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Created 07/14/2002
Status Inactive
Race Gnome
Classes Bard
Last Seen 05/20/2003
Followed Cordir

Mud Contributions:

[Board 16] Aviendha: Myself on fjust
Thu Sep 12 16:41:36 2002
To followers of: Cordir
I ran into a ghost, but I had haunt memorized, Solaron was kind enough to say he would accept the ghost for me!

[Idea 188] Aviendha: Bard idea!
Sun Mar 30 15:35:24 2003
To: all
Viewing Status: ALL
Since we can memorize scrolls, could we get the ability to see their magic level?

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Gno [       Wa: 2       ] Aviendha the Gnome Girl                             07/14/2002
Gno [ Bard:   6   1   1 ] Aviendha, seeking Lord Tynian, Feed the Newbies     07/15/2002
Gno [ Bard:   6   5   1 ] Aviendha. Too talented for a last name.             07/28/2002
Gno [ Bard:   7   6   1 ] Aviendha, Sings for Fate *Triat Bard*               09/04/2002
Gno [ Bard:   9   7   2 ] Aviendha, Sings for Fate *Triat Bard*               09/13/2002
Gno [ Bard:  10   8   3 ] Aviendha, Sings for Fate *Triat Bard*               01/14/2003
Gno [ Bard:  10   9   3 ] Aviendha, Sings for Fate *Triat Bard*               02/22/2003
Gno [ Bard:  10  10   4 ] Aviendha, Sings for Fate *Triat Bard*               03/30/2003
Gno [ Bard:  11  10   4 ] Aviendha, Sings for Fate *Triat Bard*               05/20/2003

Character History:

Aviendha says (in common), 'Well, I was born and raised in a town not known to the realm...yet'.

Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.

Aviendha says (in common), 'I was born outside of the gates of Banegrim's Keep'.

Aslan sits down and thinks deeply.

Aviendha says (in common), 'It is a land far to the north'.
Aviendha says (in common), 'My father was a theurgist'.
Aviendha says (in common), 'My mother, well she stayed at home with my siblings and I'.
Aviendha says (in common), 'Ever since I was small, my father would tell us kids stories about demons, myths, and other lore'.

Aslan smiles happily.

Aviendha says (in common), 'He worked at the Keep in the city, and had access to many books'.
Aviendha says (in common), 'So ever since I was small I was always interest in the lore the world holds'.
Aviendha says (in common), 'Especially the Triat'.

Aviendha smiles happily.
Aviendha says (in common), 'It is simply an amazing structure and contains so many beautiful poems and just makes me a little speechless at times'.

Aslan smiles happily.

Aviendha says (in common), 'My father always encouraged me to read more, and to learn more of what I found interesting'.
Aviendha says (in common), 'And in that, I would find what I would seek to accomplish in life'.
Aviendha says (in common), 'I knew then what I would want'.

You smile happily.
You say, 'and what is that?'.

Aviendha says (in common), 'To travel the world seeking out more of the Triat lore, and to tell the Realms of its stories'.
Aviendha says (in common), 'I suppose that is what brought me here today'.
Aviendha says (in common), 'In a shortened version of my Life'.


Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

07/28/2002: Aviendha, Oook and Kirith join the Chosen of Fate as Bard Playtesters. Most of the Entry Quest is waived.

Player Information: