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Tyb (I)
Created Early 1996
Status Inactive
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Cleric
Followed Cerebus
Parents Orphan / Unknown
Children None

Mud Contributions:

Current Description

WHO Lists:

Hum [ Cl:12 Wa:15       ] Tyb the cute little warric of the Court (The Mortal Archives of Molo, the Arch Lich )
Hum [ Cl:18 Wa:15. .. . ] Tyb the ____________________ of the Court                  (April 15, 1996)
Hum [ Wa:18 Cl:20. .. . ] Tyb Morgaeleus of the Court, warric of Justice             (February 23, 1997)
Hum [       Cl: 5       ] Tyb Morgaeleus, A relic of the Court of Cerebus            (August 24, 2001)
Hum [       Cl: 7       ] Tyb Morgaeleus the Boy                                     (August 31,2002)

Character History:

As related to Cordir on 8/13/2002.
History, I can remember. It seems like a dream I'm grasping at, but I can remember tattered pieces. I can remember my father.... a man of the cloth. My two younger brothers both went off to the academy to learn the ways of war, but being the eldest I was to be a man of peace like my father. One day, the Orcs came..... they slaughtered the parish, killed my father before my eyes and I could do nothing. I wanted nothing but vengeance........ blood.... to see every last one of their kind dead and rotting on a pike. I've no memory of my mother. I suppose I should find bliss in not knowing. But there will always be those questions in my head... burning, points of fire in my mind, aching for me to extinguish them with the light of truth. For many years I learned to use my rage and faith as a weapon in slaughtering Orcs.... In my youth I had always wanted to be a soldier like my brothers, but more of a beacon of light and leadership on the field of battle. My father deprived me of that..... and I could not save him. It was during these years that mishap a rougish elf with some magical manner crossed my path by the name of Rigel. He thought that perhaps my anger was misdirected. He brought me to a mighty court room.... The Lord Cerebus before me.... carefully observing, weighing and judging all. Rigel presented me to him and thought that perhaps through some training that perhaps my abilities could be used in the waging war against the Ebon Hand. It was a dark time, although not all the threads were bloody, but few managed to escape the war that blighted the land.


  • If Tyb wasn't a member of IPS, he probably should have been. :)
  • Tyb made it onto the Quotables page with this gem: Tyb says (in common), 'Unless you're a paid subscriber to my web site and then for only 2.99 a month you too can see live footage of Kaldred shaving his butt.'.
  • Cordir created a +charisma restrung pair of pants for Tyb to wear whenever he created a newbie and visited TFC: a pair of black silk lounging pajamas.

Player Provided Information:

Tyb was one of those people who embodied the pursuit of Courtly Love - womanhood, in all its varied forms, had his worship and devotion. He made every woman he interacted with feel as if the stars shone in her eyes. He brought a carefree sensuality to all of his interaction, but was never pushy about it. He had a graceful manner about him, was a delicious flirt, and could hold his own in any conversation relating to a variety of topics. In his first incarnation, he was an excellent support to the more aggressive within the Court, and was a capable member for group adventures.

Personal Timeline:

  • Dec 11, 1996: Tyb is a level 17/20, worshipping Cerebus.
  • Jan 30, 1998: Tyb has gone through 3x conversion, and dropped to 18/18. His FLI is Cerebus.
  • September 11, 1998: Tyb has joined the worship of Zarous.

Player Information: