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The Ghoul King
Created 1996-1997
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Classes Mage
Followed 1st:Agape


Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

December 1, 2002:
From under a dark hood, you hear strange cackles and giggles, making you wonder about the sanity of the wearer. Backing away slowly, you catch site of numerous magical artifacts and weapons...not the trappings of your usual maniac. The dark figure notices you staring, and pushes back the hood, revealing the scarred face of a noble elf. You gasp as you recognize the character of many tales, Drazuk!
You then notice a large, leather-bound book under his arm, and slap yourself for not recognizing the Book of Knowledge that was rumored to be lost for good. You recall the story of the Book being cast into the Pits of Insanity by angered Gods, and for Drazuk to have ventured into the Pits to regain this artifact must of done much damage to his psyche. For him to even be alive at this point shows what a tough elf he is.
You begin to find yourself respecting this crazy elf for what he has done, and what he has gone through. He might not be the sanest of individuals, but you know that he must have a solid enough grasp on reality to still be alive.
Drazuk won't win any beauty contests.
Drazuk has a few bruises.

WHO Lists:

Elf [ Ma:22 Ra: 9 Th:10 ] Drazuk: Abrasive Scribe, Ghoul Lord                   04/15/1996            
Elf [ Th:10 Ra: 9 Ma:25 ] Drazuk the Kinda Wise: Mud Janitor                    08/10/1996 
Elf [ Ma:27 Ra: 9 Th:13 ] Drazuk: Yep, I'm Ghoulish {PiZaN}(know)[angel]        04/26/1997            
Elf [ Ma:27 Ra: 9 Th:13 ] Drazuk: Ghoul King, PiZaNo Elder Voice [Knowledge]    06/??/1997
Elf [ Ma:27 Ra: 9 Th:13 ] Drazuk: Nowhere to Run, No Time to Hide {Laurana}     07/28/1997
Elf [ Ma:26 Th:13 Ra: 9 ] Drazuk: Master Scribe of The Scorned One {JoeY}       02/12/2000
Elf [    Ma: 9 Ra: 9    ] Drazuk Embraces Knowledge...so there!                 01/23/2002
Elf [ Th:10 Ra: 9 Ma:15 ] Drazuk: Abrasive Ghoul Scribe of Knowledge *PiZaN*    02/23/2002
Elf [ Th:10 Ra: 9 Ma:15 ] Drazuk walks the path of the Wyrm *PiZaN*             02/23/2002
Elf [ Ra:10 Th:10 Ma:15 ] Drazuk: Abrasive Weaver Scribe *PiZaN* =Fate=         02/28/2002
Elf [ Ra:12 Th:10 Ma:15 ] Drazuk: Fated Weaver Ghoul Lord *PiZaN*               03/06/2002
Elf [ Ma:15 Th:10 Ra:15 ] Drazuk: Fated Weaver Ghoul Lord *PiZaN*               03/17/2002
Elf [ Ma:17 Th:10 Ra:15 ] Drazuk: Fated Weaver Ghoul Lord *PiZaN*               04/02/2002
Elf [ Ra:15 Th:10 Ma:21 ] Drazuk: Servant of Fate, Child of Lolth *PiZaN*       04/28/2002
Elf [ Ra:16 Th:10 Ma:21 ] Drazuk: Servant of Fate, Child of Lolth *PiZaN*       06/10/2002
Elf [ Ma:22 Ra:17 Th:11 ] Drazuk: Servant of Fate, Child of Lolth *PiZaN*       08/12/2002
Elf [ Ma:24 Ra:17 Th:11 ] Drazuk: Ghoulie Pizano, Abrasive Blade of Fate        12/01/2002
Elf [ Ra:17 Ma:24 Th:11 ] Drazuk: Ghoulie Pizano, Abrasive Blade of Fate        01/01/2003
Elf [ Ra:18 Ma:24 Th:11 ] Drazuk: Abrasive Ghoulie Pizano from *Fate*           04/24/2003
Elf [ Ra:19 Ma:24 Th:11 ] Drazuk: Abrasive Ghoulie Pizano from *Fate*           06/13/2003
Elf [ Ra:19 Ma:24 Th:11 ] Drazuk: Blade of Fate, Ghoul King *PiZaN* [Knows]     10/25/2003
Elf [ Ra:19 Ma:24 Th:11 ] Drazuk: Blade of Fate, Ghoul King *PiZaN* [Knows]     05/26/2004
Elf [ Ra:19 Ma:24 Th:11 ] Drazuk: Blade of Fate, Ghoul King *PiZaN* [Knows]     08/03/2004

Character History:

