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Ambrose Dayhin
Created August 07, 2001
Race Half-Elf
Hometown 2001: Nydia
Classes Mage
Followed Cordir
Partner Tiela

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

10/25/2003 - Description by Cordir:
A graceful movement at the corner of your eye draaws your gaze to a leather clad half-elf who stands just a short distance away. His stance is one of readiness, and one thin hand is is raised in a half-completed magical gesture of warding and protection. It is his eyes that catch and bind you: almond-shaped, almost catlike eyes of an intense emerald green. They are filled with mischief but reveal little else of the soul within.

He bows slightly, and the silky black mass of his jet colored hair spills over his shoulders, where it was restrained by a silver band into a loose braid. The sides of his skull are shaved bare, leaving the bare skin to form a perfect, pale canvas for the shifting tatto placed behind his left ear: his Covenant to the Lady and Chosen of Fate.

Flowing robes hide much of his figure, swirling in a strange wind that seems to ebb and flow around him, yet touch none of his surroundings. The runecoverd fabric has been tailord to allow quick and easy access to the twin swords slung at his sides and they simmer, as if bespelled not to allow soil or brambles to mar their weaves. Small pouches filled with fragrant and rare herbs hang from his ornate belt, each a componant for a spell he has mastered, and those he seeks to learn. "One must always seek to grow, to change, to become more than they were yesterday. Else stagnation burdens the soul....May the Wyrm guide your steps, the Weaver bind your Thread, and the Wyld not sever your place in the Pattern."

WHO Lists:

Hel [       Ma: 8       ] Ambrose Dayne                                         08/08/2001
Hel [    Ra: 5 Ma:15    ] Ambrose Dayne, *Attendent Navigator of Fate*          10/02/2001
Hel [    Ra: 9 Ma:15    ] Ambrose Dayne, (Terra Tal) *FATE*                     10/26/2001
Hel [    Ra: 9 Ma:15    ] Ambrose Dayne, (Terra Tal) *FATE*                     05/05/2002
Hel [    Ma:17 Ra:15    ] Ambrose Dayhin (Terra Tel) *Wyrm* --Fate--            11/29/2002
Hel [    Ma:18 Ra:15    ] Ambrose Dayhin (Terra Tel) *Wyrm* --Fate--            12/22/2002
Hel [    Ma:19 Ra:15    ] Ambrose Dayhin (Terra Tel) Chosen of Fate             04/24/2003
Hel [    Ra:15 Ma:20    ] Ambrose Dayhin (Terra Tel) Chosen of Fate             10/25/2003
Hel [    Ra:16 Ma:20    ] Ambrose Dayhin the Tattered Thread of Hunt  *Tiela*   12/09/2003
Hel [    Ra:16 Ma:20    ] Ambrose Dayhin the Tattered Thread of Hunt  *Tiela*   02/08/2004
Hel [    Ra:16 Ma:20    ] Ambrose Dayhin the Tattered Thread of Hunt  *Tiela*   06/19/2005

Character History:

Born out of an act of vileness, Ambrose has suffered most of his life.

It started on a midsummer day. His mother, a lovely elven mage named Natalya, was traveling the woods around the elven home of Loth-Lorien. Natalya had traveled the woods surrounding her home for years and never run in to a problem her magic could not handle. That would all change, though. It was during this trip in to the woods that she was set upon by a group of human bandits from the near town of Midgaard. They overpowered her using a fast acting poison that affected the mind and senses. They took her captive back to a cave a short distance outside of Midgaard. Once there they proceeded to rape and beat Natalya for the next four days. Once done with her, the bandits left her for dead. But she was stronger then they thought, and somehow found her way to the Great Western Road and was helped by a passing dwarven cleric named Kurt. Kurt nursed Natalya back to health and then escorted her back to her home. Once home Natalya told her family what had happened.

Natalya bid Kurt farewell the next day as did her family. She returned to a somewhat normal life but found herself unable to trust men, or comfortable traveling the woods below her home anymore. Natalya lived this unhappy life for several months until she started to come down with a strange sickness. Her father sent her to the town cleric and to see what was the matter. It was at this time that Natalya's life was to turn in to a living hell. The elven cleric told her after conferring with other clerics, that the she was with child. Her parents were outraged and shocked. Then they became disgusted with their child. In front of the temple, its entire clergy and a square full of on-lookers, her parents disowned her as an abomination. She begged for her parents not to do this thing to her and explained that she was raped. But no one would listen. Her father cursed her and then hit her full in the face. With this act, a full riot began, and Natalya was forced to run for her life or die at the hands of her own people.

With no one to turn to and nowhere to go, Natalya headed for the one place where she might find a friend- DwarvenHold. Once again on the great western road she was to meet Kurt. When she explained what had happened, Kurt was shocked. He told her that he could not take her to Dwarvenhold, for most dwarves did not like elves, but that he would escort her to the half-elf camp. Natalya told him that it was too close to her home and wished to travel to the southern continent and make a new life there. Kurt agreed to travel with her.

