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Member: TFC Explorers Society
Created December 06, 1999
Status Inactive
Race Half-Elf
Hometown The Half-Elf Camp
Classes Mage
Last Seen 2004
Followed Cordir


Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Garvax (Co-written by Garvax & Cordir):
A figure appears before you, cloaked and hooded and garbed in gray from head to foot. From it's size and build, you assume it to masculine, and human. A moment later, your suspicions are confirmed as he slips the hood back. His face is lined with age and experience, and scars stand as silent witness to what he has survived. Odd, how his skin seem to have taken on the same gray hue as his clothing...

As you continue to look him over, he examines you quietly in return. The gentle look in his eyes reassures you that his intentions are not dishonorable, and that you have nothing to fear from this servant of Fate. His gaze leaves yours, and scans the area, searching. For what, you cannot tell. Perhaps some day, if you earn his trust, he will share such secrets with you.

For now, however, he murmurs a soft phrase and fades from your view. You wonder if you will ever see him again. . .

WHO Lists:

Hel [. . Ma:12 Wa: 9. . ] Garvax attendant of Fate, looking for identity.                    02/12/2000
Hel [    Wa:11 Ma:15    ] Garvax student of Fate, looking for identity                       03/07/2000
Hel [    Wa:14 Ma:15    ] Garvax student of Fate, looking for identity                       03/17/2000
Hel [    Wa:16 Ma:22    ] Garvax Servant of Fate, seeker of answers                          09/22/2001
Hel [    Wa:17 Ma:22    ] Garvax seeker of scrolls. Servant of Fate                          10/15/2001
Hel [    Wa:18 Ma:22    ] Garvax slowly fading away..................*Cordir*                03/10/2002
Hel [    Wa:19 Ma:22    ] Garvax slowly fading away.............*FATE*                       07/30/2002
Hel [    Wa:19 Ma:22    ] Garvax slowly fading away.............*FATE*                       07/13/2003
Hel [    Wa:19 Ma:22    ] Garvax slowly fading away.............*FATE*                       01/11/2004

Character History:

From his first years Garvax doesn't remember much. As kid he always was at home with his mother, reading and learning. His dad wanted him to be a good merchant like he always had been. Garvax thought about other things, things he read in the books. Magic, that should his destiny be. His dad didn't like that his son was constantly reading about untouchable things. Talking to his mother about his thoughts to be a powerful sorcerer distracted him from his father. His dad always mumbled things like: "We should never have adopted that kid". Garvax didn't pay much attention too that, but when he grew he understood that this weren't his real parents. He always found it strange he looked so different then his elders, he had pointy ears and a smaller face. When he became older he grew faster then other kids. He didn't get much of a beard like other kids had. He never had much friends, they were always playing outside and helping their dads with work. Garvax didn't like to help his dad. He noticed that his father disliked him and it always ended in a discussions.

He was born in a poor family who couldn't support him, he got adopted by the rich family of Choet. Miss Choet always wanted to have a kid and when they couldn't get it natural they adopted Garvax. Mister Choet thought that this only son could take over his Merchant Guild and so his name would remain. What they didn't see he grew out totally different. In the years that passed Garvax became more interested in who his real parents were and he decided for himself he would find out who they are. Till then he won't use a last name. Everybody that asks what it is he just answers : "Still looking".

At the age of 11 Garvax took some of his stuff and went away in the night. He went to the docks slipped in a crate and then he got shipped away to a continent far away. The next morning when the ship was at a great distant from his home world Garvax got out the crate to find some food. Unfortunately he was found by a sailor who set him to work on the ship. Then he realized that when he would get off this ship he would become a strong magician so he wouldn't need to anyone’s help anymore. As soon the ship docked, Garvax took his first opportunity to get off the ship. When he was unloading he just began to run when he stopped he noticed no one was following him. He looked around him and the only thing he saw was forest. The road that was leading through it was going north and south. Garvax tried to hide in the undergrowth next to the road and fell asleep.

When he woke up the next day someone was sitting next to him. He looked much like himself, half human half elf. After telling his whole story they went to the half elf camp not so far away. There the nice half elf showed him the Adventurers Guild. The half elf showed him the way every new adventurer had to go, at least that was what he said. "Go through that door Garvax" :said the half elf. When he went through he saw Algenara who taught him to be an adventurer.


