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Gernoul (The Penitent)
Created 1999
Status Deleted
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Mage
Last Seen 2000
Followed Khore

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Hum [ Th:10 Ma:14 Wa:14 ] Gernoul: Seeker of Fate          08/30/1999

Character History:

(As Gernoul was based upon an NPC/Mob role in a LARP that Gernoul and Cordir both participated in, a written history was not required.)


Gernoul says (in common), 'I shall help newbies by placing weapons for them into the pit, every time I visit the realm'.
Gernoul says (in common), 'I shall feast only upon simple bread and water'. Gernoul says (in common), 'That, and...'.
Gernoul gulps.
Gernoul says (in common), 'These are the last words I will ever speak out loud'.


  • Gernoul was the 11th member of the Chosen of Fate.
  • Gernoul (and all his other characters) were deleted by Tynian (see below).

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

7/29/1999: Gernoul joins the Chosen.
8/21/1999 - The 'Sudden Death' Round of Lorna's Trivia Quest is rescheduled again, and is held at around 1:00. Team Chipmunk and Team Weasel compete... the first round - everyone fails to answer correctly. The second round - Team Weasel answers the two part question half right. Team Chipmunk answers completely incorrectly. Lorna asks what the teams wish to do. Team Weasel offers to go to a third round... The Third round - both teams answer incorrectly. Faced with a variety of options, Lorna decides to grant first prize to BOTH teams, and the contest is finalized at a tie. Congratulations to both teams! Team Weasel consisted of: Jahiliya of Veladorn as Team Captain, Kennet D'Augustine, Nyx, and Gernoul. Team Chipmunk consisted of Berrin, Abender, Jahar, and Pan.
11/29/1999 - As a result of grossly insulting Tynian in a player-to-player tell, Faust, Typhon, Torquemada, Gernoul, Nihil, Teine, Storivad, and all other characters belonging to the same player are deleted.

Player Information: