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Created 2001
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Hometown Malenest
Classes Cleric
Last Seen 2002
Followed Cordir


Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Before you stands a tall elf with long brown hair. His striking good looks are complimented by his winning smile as he looks you over. His armor is of the finest material and is in perfect condition. It is carefully color coordinated in browns and greens to better suit an outdoor environment. He sweeps his cloak behind his back revealing a pair of polished weapons at his side. Though clearly meticulous about his appearance, Taibh appears adept at combat.. perhaps not someone you are ready to face?

WHO Lists:

Elf [       Cl: 9       ] Taibh would like to speak with Lady Cordir         09/09/2001
Elf [       Cl:10       ] Taibh of Fate, looking for Cordir                  09/12/2001
Elf [    Ra: 7 Cl:15    ] Taibh the CleRanger. [Fate] -seeking Vorax         09/25/2001
Elf [    Ra:12 Cl:15    ] Taibh the Ranger-Cleric. [Fate]                    10/03/2001
Elf [    Cl:19 Ra:15    ] Taibh, Explorer Extraordinaire of Fate.            10/15/2001
Elf [    Ra:18 Cl:20    ] Taibh finds that none of his spells work! [Fate]   11/22/2001
Elf [    Cl:23 Ra:20    ] Taibh's eyes blaze with a cold fire. *Cordir*      12/29/2001
Elf [    Cl:24 Ra:20    ] Taibh the Blade. Dare you dance with me? *Cordir*  01/15/2002
Elf [    Ra:22 Cl:25    ] Taibh the Blade. Dare you dance with me? *Fate*    02/28/2002
Elf [    Ra:24 Cl:25    ] Taibh the Blade. Dare you dance with me? *Fate*    03/23/2002
Elf [    Cl:27 Ra:25    ] Taibh d'Blade. Dare you dance with me? *={=FATE==> 04/28/2002 
Elf [    Cl:28 Ra:25    ] Taibh d'Blade. Dare you dance with me? *={=FATE==> 08/28/2002
Elf [    Cl:28 Ra:25    ] Taibh the Blade. Dare you dance with me?   FATE    08/24/2002

Character History:

Taibh is a young elf from the remote forest village of Malenest. From birth he has shown magical talent and was thus brought to the Master Cleric of Malenest by his parents to be apprenticed at the young age of 12. After a short testing, the Master Cleric decided Taibh would be a perfect student, being both gifted and a fast learner. Somewhat unruly, Taibh loved to escape his lessons and explore the forest to the north as far as the remote elven farms and even the gnat-infested plains of grass. He has even been as far south as the outskirts of the human settlement of Harper's Landing. However he knows better than to let himself be seen by their brutal militia..

Now 17 years of age, Taibh continues his lessons with the Master Cleric and also continues to explore around him.. gradually increasing in power and wisdom. He has a love for nature and is interested in the ranger's life, as he perceives it, as well as continuing his Clerical studies.

Taibh likes nature and loves to explore. He also has a love of life and all living creatures, which has led him to the peaceful path of Fate. In fact, about the only thing he hates are Orcs. Orc raiders took his younger brother as a slave when he was too young to do anything about it.. this has led to a deep rooted hatred of the race. In time he will be strong enough to hunt down those who did it and get vengeance. He hopes to become a master cleric , and wishes to learn more about also becoming a ranger. Taibh's striking good looks and natural elven sense of superiority have led him to be quite vain, though he does not think so. His armor almost always is of the finest grade and quality, and he believes looking good to be an important thing..

If he can become one of the Chosen he hopes to find friendship and companionship as he continues to grow. He is also sure he can help other following members with his skills and expertise.


  1. I swear to provide food for the young upon entry to the Realm, and if none are present, place them in the pit.
  2. I swear to cure the disease of anyone who asks it of me, or is festering with it before me.
  3. I swear never to butcher a corpse.


  • Taibh served as a Blade of Fate.
  • Taibh’s joining the Chosen was witnessed by Okk, and was interrupted by repeated mention of pancakes.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

09/09/2001: Taibh joins the Chosen of Fate.
09/17/2001: Taibh reaches Cl:15, gaining max mana and an extra prac, and then duals to ranger.
09/19/2001: Taibh gossips (in common), 'once again I cursed xp loss from my level difference, at about 1pm today'.
09/25/2001: Taibh reaches Ra: 9 Cl:15 and completes mobmaster 26.
09/27/2001: Taibh reaches Ra:11 Cl:15.
10/10/2001: Taibh reaches Cl:16\Ra:15.
10/11/2001: Taibh reaches Cl:17\Ra:15.
10/15/01: Taibh reaches Cl:19 Ra:15 and then works on his mob mastery levels, completing #39 - the Master Glassblower, #40 - a Knight, #41 - a tired monk.
10/16/01: Taibh bad portals to the Searing Chambers, runs into a dragon and lots of steam jets, and finally manages to escape from the frying pan into the fire, to the Dragon Tower...and finally makes it to Recall with a mere 59 hp left.
10/17/01: Taibh completes MM#42 - a tired monk and #43 the Elven Gentleman (with thanks to Kaldred for keeping ruffians at bay, as well as #44 - a Triton Child, while Noctus distracted their mother. He then made a valiant attempt at the Chieftain of Gronk.. just 2 ticks late, after slaying the Chieftan's private army.
10/19/01: Taibh does a "Two-Fer" "Your whip injures Stompt the Paladin. Stompt the Paladin is DEAD!! Congratulations! You have killed your target. You receive 1425 experience points. You raise a level!! Your gain is: 1/xxx hp, 0/xxx m, 5/xxx mv, 6/7 prac, 0/0 trn." ### Taibh has advanced to level 17. ### Taibh has successfully killed a mobmastery target for level 47.
12/04/2001: Noctus, Lanfear, Garvax, Katrana, Taibh, Morgaine and Rigel rejoin the Chosen of Fate in the morning.
12/06/2001: Taibh kills a Griffon for MM#50.
12/10/2001: Taibh levels to Cl:21\Ra:20 .
12/12/2001: Taibh kills Pheather the Aarakocran, with assistance by Thingone, for #56 and also reaches Cl:22 Ra:20.
09/24/2002: Taibh ascends to Cl:29\Ra:25 and breaks 500 hp and gains a train, but is disappointed when he doesn't break 400 mana.