They boarded a ship and ended up in Safehaven where her child was born. She named him Ambrose. She lived in Safehaven for about a year with Kurt as a true friend. But the closeness of an elven town brought her great sorrow and pain. She told Kurt this, and he suggested they travel further south to a half-elven town called Nydia. It was there that Natalya, Ambrose and Kurt would settle and make a home. Kurt had built a small house outside of Nydia. Natalya, meanwhile, took care of her child. Although he had brought her great loss, he had also brought her a love and joy she had never felt before. They were never rich, but they had a good life. It was hard most of the time, until one day while out side chopping firewood, Ambrose spotted Kurt in the distance returning from one of his adventures. Ambrose ran out to Kurt as he had always done, for Kurt had become the boy's father figure in his life. But this time it was not a reunion of joy as the past had been.

Kurt had been attacked by a small group of Ogres. He had killed them, but suffered greatly. He was missing his right arm, half his face had been deformed from something and several ribs were sticking out of his skin. As Ambrose approached, Kurt fell. Ambrose yelled for his mother and cradled Kurt's head in his arms in tears.

"Please Kurt don't die. You're the only thing mom and me have and you're the only man that has ever been my father. You cant die Kurt...Please don't die Kurt."

With the last of his strength, Kurt reached up to Ambrose's face and wiped away a tear.

"Boy listen to me. And Listen well. You never cry for me again you hear. You're now a man grown and your going to have to take care of your mother."

"No Kurt you're not going to die!"

"Shut-up boy. I'm dying and I know it. No more tears, Ambrose. I have always loved you and am very proud to have been like a father to you. Tell your mother I love her and will be waiting for her and that I am sorry I could never love her the way it should have been."

"Kurt, No!"

With a deep, painful inhalation, Kurt whispered his last words to Ambrose. " I love you son. No more tears now."

With that, Kurt died in his arms. Life became much harder on both Natalya and Ambrose after that.

There were many men who would have married Natalya but she never trusted any man except her son and her friend, Kurt. It was such a man that would bring the next major loss to Ambrose's life. A human man had moved in to Nydia and took a liking to Natalya. However, she refused every approach he made to her. With his own father figure dead, most thought that it would be good for the boy to have a father in his life but Ambrose and Natalya both disagreed.

One night Ambrose's mother asked him to go in to town and pick up some food for the house. He was now 13 years of age and had started to learn the ways of magic. He was gone for just over two hours but his life would change once again in that short amount of time.

Ambrose returned home to find his house in flames and his mother lying naked, beaten, and murdered outside of the house.

From behind him, he heard a man's voice say, "Stupid whore, she should have seen the right way of it years ago. But oh, no, you and she were both too stupid to see it."

Ambrose turned to see the human gentleman lacing up the front of his breeches. It was at that moment that Ambrose's true magical talents came to life. Without having been taught how, Ambrose created a magic missile that blew through the human, killing him in a single shot. The man fell dead and Ambrose fell in to despair. He sat by his mother's side for hours, crying, until an old man came to him. He nursed Ambrose away from his mother and next to a tree where he forced a skin to Ambrose's lips and made him drink.

Ambrose awake a few hours later to find the man placing a small headstone next to Kurt's, with a fresh mound of dirt next to his as well.

"I have lost my life now."

"No boy. You have not. Your life is still here, it is just what you do next that matters now."

"I don't understand?"

" Listen, boy. We all have paths to travel in this life and all are paths have there rough spots and all forks in them. It is simply a matter of what fork we take and whether we give up on our path or not. Your mother and father made the most of their paths while alive. We all die, boy. Everyone's path leads to that."

"But my mother is dead and so is Kurt. What else is there for me in this life?"

"That, boy, I can not tell you. The choice is yours boy and yours alone. Do you quit or chose a fork in the road and if so, which one?"

Ambrose sat in silence for a long time while the stranger looked thought the ashes of the house. Then finally stood up and walked over to the house.

"What is your name stranger?"

"That matters not boy."

"I am Ambrose"

"'Tis a good name Ambrose"

"What should I call you?"

"Nothing for I am not staying with you. I simply heard you crying and came to have a look-see. You most travel your path with out me boy." And with that the strange man vanished. And Ambrose headed in to Nydia to begin his life again.


Ambrose says (in common), 'First is a gease of Service. I shall help and provide for all half-elfs that enter the realm ontill they reach the level of 7th..
Ambrose says (in common), 'Second is a gease of prohibition. I shall limit my eq to what is worn, one container for donations, one container for food, one container for potions/scrolls and one container for mis item'.
Ambrose says (in common), 'And third is a gease of donation. All items that I do not wish to carry or keep shall never be sacced but shall be placed with in the pit with in the guild.'.


Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

08/20/2001: Ambrose joins the Chosen of Fate.
10/07/2001: Okk shouts, 'AKLA TERRA TAL-ABROSE!!!!!'. Okk shouts, 'WELCOME TO THE DREAMS AND JOY OF TAL-AISIER'. Okk says, 'As I have promised, you, Terra Tal-Ambrose shall be protected from any harmful attacks my following might be able to give'.
05/05/2002: Ambrose rejoins the Chosen, after an absence.
10/25/2003: Ambrose requests a release from the Chosen, which is granted.

Player Information: