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Race Human
Classes Thief
Last Seen 03/14/2011
Followed Cordir

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Current Description:

WHO Lists:

12/18/2001    Hum [       Th: 8       ] Esariston walks the path of the Wyrm
01/03/2002    Hum [    Ma: 4 Th: 9    ] Esariston: Wandering Servitor of Fate -Cordir-           
03/12/2002    Hum [ Ma:11 Th: 9 Ra: 9 ] Esariston Cerestice: Wanderer of Fate 
01/17/2007    Hum [ Ma:13 Th: 9 Ra: 9 ] Esariston Cerestice: Wandering Hand of Fate

Character History:

I have no early accounts of my parents, and I was found a lone babe. It is unknown whether my parents lie dead, were forced to leave me, or abandonded me for not wanting, but what is aparent is that I am an...unusual breed. It is not in sufficient amounts to overcome the human blood in my veins, but most of my heritage becomes apparent in either my abilities or looks. Somehow, I have the blood of Drow, apparent by my violet eyes and streaks of silver hair, Dwarf, Halfling, and Aaracockran in my viens, but that is something more deserving of a personal conference with me than should be read in my accounts. On with my story, I was found by thieves in a powerful guild. There, the guild's mage sensed both my shown and innate abilities and declared me as his own. I grew up knowing him and the thieves as a caring group, but I have learned over time since his death that it was just a precursor, and that he was really quite cruel to all others. I may have been the only one to know tenderness from him. My master, Verhundil, had me trained in all that was available in the guild. I learned thief skills, warrior skills, and there was much learning of the realm. I studied many scrolls and maps of the realm, and learned much about the people and creatures that may be found. Many are surprised by my wisdom at such a young age. However, in spirit I am much older. Perhaps the other two most influential people were Leasir, the Guildmaster, and his assassin, Ateriand. They never seemed to mind my questions, but I have no doubts that if I hadn't proven my worth later, I would not have recieved the respect they seemed to show me as a child, yet I would have almost instantly won a place among that small circle should I have proven myself. Alas, there is no way to truly know, for not soon after my eleventh year with the thieves, the guild was attacked. I saw many I thought of as friends die, and my Master's last act was to throw me through a portal to some godforsaken place just before his death. I have not yet found a place to call home since then, however much the home was dangerous. After that, I wandered for many years. I slowly began to hear of exploits of a section of the world I'd not been to, and began to wonder after being exiled from guild after guild whether that was my place. Perhaps if I had finished my training, my heart would not be so...tender...towards even those that may not deserve it, but since my 'home' every guild has asked me to do things that...didn't...feel right. I since decided that it was time I seek out the legends and see if I truly belonged there. Perhaps Fate has something in store for me after all...


  • Esariston had a pet cat named Shade.

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Personal Timeline:

12/23/2001: Esariston joins the Chosen of Fate.
12/27/2001: Esariston reaches Ma: 4 Th: 9.
07/05/2002: Esariston is apprenticed to Nyx.
03/21/2003: Esariston completes MM #30 - a fireworm.
01/06/2007: According to Cordir's Roster on this date, Esariston was last seen on 09/16/2006.
01/02/2008: According to Cordir's Roster on this date, Esariston was last seen on 12/03/2007.
05/15/2011: According to Lycron's Roster on this date, Esariston was last seen on 03/14/2011.

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