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Gryffen Aravorn
Created July 14, 2002
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Classes Cleric
Followed Cordir

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

You see nothing special about him.
Gryffen is in perfect health.

You are Gryffen Aravorn, Drow Prince of {Fate}.,
40 years old (56 hours), created Sun Jul 14 02 06:30:16.
(Marisae the 2nd, The Mortal Realm, year 2542, 4pm.)
You live in Loth Llorien and your race is Elf.
You are a level 9 Thief, level 15 Cleric, level 9 Ranger.
You worship Cordir, who appears to be OFFLINE
You have 225/225 hit, 232/232 mana, 293/293 movement, 2 practices.
You have 0 training sessions remaining.
You are carrying 28/36 items with weight 92/650 kg.
Str: MAX. Int: AVG. Wis: HIGH. Dex: HIGH. Con: AAVG. Chr: BAVG. Luc: AVG.
In increasing order: LOW BAVG AVG AAVG HIGH MAX.
MAX stats and luck are untrainable.
You are fairly lucky.
You have scored 53960 exp (272504 total), and have 9195 gold coins.
You need 3942 exp for level 10.
Autoexit: yes. Autogold: yes. Autoloot: no. Autosac: no.
Wimpy set to 60 hit points.
You are thirsty.
You are sleeping.
You are protected.
You are Lawful Neutral.
You are a pacifist.
The linkdead combat command is set to:
You are affected by:

WHO Lists:

Elf [       Cl: 9       ] Gryffen Aravorn, feed the newbies!  {Wyrm}            07/15/2002
Elf [ Cl:14 Th: 9 Ra: 9 ] Gryffen Aravorn, Drow Prince of {Fate}                07/23/2002

Character History:

Gryffen Aravorn is the son of an old drow king. His father, Norrin Aravorn, was a gallant and prosperous drow king of a secret underground kingdom called Vile. The kingdom was believed to have been located just north of Malenest. While out on an expedition, Norrin fell in love with an elven maiden, who bore his child, Gryffen. Ashamed what his drow peers would think, Norrin banished Gryffen and his mother from the kingdom. Gryffen's mother raised him and taught him morals and life skills that she saw he would need in the future. Meanwhile, Gryffen's father began to get greedy and enslaved orcs to started building a bigger kingdom in Vile. The orcs seemed to be doing well and were seemingly obedient, but were really planning a slave revolt. Eventually the orcs killed all the drow and soon planned an assault on Malenest. The day of the raid, Gryffen was out visiting distant relatives at the Elven Homestead. When he arrived home he found his city in ruins and most of the elves dead, including his mother. Gryffen decided to travel Lloth Lorien to start his training in divine magic and the way of the woods. Someday he plans to return to the Vile and kill the orcs. Someday he will reclaim the once proud Aravorn kingdom and reclaim the underground kingdom.


Gryffen says (in common), 'i will always offer spells to newbies at every log in'.
Gryffen says (in common), 'i will never willingly attack a female mob'.
Gryffen says (in common), 'i will never sell or trade an item; all my eq goes to following or newbies'.


  • Gryffen was sponsored into the Chosen by Kaldred.
  • Gryffen was the Chosen killed by Eamon that earned the pk'er Anathema status.
  • Gryffen was killed while linkdead by Zahar, and the corpse returned. * Please see Player Provided Information below.
  • Cordir keeps a bag of Gryffen hide in her 'keepsakes' bag.

Player Provided Information:

Gryffen was rejected from the Chosen of Fate exactly eight days after joining. While we will never know exactly what happened in the situation with Zahar, Bliss and I believed that there were two possible situations: Either, A) his death was part of a ruse designed to harm the alliance between the Chosen and the Coven, or B) He lied to Zahar to get his corpse back. Neither were acceptable, and he was rejected. ### [Gryffen tells Zahar (in common), 'i swear, everything you say i will back you, i am not sure if i like fate].

Personal Timeline:

07/16/2002: Gryffen joins the Chosen of Fate.
07/19/2002: [ 7] Gryffen: Eamon / Fri Jul 19 18:25:37 2002 / To followers of: Cordir / Eamon killed me and he killed me fast. this guy is a major newbie killer and he is tanked out. I recommend that if anyone sees him they kill him so he wont do this to anyone else. Well, I am sorry lady for losing your equipment. If anyone finds or has any spare 2dmg or svs, etc... can you please save for me. ~ Gryffen
07/24/2002: [ 16] Gryffen: Zahar / Wed Jul 24 07:41:47 2002 / To followers of: Cordir / Zahar (a Coven) killed me LD after a major power outage went through my town. He gave the corpse back and stated that this was the only warning Fate would receive. Next time he will simply kill and keep corpse. He has stated that he wants to talk to Cordir one on one about all this (which the way he said it doesn't sound good). So all Fate, beware. ~ Gryffen. Gryffen is rejected from Fate.

Player Information: