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Created 1994/1995
Status Inactive
Retired 2nd: Sept 2004
Race 1st: Half-Elf
2nd: Human
Classes 1st: Ranger
2nd: Shaman
Last Seen 2004
Followed Coleman
Spouse Rudolf
Partner Toonse
Areas Written Skelos Island

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Hel [ Ma:20 Ra:17       ] Coyul'ed around YOU! and licking her lips       08/23/1995
Hel [ Th: 4 Ma:22 Ra:25 ] Coyul is just a girl                            11/18/1995
Hel [ Th:12 Ma:22 Ra:25 ] Coyul is Queen of Queens for the mirthmaster    Unknown: Molo's Archives
Hum [       Th: 7       ] Coyul of the Shadows                            8-1-2004
Hum [       Th:10       ] Coyul shadowstumbler                            8-2-2004
Hum [    Sh: 6 Th:11    ] Coyul?                                 FaTeD    8-8-2004
Hum [    Sh: 9 Th:11    ] Coyul: Loose thread in the Tapestry of Fate.    9-5-2004

Character History:


1. I will greet members of Mirth each day when I see them, and will seek them out for groups 2. I will offer help to three newbies each day I log in, with spells, advice, and suggestions 3. Will involve herself in three retributions against Anathema each month. 4. Will apply for membership in the Hands of Fate. 5. Will explore one new (to her) area each month.


Player Provided Information:

Einskaldir, Coyul and Jaator grouped to slay me during my quest for immortality if I recall correctly.
I remember being small and following some big guys around, like Toonse and Coyul. Erond, before I was a ranger.
Coyul was one of those that absolutely floored me when she said she wanted to join Fate. She was big when I was new on TFC, and was one of the kind souls that epitomized Good.

Personal Timeline:

7/30/04: Coyul is back, after a hugely long absence.