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Mystaya Skylore, (I-IV)
Cutely Evil!
Created 05/07/1999
Status Retired
Retired July 5, 2008
Race Human
Classes Shaman
Followed Kerriariadne
Partner Seraph
Following Insanity

Mud Contributions:

[ 18] Mystaya: complaints
Fri Jul 29 16:15:47 2005
To: all
STOP IT OR ELSE............... i'll bug you nonstop untill you do, then i'll bug you some more and you will be sorry! :o)

Mystaya, Scary mini-immortal!

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

12/09/2003 : Hum [ Th: 9 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Mystaya loves everyone again!   -DaRk-
12/20/2003 : Hum [ Th:15 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Mystaya embraces darkness with a hug.
01/07/2004 : Hum [ Th:26 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Mystaya is something scary in the dark.
05/19/2005 : Hum [     Ambassador    ] Mystaya Skylore, The Scary One!   (also cute)
08/10/2005 : Hum [     Ambassador    ] Mystaya, Cute, Scary, Mini...
08/22/2005 : Hum [     Attendant     ] Mystaya, Slightly less Mini-immortal! -Now with Rift
08/07/2006 : Hum [    Demigoddess    ] Mystaya, so scary you cant even tell!
08/01/2007 : Hum [    Demigoddess    ] Mystaya, The Scary One.    NHateC!

Immortality Petition:

[ 23] Mystaya: Boo!!
Sat May 14 13:22:00 2005
Mystaya Skylore- Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Sh:30 ].
Created: Sat Dec 21 02 07:14:3 / 786 years old (1549 hours)

I would oh so humbly like to ask for a chance to become FLI.
I've listed pros and cons for your convince below........

Pros of Mystaya becoming immortal:

  1. The world needs more/a demi-goddesses.
  2. I'm cute AND scary... (how can you beat that)
  3. If I can get players to worship me while I'm mortal, just THINK what I could accomplish as an immortal.
  4. More hugs for immortals.
  5. I've been maxed levels for quite a while now, and my days of sitting at mish are becoming redundant. Having a following would give me something fun to do, followers to abuse, and some meaning to my existence.
  6. Did I mention I'm cute & scary?
  7. Although I can't promise to be around forever, I have lots and lots of free time right now to dedicate to the rifting of followers.
  8. (please insert very convincing reason here)

Cons of Mystaya becoming immortal:

  1. More channels for me to grace with my presence.
  2. Just think of all the crazy restrings I could come up with. (evil pondering)
  3. Giving me control of an entire following.
  4. Furthering my addiction.
  5. (please insert completely unconvincing reason here)

OOC: I think it would be make the game more interesting for me, be fun to have a new purpose and learn the immortal ways. I think I'd have a fun following and add some "scariness" to the game. However I have NO experience being an Imm, and have only ever played an active character on this mud. (hope that doesn't matter). I would do my best to follow all the rules and orders, as I already do, and be the best FLI I can :) Please consider me to be the next demi-goddess!
Your Scary Dark shaman,
Mystaya, Mistress of Cuteness.

Character History:

08/10/2005 - Log by Cordir:
Mystaya says, 'tho thats a good idea, i should spawn a child of pure evil!'.

You say, 'Mystaya.'.
You say, 'Get a puppy.'.
You say, 'Don't birth a child.'.

Mystaya snickers softly.

You say, 'collect mortal pets.'.

Mystaya says, 'i always have puddy i spos'.

You say, 'don't have a child.'.


  • Mystaya was referenced in the description of Asher: "Asher is the Cutest Human in all the land, no matter how much Mystaya tries to deny it."


### INFO: Mystaya humps everyone in the room. (09/07/2003)
### INFO: Mystaya says (in common), 'nooo not the tickling'] (01/22/2004)
### Somewhere,Mystaya gets out the biggest rift she has'. (09/25/2004)
Mystaya cants, 'i have one slot thats good and everything is in that slot'. (11/28/2004)

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

02/13/2003: Mystaya levels to 15 shaman.
02/25/2003: Mystaya levels to 20 shaman.
04/27/2003: Mystaya Skylore advances to Sh:23.
06/06/2003: Mystaya levels to 30 shaman and then duals to warrior.
06/10/2003: Mystaya reaches Wa: 4 Sh:30.
12/09/2003: ### Symon killed by Mystaya at Lower Temple Courtyard ### Avatarr killed by Mystaya at Lower Temple Courtyard.

01/17/2004: Mystaya reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Sh:30)
01/14/2004: Mystaya and Seraph get married.

05/01/2005: Mystaya posts her petition for immortality. (See Above)
05/18/2005: Mystaya is promoted to Ambassador! Several people write congratulatory notes.
08/21/2005: Tamar runs a little "find the Ambassador" quest, teleporting the 3 ambassadors to the ends of the earth. Belsambar, Kinen find 2 of them, and Mystaya is declared a winner since no one finds her.
08/22/2005: Mystaya becomes the attendant of Cordir and the Chosen of Fate.
08/28/2005: Mystaya is promoted to Demigoddess! Her first follower is Artichondra, and she creates the Lawful Evil following of Insanity. Her initial finfo reads: A safe and welcoming asylum for all those who aren't quiet right in the head, and even if you are, we can easily relieve you of that annoyance with endless tickling... or a hugging .... or any number of Vile and Horrible Repercussions. If you dare to embrace the Craziness within you... seek out Mystaya! (The especially cute are encouraged to apply).
12/05/2005: Karm is ordained "Insane Slave" by Mystaya!

01/31/2006: Argo is ordained by Mystaya!

Player Information: