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Elladan (VII)
Created March 10, 1999
Status Retired
Race Half-Elf
Classes Ranger
Last Seen April 2, 2010
Followed Rhina
Spouse Gwenhwyfar
Areas Written Hovelton Farms
Immorted AMB: 10/21/99
Following HAND

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

05/22/1998  Hel [    Ma: 4 Ra:13    ] Elladan: My body lies, but still I roam
06/21/1998  Hel [    Ma:12 Ra:13    ] Elladan: happily fencing on a perch
11/21/1998  Hel [ Ra:22 Ma:21 Th:20 ] Elladan, Gnarley Ranger  *Nature*  IPS
09/08/2005  Hel [      Retired      ] Elladan phunks with your heart <Inv 69>
09-12-2006  Hel [      Retired      ] Elladan was. <Inv 71>

Character History:

Immortal Bio

(Taken from the original TFC Player Pages)

"Please, have a seat," the half-elf says, sweeping his hands across the leather chairs that are placed in a circle at the center of his abode.

"Welcome to the abode of the HAND, visitor. I understand you wish to know more about this guild?"

Elladan arches a brow quizzically, and reaches behind him to pull out a big pot of steaming tea. He continues, sipping on a large mug.

"The HAND, visitor, was created to fill a gap in this world. Too many so-called Good alignments exist, behaving in a less than Good way. In my opinion, it is deeds, rather than words, that define an alignment. My followers help those in need, that is really the main theme of this following. However, the way in which they help can best be described as unconventional. The HAND, visitor, is a following based on stealth and theft. We steal from the rich to give to the needy. Another twist is that we will steal from ANYONE who is witnessed to behave in a less than chivalrous manner, no matter which alignment the person is. Like I said before, you don't have to wear a Red aura to be evil."

Leaning back casually, the half-elf looks at you. "You think you have the skills to be a part of the HAND? Make sure you are experienced in the skills of theft and stealth, then we shall speak again."

Handing back your goldpurse with a grin, he concludes, "You dropped this. Have a nice day!"

Mortal History

(original source http://members.tripod.com/~ElladanTFC/)

Born as the son of Elrond Half-Elven in Middle Earth, Elladan led a life of fame and pleasure in his homestead of Rivendell. After the War of the Rings, in which he played a minor part with his brother Elrohir, and just before the departure of the High Elves beyond the White Seas, Elladan was caught playing with a curious device that he had picked up in Minas Tirith.'Don't touch that' are the last words he remembers, as he was sucked through some kind of Vortex and ended up in Nydia, pretty much unaware of anything that happened before. Being among Half-Elves, Elladan was soon accepted as a fellow-citizen, and started, or rather, continued his battle training. During his travels, he met some wonderful people, such as Kannon, Admire, and Blystur, who helped him out whenever he was in trouble, which was quite often. Another great help and influence was the Bard Jerald, then an Ambassador. Always ready with a kind word, in his inimitable style, Jerald tried to nudge young Elladan away from trouble, not always successful. Roaming around in the forests surrounding Nydia, Elladan was struck again by the perfect balance of nature. Seeking to join fellow adventurers in the cause of balance and trust, Elladan started worshipping Rhina, Goddess of Nature.


[ 13] Elladan: immortality application
Wed Oct 13 09:23:35 1999
Hereby, I would like to apply to the position of Ambassador. Being effective level 40, and having completed over 50 mobmasters, I meet the minimal requirements. Besides those, I think my time spent here, and the experience I have gained from being here, will allow me to help new players get to know, and enjoy, this game. As I am now unaligned, I'm not sure how my alignment will be changed in the future. I have a general idea about a theme for a following, in case I make it to FLI, which is best suited for a Neutral alignment.

Name: Elladan
Date of Birth: Ozymandiut 6th, Celebration, year 2338 (2nd birth, that is)
Marital status: married
Religious affiliation: Nature for the longest time, unaligned for last 8 weeks
Previous experience: none, except for helping people when needed.


 [ 24] Cordir: Attendant
Wed Feb  2 09:24:27 2000
To: Tynian Elladan

My Lord Implementor:
I would be honored and delighted to have Elladan as my Attendant
... should he be interested.
- Cordir An'Shalach

[ 24] Elladan: Attendant-hood
Wed Feb  2 09:26:07 2000
To: imp cordir
Lord Tynian, Lady Cordir
I would be honored and delighted to serve as Cordir's Attendant.

Personal Timeline:

  • Elladan slew a Roc to reach level 40 on Wed Oct 13 10:04:09 1999. A log of this is on the timeline.
  • Elladan and Gwenhwyfar were married in a ceremony by Rhina. A log of this is on the timeline.
  • Elladan served as one of the Attendants to the Chosen of Fate. (02/07/00)