Day 1: As new adventurer started in Camp Tolanreal. learned all the basic things an adventurer needs to know. Discovered some of my skills as mage. I met my new Master and he taught me how to cast a magic missile and to make a protective shield.

Day 2: Only thirteen but already learning so much, he learned some new skills as a mage and improved his older skills. I also met some older adventurers. They could tell me some useful things.

Day 3: Noticing that my diary is a bit strange because I get older very fast. While exploring and getting experience the time flies by and when I write this down I'm already fourteen. I hope this doesn't ruin my diary.

Day 4: Another day with much learning I get more skills as a mage very fast now. I can't even study them all. However I'm planning to learn most of them very soon. I get to level 4 today as the others adventures call it.

Day 5: As I get older, I see that those levels as other adventures call it get harder to achieve I still manage to get to level 5 today but it's going a little bit slower every time.

Day 6: I can't go back in the arena anymore. I got to level 6 and then I can't go back in there. some adventurers say I can go back there when I can cast a spell named wizard mark. I'm definitely going to learn that spell.

Day 7: I began exploring the world outside the guild and outside my new hometown, the half elf camp. On the road I saw some smoke in the east. As walking east I saw a city much like I was born in. It's a big city with walls around it and guarded entrances. As I walked in I noticed that the guards don't like half elves. When I noticed that they won't attack me I go in and meet more adventurers here. Mostly humans, they tell me this is the city called Midgaard one of the biggest cities in the realm. I'm not able to level yet but still I know I’ve learned much.

Day 8: I leveled again today, got to level 7. Still get new skills, but I’m getting more interested in warrior techniques. Informing the elder adventurers I learn it's possible to dual class, which will make me a warrior too. As I hear that I went xping very quickly and almost done with current level.

Day 9: Because I leveled quickly yesterday I get to level 8 very soon today. I spent rest of the day exploring the lizard swamp and the goblin camp. I find some interesting items, which I identify and try to sell. I actually sell an amulet for 15000 gold. Hmm I could use some money for my dual.

Day 10: I leveled to 9 today that means I can dual now, the only problem left is that I need 25000 gold for that. luckily I sold that amulet yesterday, so only need 6000 coins. One adventurer gave me the money when I said I was going to sell my equipment to get the money. I owe her one.

Day 11: Today I got help from a guy named Wolfgang, he showed me the way to Jack. Where I could dual to warrior. I'm level 10 now and starting to xp again because I don’t need as much experience for the warrior class.

Day 12: I level again today and get to level 2 as warrior. I learn a technique called kicking. That sure pays off, when xping.

Day 13: Newly acquired skill of kicking helps me killing much faster now, and I level again. I don't get new warrior skills so I improve my kick and dodge skill.

Day 14: Quit a slow day today killed some lizards and goblins and got some magical items. Nice bracelet with it, it actually gave much extra strength. I sold it and got 25000 coins for it. I'm a little bit afraid it could get stolen so I went to Merrick (one of the bankers) in the realm. I put 20000 gold on my account for worst times.

Day 15: Well I got it back leveled quite fast today. Level 4 already.

Day 16: This was quite a day, I got challenged by a adventurer called Larissa, she is an angel of the Arcanes. And I always thought angels are nice. Well now I know there aren't nice people only on this continent.

Day 17: Level 5. It's going nicely. I improve some of my mage skills and learn new ones.

Day 18: Well got attacked again today, this time by Athelstane. Another angel of the Arcanes. I don’t know what I do to attract this sort of people, I mean them no harm so why should they do it to me?

Day 19: Today I got killed. Not even by a another adventurer but by a demon. I got there while exploring an area and he attacked me. I fled but he came after me and killed me. Duvel, Terny and Wolfgang helped me to get my corpse back. So very bad wasn't it, though it was a new experience.

Day 20: Talked to Deamhan follower of Fate and Cordir. He is a chosen and told me about the following. I asked him several questions, and he made me more curious about the following. Not much later lady Cordir herself came online, she answered more questions I had. I really admire her temple. I also talked to Robert lord of Unity. Lots of his followers helped me so far. He talks much sense but a good following isn't the thing I’m looking for. I don't

believe in killing people, blue auras don't believe in that either but they kill people who are evil.

Day 21: I leveled again today, I’m actually eff level 11 now. That means I can use the vortex now. Much easier traveling. I thought of what my Geasa should be.

Day 22: (1/10/00) Added rl-date in my diary so it will be easier to check my diary. I explored some areas today. I've been to Hovelton today, where I found an amulet which greatly improved my strength. Also talked to Adso about Fate the following of Lady Cordir. There was also a note from Goddess Lorna about a new quest. Since I’m still un-aligned it will be difficult to find a team.

Day 23: (1/11/00) I've started this as a nice day, wanted to explore a little and gain some experience at the same time. I got killed while doing this, Gytar helped me with CR. Then I went further exploring and even leveled. When I went to my guildmaster I got attacked by an invis person. I fled and used a recall potion to get back to guild. Being there I cast faerie fog to reveal any hidden persons. An adventurer named Spalaren was invis there. Before I got to look at him he got out of guild. He was the only one I could see who could attack me so I guessed it was him. Well when I got back in Midgaard I saw him fighting a Giant pudding. I looked him to get a just, I now saw that it was him who attacked me. Before I knew he was killed by the pudding, and I got his corpse. After that I realized that wasn't the way Lady Cordir would do it. I talked about it with Bastian, a follower of Lady Cordir. After that I talked to Nyx the ordained member of Fate. He was very comforting. I also gave some stuff away to a newbie. I still hope Cordir wants me in her following.
Later this day I saw Lady Cordir herself. I explained the whole story to her. She thinks I should make up with him. I'm a little bit doubtful, I really want to join the following, but if I give him his stuff back he will keep on attacking the less experienced. Well it's been a long day. I'll have a look tomorrow.

Day 24: (1/13/00) Haven't been online long today, spoke with Lady Cordir again (she really must get nervous of me now) Helped another newbie giving him some equipment.

day 25: (1/14/00) Today I checked how it was going in the realm, I wasn't online long though. I helped a newbie with some spells and explaining some adventurers stuff.

Day 26: (1/16/00) Wandering in the realm for a while checked out Dwarvenhold. Got a badge typical dwarvenhold item for my quest of fate. Also ran into Merrick so I put some gold away, i've got a nice amount on the bank now. got attacked again today, by Xpac. He wasn't very nice, he didn't answer the question why he attacked me. Well I didn't return to take revenge.

Day 27: (1/17/00) Went to some hometowns today to get some equipment for the quest of Cordir. I already got 4 out of 8. Tried to gain some experience as well, but that wasn't going so quickly.

Day 28: (1/19/00) Today was a nice day, got attacked 5 times, fled and quaffed out all the time, Still I managed to level today, now I am level 8 warrior and level 9 mage. I also completed the second requirement, I now have 8 tokens from racial cities of the northern continent. Cordir herself confirmed that. I now only have to help newbies for two years. I already helped newbies for some time now, I think that with today I helped newbies it counts up for 1.5 year. Well we see what the Lady will say. I also checked out where The Caves of N'kai are.

Day 29: (1/20/00) I leveled again today. Also visited Jill today. I dualed back to mage so I can improve 20-1-2000 my magical skills. I learned most of the warrior skills so I thought it was the best idea. Tried to get to N'kai today to explore it before I have to go through it. Took the wrong turn and walked in a Rock Dragon, well that's a biggie. Needed help from two clerics to help me. Also waited in guild to help some newbies. I only need some little time now before I finish my two years.

Day 30: (1/21/00) I got attacked again today actually I get attacked everyday now, I don't know what it is It's not like I'm wearing the best equipment in the realm or something. Also helped some newbies today, I think I finished the two years now. My Crest of Malenest has been purged now I have to get a new one, I shouldn't forget to wear it this time. *Later that day* I leveled. Wasn't so difficult only needed to kill some monsters. Now I’m level 10 mage.

Day 31: (1/24/00) Been online short today only bought some bread and helped newbies in guild. I need to explore soon.

