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Shilea (III)
Created August 28, 2003
Status Active
Race Elf
Classes Mage
Followed Clue
Partner Kethran

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

(Written by Cordir)
The elven woman before you calls to mind molten metal in the process of its forging: liquid, shifting, becoming, undefinable. There is more than mortal gaze can perceive about her - as if the world itself changed by her passage. Her demeanor and garb hold a regal quality, and the ashen tinge to her skin clearly reveals her to be of the Hundred - the most ancient of elves, those Firstborn. Her hair streams down in a smooth waterfall, dusky pewter tones mixed amidst the moonlight silver. Shadows flicker and dance within a gray gaze touched with streaks of indigo, concealing secrets, mysteries, arcanum not meant to be known by those of mortal blood. With a graceful, inherently feminine movement she tucks an errant lock back behind a delicately pointed ear. A wistful expression flashes across her face, and her eyes become more distant, if that was possible, as if they gazed upon the face of one not in your presence. She nods as if in answer to a conversation and those slender hands slip closer to the two swords bound in ancient leather sheaths at her narrow hips. The sense you had of a distant creature of nobility and arcane sorcery shifts, and it becomes crystally clear that this is no fragile lily but one who can and will shed blood, face peril, scorn or damnation for the few she has pledged her loyalty and love to.

WHO Lists:

Elf [       Ma: 2       ] Shilea the Elf Maiden                               September 28, 2003 
Elf [ Ra:20 Th:20 Ma:20 ] Shilea the Elf Maiden @-FoLK- October 12, 2003
Elf [ Ra:24 Th:20 Ma:24 ] Shilea the Elf Maiden. @-FATE- -=*Kethran*=- November 20, 2003
Elf [ Ma:28 Th:20 Ra:30 ] Shilea the Elf Maiden. @-FATE- -=*Kethran*=- January 3, 2004
Elf [ Ma:29 Th:20 Ra:30 ] Shilea the Elf Maiden. -=Kethran=- April 9, 2005

Character History:

It is not known where or when Shilea was born, or to whom for that matter, but nevertheless here she is. She was found in the forests north of Malenest by an old warg. The warg, being ill prepared to fend for even itself, not to mention a little girl, took her to a place hidden behind a small maze that only the experienced can navigate. The elves of this mysterious place known as Elven Homestead greeted her with open arms and raised her to a fruitful childhood. They taught her of love, compassion, survival, battle, and life in general. Shilea loved her home, but she felt there had to be more out there somewhere; something that she was meant solely for her. One tearful day her final farewells were said and she made her way toward the large city of Malenest to make her home.

She spent her young adulthood adventuring and gaining combat experience. Her skills soon blossomed as she practiced the trades of Rangers, Thieves, and Mages. Becoming more and more confident with herself she decided to return to her true home to visit and bring her newfound knowledge to the townspeople. As she entered the city she immediately noticed a tall elf making his way down the path. He was like nothing she had ever seen before. His body, heavily clothed in dark magical robes forged by the Ancients radiated an astonishingly beautiful glow. He moved as if he was walking on air. She immediately felt her heart beating faster. Slowly, he turned and looked in her direction. Her heart sank. He smiled softly and continued to walk down the path, until he was out of sight. She knew she had to find a way to see him again, so she began to follow his tracks down the path.

She came to the end of his tracks and stood, puzzled at where he could have disappeared to. Suddenly, from behind a patch of bushes the elf revealed himself causing her to jump slightly off the ground. He introduced himself as Kethran, and from that point on, they somehow found themselves adventuring together. Finally after much time the suspense became too much for her. She knew her feelings for him, and only wished that he felt the same way. One night while sitting together on the double bed in The West Room, she gathered all her courage and kissed him gently on his warm, soft lips. The rest is history.

Shilea can now be found adventuring from place to place, but rarely without her elven love Kethran.


  • Shilea is the long-time love of Kethran.


A Geas to the Ancient: In honor of her heritage, once daily Shilea will pay tribute those with Ancient blood. She will make no sound, or leave any trace of her existence until an offering has been laid at the feet of an Elder of the Elves.

Geas of Community: Before departing the Realm each day, I, Shilea, vow to create a small gift of necessities for those new to these lands.

Geas of the Ancestors: I, Shilea, vow that I will never spill the blood of any of those who share my home, the Elven Homestead.

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