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Keenare Aldric
Created 2005
Status Inactive
Race Human
Classes Cleric
Last Seen 2005
Followed Cordir

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

She looks strikingly familiar to you - just as you begin to contemplate
where you might have seen her before - she turns to you and quickly
winks and gives you a knowing smile before she returns to what she was doing.
Keenare has a special twinkle in her eye.
Keenare is in perfect health.

WHO Lists:

Hum [       Cl:10       ] Keenare needs to hire a mage please!         6-19-2005
Hum [       Cl:12       ] Keenare.                                     6-21-2005 
Hum [       Cl:14       ] Keenare.                                     6-28-2005 
Hum [       Cl:17       ] Keenare.                                     8-09-2005 
Hum [       Cl:18       ] Keenare seeks her place within the Pattern.  8-17-2005 
Hum [       Cl:19       ] Keenare: Chosen Cleric of Fate               9-01-2005 

Character History:

Keenare is a human who was born in Midgaard when her parents were passing through the town after a long trip at sea to return back to the Northern continent. Her name is a family name, as she was named after her great-great-great grandmother, who was a Good-faithed Elven cleric who lived in Loth Llorien many years ago. Although at one time there was Elven blood in the family line, Keenare is nearly 95% human, with only a small amount of Elven features present to only the most discerning eye. Her family rented a room at the Grunting Boar Inn and decided to stay in town after the birth of their first and only child. Yet Keenare’s parents were nomads by nature, and staying in one place made them edgey and unhappy. Soon Keenare’s mother became a bit too friendly with the middle-aged jeweler in town. Once the news reached her father’s ears, a horrible fight ensued and he threatened to abandon his ‘ungrateful’ wife and child in Midgaard. That night, Keenare fell asleep, scared under her blankets, wondering how life would be like without her father. The following morning, she awoke to find that both of her parents were gone. Their belongings had been packed up and taken away, and there wasn’t even a note left behind to say they had left. It was a three weeks before Keenare started to believe they would never return, and at a very young age, she realized she was left to be on her own. Having an artistic talent, Keenare was able to earn a living initially by drawing portraits for tourists in Midgaard for 25 gold a person. She spent a great deal of time studying and practicing with the cleric guildmaster, and trained as often as possible with the sailor on the southern docks. Once she was strong enough, she began to explore outside her hometown into the neighboring towns and eventually she crossed the southern oceans to explore parts of the continent where she suspected her parents had returned. While her home will always be Midgaard, she is still searching to find the place where she belongs.


  1. Will always eat vegetarian foods – no meats.
  2. To always provide aid when asked, and remaining at the specific beck and call of the Lady as a servant.
  3. Will attempt to express the inner self, through portraiture, when asked.


Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

08/24/2005: Keenare joins the Chosen of Fate.

Player Information: