cistercian says (in elven), 'I swear to mend the damaged and broken bodies of all that may ask.' Cistercian says (in elven), 'I swear never to auction items for personal gain. I will give any such surplus to the following or those of less fortunate means.'


  • Justi and Shorn were both named Anathema for their repeated attacks on Cistercian.
  • Cistercian was there to witness it when Noctus joined the Chosen of Fate.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

02/07/2000: Cistercian joins the Chosen of Fate.
02/09/2000: Cistercian reaches 5th level cleric (CL 5 / WA 10).
04/22/2000: Cistercian reaches level 13 cleric.
05/11/2000: Cistercian reaches Cl:14/Wa:11.
07/31/2000: Cistercian reaches Cl:17/Wa:16.
08/02/2000: Cistercian reaches Cl:18/Wa:16.

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