When Drazuk was a child, horrible creatures swept down from the mountains in the Frozen Wastelands, killing nearly every inhabitant of his village, and taking the rest as slaves. Tortured by the Old Gods to the point of near insanity, Drazuk had almost given up hope of seeing his old world ever again. Full of pain and despair, he sent a desperate cry to the heavens for salvation. In a flash of bright light, Agape, the God of Knowledge, descended upon him. Agape told Drazuk he could gain the Knowledge necessary to bring the Old Ones down and destroy them. He then helped Drazuk escape, although it cost Drazuk much of his sanity. Drazuk worked hard to master the skills of mind, wood, and city, and looks forward to the day when he can revenge himself and his destroyed clan. Drazuk is a friendly but unpredictable elf, and will gladly help those who ask. Be prepared to put up with his cryptic riddles and constant muttering and cackling however.


  • Grouped with Welverin, Drazuk killed Ironbrain.
  • Drazuk was part of Ozymandius' Battle Royale, and for this, he is listed on Plaque15 of the Room of Records.
  • When he viewed Cordir's entry for the 2002 Halloween costume contest, Drazuk says (in elven), 'heh, your descrip sounds like my reallife (:'.
  • Drazuk helped battle Jacek, back when his room was NOT safe.
  • Drazuk was there when The Executioner Falls.
  • Drazuk created an entry for Top 10 Reasons You Don't Want Khore to Run A Quest.
  • Drazuk was specifically referenced in the history of Robert.
  • Drazuk's website, the 'Tree of Knowledge,' was listed on the TFC Character pages on the original TFC Website.
  • Drazuk was listed in BlissPoll 2002B, with votes for Happiest Mortal.
  • Drazuk was listed in Asia's Who's Who.
  • Restring Worn: <worn on body> (Moderate magic) (Flowing) tattered, ghoulish robes
  • Restring Worn: <wielded> (Potent magic) (Humming) a crackling aura of green lightning
  • Restring Worn: <wielded> (Powerful magic) (Humming) a twisted and charred clawed hand

Player Provided Information:

Drazuk is another of those TFC players I would love to have the chance to meet in person. As a member of Fate he was a very valuable follower who could be counted on to drop everything to help. His sense of humor was much appreciated -- even if those maggot steaks of his weren't!


1. I shall subsist of steak from the maggots in the pyramid of the Northern Desert.
2. I shall ID for all of those new to the realm, free of charge, and with a smile on my face.
3. and I will never cross into Cillidellia, the town of High Elves...I forgo seeing the beauty of the towers for the rest of my life.

Personal Timeline:

July 1997: When Agape is deleted, Drazuk posts a message to the TFC Email List.

May 7, 2002: [ 6] Drazuk: Vacation :/ Tue May 14 12:14:29 2002 / To followers of: Cordir / I'm going to be gone for the next 2 weeks... It sounds like the golem quest is going to be at the end of this week or soon afterwards... So I probably won't make that (doubt the ship has inet access), Sorry Sol and Kat :/ Let me know what happens (: oh! my email addy changed too...now its (edited) Draz

July 26, 2002: [ 17] Drazuk: lvl! \ Fri Jul 26 12:42:30 2002 \ To followers of: Cordir \ made mage 22 today... \ now the top end of my range is 45 :/ -- Draz, Sneaking and Hiding

November 27, 2002: Drazuk completes MM #30 - a duergar hunter.

December 1, 2002: Drazuk, the Ghoulie Pizano, Abrasive Blade of Fate, ascends to Ma:24\Ra:17\Th:11. Prior to that, he also gains MM #31 - a brown hare and #32 - a duergar smith.

February 25, 2003: [ 16] Drazuk: Finally :/ \ Tue Feb 25 12:42:52 2003 \ To followers of: Cordir \ Your lightning bolt DISEMBOWELS a duergar princeling. A duergar princeling is DEAD!! Congratulations! You have killed your target. You receive 960 experience points. You raise a level!! Your gain is: 2/332 hp, 0/251 m, 5/523 mv, 4/4 prac, 0/0 trn. ### Drazuk has advanced to level 18. ### Drazuk has successfully killed a mobmastery target for level 34. You hear a duergar princeling's death cry. Eff 33 now, M24/R18/T11 (: Drazzy

March 27, 20003: [ 15] Drazuk: online! / Thu Mar 27 07:54:37 2003 / To: all / For 2000 coins, I'll let you know if I'm online or not Just give me a tell when you see me...

May 28, 2003: Drazuk, the Abrasive Ghoulie Pizano of Fate, ascends to Ra:19\Ma:24\Th:11.