Day 32 1-25-2000 : Exciting day it was. I finished all my requirements except from travelling to the northern citadel. Lady Cordir was online and so were some other followers of fate. Trakker helped me to get my last missing object which I needed because of what happened day 30. Then he brought me to the entrance of the caves. I entered and walked to the other end, where I met the Lady. Then the world stopped, and I couldn't do anything anymore.

Day 33 1-261-2000: Was looking for Lady Cordir but couldn't find her, so I tried to get some experience. Was going quite well and I expect some progress again very soon. We'll see about that later this day. *Later that day* I saw Lady Cordir again, lucky me, and I went back to the citadel to finish what I started. She spoke wise words and I joined Fate. Now I’m a fully member of them. I don't think anyone would understand how happy I am.

Day 34 1-28-2000: Wasn't in the realm for long, met Ananasi and Boromir, two other members of Fate. I also got a new weapon, so now I can slay some bigger monsters.

Day 35 1-29-2000: Did some exploring near Dwarvenhold today, went to the icy plains and killed some polar bears there. Also tried to get to Duergar to do a CR for a newbie, but walked into a Rock dragon. Well still managed to get some experiences. Also met a lot of other members.

Day 36 2-1-2000 : Checking out my equipment today, I promised Lady Cordir to tell what I was wearing so I thoroughly checked it. I also helped some newbies with spells and ids.

Day 37 2-8-2000 : Helped out an newbie today with an CR. And checking the board.

Day 38 2-11-2000: Made preparations for Bastian’s Tale. I needed some nice clothes to wear. I managed to level as as well. I got some grey stuff from a ranger in Kuroth.

Day 39 2-12-2000: The tale was today (OOC:I know it was on Friday mud time, but not my time:), although I knew something about Bastian's history. Still it was quite horrific and we could hear each other hearts bounce. To help Bastian in his fight with his past the Lady decided to tattoo another Covenant on Bastian from the blood of the other Chosen who were present. Then the Lady disappeared to her private room. The Wyld was trying to get control over Cordir. I then had to go, I really hope nothing happened to the Lady.

Day 40 2-13-2000: I wanted to check how things were going in the following so I did. The lady was online and in good health. I really was relieved she is okay.

Day 41 2-25-2000: It was a nice day in the realm today. I wanted to explore a little and Trakker told me to go to Sanguinna. It's on the southern continent and since I don't know that well I accepted and went there to explore the region there. It's quite a dreadful place, full with undead people and bats. I've been there once before and I thought I would never go there again, but Fate choose else. Still I gained a lot of experience there and I gained another level. So I guess I'll be seeing it more then.

Day 43: (2-27-2000) As optimistic I was yesterday, I got down today. I went back to Sanguinna to try and gain some experience. When I wanted to return to the guildhall, I used my portal instead of a recall potion. Before I knew I was in what seemed a peaceful town, but just when I wanted to depart I got attacked by a statue of a spider. He killed me in an instant.
Well now was I back in my hometown but not the way I planned. Gregar tried to get my corpse but got killed on the way. Also Witchblade tried it, but Ibram succeeded before her. Our following doesn't have many enemies, but he's certainly one and I found out why. He has no respect nor any honor and although he is an evil that's still no excuse.
Well later that day I saw lady Cordir, she helped me with some equipment and Trakker and Ananasi helped me get some as well. I also went back to the dreaded place of Sanguinna, and gained some experience and some egg casings, which are very useful as a container.

Day 44: (2-28-2000 ) I continued my well being today. After I had a good night rest I went back today, and gained enough experience to reach 15 level mage. I now can do improved identifies. I'm now an level 18 and it won't be long till I'll be level 20. I think you're then real part of the game. I'll be dualing back to warrior now so I can raise that to level 15 as well.

We also discussed the anathema list within our following. We discussed some recent events.

Day 45: (2-28-2000) I dualed back to warrior today. I also made it to mob master level 20. It's now becoming quite difficult for me. Also gained some experience today.

Day 46: (3-1-2000) Only been in the realm for a very short period of time today, and almost got me killed in my level 21 mobmaster, luckily Lady Cordir was online to save me. She used a lot of mana for that and I’m very grateful to her.

Day 47: (3-4-2000) I tried to get some exp today, Gregar showed me the way to the wicked garden. I explored and gained a lot of experience there. Although I was exploring quite nice, I got in an awkward position and couldn't get out anymore. I died but luckily Deamhan was able to get it back before anybody else could.

Day 48: (3-5-2000)Today I helped an newbie and then went back to the wicked garden. I didn't get in any problems today, and I eventually leveled, I'm now a warrior level 10 and mage level 15. After that I talked to Dalmiera. She wants to join the Chosen. I think she's bothered with something. I hope I'll hear her story one day.

Later that day by misfortune I got in a very strange situation I was pulled out the realm mentally but not physically (OOC: I lost link due to problems with computers at school), someone probably Dingbat and another unaligned or evil person saw the chance and killed me mercilessly. After I asked who killed me and if they would return my stuff, Dingbat quickly left the realm. I won't take any actions against him, but he won't be helped by any of our followers for sure.

Day 49: (3-6-2000) I now know for sure Dingbat attacked and killed me yesterday I think he was alone after all but needed two attacks. I made some experience. I wanted to go to the goblins and on my way I ran into one. He carried something very nice, they were metal sleeves ac7 which affect damage by 3. That's quite good. So I gave it to Trakker so he could give it to the Lady. I think it's safer with Trakker.

Day 50: (3-7-2000) Today I walked around a bit. I went to get some eggs in Sanguinna. Also went to Elemental Canyon. It's a nice place with lots of equipment. So I looked if I could find some nice stuff.

Day 51: (8-3-2000) Today I began with a level, always a good thing to start with. After that there was a meeting of the Chosen which I attended. After a while I really became tired so I left the realm. Later that day I got some experience in the gardens and in the gargoyle towers.

Day 52: (3-9-2000) I leveled again. I'm now level 12 warrior and mage 15. That means I'm effective level 19, I'm almost at level 20. After that I went out the realm, I've done enough today.

Day 53-58: (3-10-2000 to 3-15-2000) I leveled two times and died three times, one flu and twice mobkill. Got my corpse back all three of them so no problem. Only thing is that I lose my covenant every time I die. And I don't dare to ask another for I have asked for one several times now. Rest of the time I did some id's and some exploring. I only need one level for level 20.

Day 59: (3-16-2000 )Tried to gain some experience today. Made some progress but not much. Still I want to reach level 20 soon. Got some more experience later the day, and did some ids in the kitchen.

Day 69: (3-17-2000 )I really wanted to level today. If I did I would be effective level 20, so I set out with Noctus to gain some experience. Fate decided otherwise, I got killed and now I needed again more experience. I left the realm and decided that leveling should come later. But fate decided else here as well. I came back later the day and managed to level after all. Now I am warrior 15 mage 15, what means I’m effective level 20.


Garvax says (in common), 'every day i log in i will write in my diary which will appear on Lady Cordirs website'
Garvax says (in common), Garvax will id for every newbie. He'll try to id or if else wanted cast spells for three '
Garvax says (in common), 'Garvax will not carry bags made of other people then himself. Only his corpse will be used'


  • Garvax was there to witness when Bancor and Lanfear joined the Chosen.
  • Garvax was there to witness when Noctus and Tranquility were wed.
  • Garvax had the lowest Charisma of any of the Chosen, as of 12/16/2001, per an internal polling.
  • Dantareth was named Anathema when he killed Garvax on 07/04/2001.
  • Dingbat was named Anathema when he killed Garvax.
  • Lunatic received a strike towards Anathema when he attacked Garvax.
  • Zahar the Anathema killed Garvax on 07/28/2001.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

01/05/2001: [ 5] Garvax: Level / Fri Jan 5 11:44:29 2001 / To followers of: Cordir / I did manage to level! Letting know I'm sure ftell still works. Hope to see you all online soon. ~ Garvax servant of fate.
01/25/2001: [ 14] Garvax: Lunatic haunted and bothered me / Thu Jan 25 02:20:23 2001 / To followers of: Cordir / As usual. ~ Garvax seeker of Fate and identity

Player Information:

Garvax played from the Netherlands.