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Created 1999
Status Inactive
Retired 2000
Race Half-Elf
Hometown Nydia
Classes Cleric
Followed Cordir

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Running one hand through his short, blond, curly hair, he pauses briefly to look at you. Clear blue eyes are set in a pleasant face, nose surrounded by faint freckles. Just as you start to think that it is in fact quite an attractive face, you realize Bastian is staring at you unwaveringly, and you feel a sudden tug at the back of your mind. Or is it just your imagination? Wincing slightly, Bastian places a hand on his left side, turning dead-white. Immediately, the odd feeling you had disappears.
Bastian is in perfect health.
Bastian is using:
<worn on legs> (Magical) a pair of elfweave pants
<worn with pride> (Purple Aura) (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen

WHO Lists:

Hel [    Wa: 5 Cl:15    ] Bastian, Attendant of Fate          01/10/2000
Hel [    Wa:12 Cl:15    ] Bastian, Student of Fate            01/31/2000
Hel [    Wa:17 Cl:20    ] Bastian, servant of Fate            02/10/2000
Hel [    Wa:23 Cl:24    ] Bastian, Favored of Fate            03/07/2000

Character History:

The armored figure sits down in front of you, removing his helmet. Clear blue eyes look at you curiously, a quiet smile appearing on the lips below them. Running a hand through his blond curls, Bastian sighs deeply and bows his head slightly. Suddenly a voice speaks in your head, a melodic, almost soothing voice, "Don't be alarmed, please. You asked me to tell you my story. My speech is somewhat hindered by what happened in the past, I hope you don't object to this way of communication."

Not waiting for your response, he continues, images appearing in your mind as the voice speaks again, "I was born in Nydia, and traveled the world at an early age."

Pictures of the Half-elven town of Nydia, and a young man walking around the forests surrounding it follow each other quickly.

"I worked here and there, supporting myself, doing various kinds of jobs, until I met with a Mystic who wished me to become his apprentice." Suddenly, waves of anger and rage fill you, leaving you nauseous and gasping for air. Just as sudden as those feelings appeared, they vanish.

"My apologies. I did not mean to lose control like that. As the Mystic's scholar, I was taught the arts of the mind. Never could I have expected my master's cruelty and inhumanity. The training sessions were more like torture, both my mind and body were abused at the deepest level." Fearing another flood of feelings of rage, you are somewhat surprised when all you feel is a deep feeling of sadness blossoming in your mind.

"In the end, I was able to escape," the voice speaks softly, "I was confused and almost broken from all the abuse. Even though I have

found a home among the Chosen ones, my wounds have not fully healed, sudden pain will flare up without much warning."

Unable to stifle a scream, you get a sudden sense of the tremendous pain Bastian suffers from time to time, starting in his left side, but

soon spreading through his entire body. When the pain subsides, you are shocked to find yourself curled into a ball on the floor, shaking violently. Looking over towards the half-elf warric, you see him struggle to his feet slowly as well, wiping sweat off his forehead.

"My apologies again," you hear the voice whispering hoarsely in your head, "I was unable to cease the link between our minds in time. You wished to hear my story, and such is as it was. Fare you well."

Bastian's End

(The Player of Bastian got very upset with me that I allowed a fellow immortal to start a character that was allowed to bypass most of the requirements to get into the Chosen of Fate. He requested release, and since he had created the character to join Fate, he self-deleted. This was the 'closing story' he asked me to provide to the rest of the following. I declined, as the story seemed to lay the blame for his 'death' on his leaving Fate. The story ends rather abruptly, on something of a mysterious note. - Cordir (talk) 13:09, 10 July 2012 (MST))

Shivering violently, the half-elf wraps his arms a little more tightly around his naked torso. The two scars that border the bruise below his heart start to bleed slightly from the strain the body is inflicting upon them. Removal of the Covenants of the Chosen, one drawn in the blood of Lady Cordir, the other drawn in the blood of other members of Fate has left him completely vulnerable to the attacks with which his former Mentor continued to plague him, even after his death.

A chill breeze fills the air, and Bastian lifts his eyes wearily, staring at the apparition which materializes in front of him.

"You've c.. come at last, he whispers hoarsely."

The specter appears to nod, its eyes glowing brightly. A chill voice erupts from the shadows, "You honestly did not think you could evade me forever?"

Instinctively, the young half-elf furrows his brow, attempting to show the specter the light of forgiveness. He then remembers, he no longer has his Lady's blessing, and a look of panic crosses his face. Years of training prevail however, as his mind takes over, recognizing the danger it is in, erecting a defensive wall, in an attempt to block the specter's mental attacks.

"Young fool," the shade snaps harshly, and lashes out at his former apprentice with a foul mental command, breaking through the weakened defenses easily.

The silence is almost tangible as the specter looks down at the lifeless body at his feet. "This can't be, you couldn't have been weakened this much," the voice mumbles. Carefully, expecting a final offense, the shade bends over Bastian's body. A gentle mind probe verifies its suspicion, no sign of life is left in the young half-elf's silent shape. A smile of triumph creeps over the specter's face, interrupted briefly by a look of puzzlement.


Bastian says (in common), 'My first choice is that s'
Bastian says (in common), 'since there are few noble ..creatures left in the world, I shall never own, n'
Bastian says (in common), 'nor wear equipment that has the word 'dragon' in it.'
Bastian says (in common), 'my second choice is that I will not have on more money than needed, only e'
Bastian says (in common), 'enough to live on, or, when ..needed, to switch to a different class.'
Bastian says (in common), 'My final choice is to cure the p'
Bastian says (in common), 'plague every chance I get, since it affects so..many other lives. '
Bastian says (in common), 'Unless, of course, I am restricted to perform it on.. a specific p'
Bastian says (in common), 'person'


  • Bastian had a severe speech impediment, which he always RP'd, even when the stammer caused communication delays that were detrimental to his character.
  • Bastian's Covenant Ward was created using Cordir's blood (as per normal) and three drops of water from Lake Hali, in N'Kai.
  • Bastian was specifically mentioned in the history/diary of Garvax.
  • Bastian left the Chosen of Fate due to an out-of-character disagreement with Cordir: She accepted Saran as a worshiper without having him go through the full entry quest.

Player Provided Information:

While Bastian was not a member of the Chosen of Fate for a long time, I enjoyed his time with us. He was an excellent roleplayer, and the character of Bastian was a unique one. He stayed in character remarkably well, consistantly roleplaying a speech impediment and physical ailments. We parted ways when he felt I had compromised my integrity by accepting Saran without requiring him to do the entire entry quest. While I (obviously) disagreed with Bastian's point of view, I had to respect him for doing what few would: telling me he thought I was wrong.

Personal Timeline:

12/10/1999: Bastian joins the Chosen of Fate.
01/10/2000: Bastian duals to warrior.
02/01/2000: Bastian completes 6 mob mastery quests (to reach his 27th), and levels to 14th warrior. (WA-14/CL-15).
02/02/2000: Bastian reaches effective 20th.
02/04/2000: Bastian reaches 17th level cleric, effective 22nd.
2/10/00 - Bastian levels both warrior and cleric (Warrior 16 / Cleric 20), and slays 'A Weaver' for his 30th mob mastery, much to his Goddess's displeasure.
02/11/2000: Bastian shares a tale with the Chosen.
02/14/2000: Bastian reaches Cleric 20 / Warrior 20, slaying a Servant.
02/28/2000: Bastian reaches effective 20th, and completes his 40th mob mastery - a fire eater.

Player Information: