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Rufus (XII)
Created January 1, 2004
Status Retired
Race Elf
Followed Bliss
Immorted AMB: January 24, 2011
Demi:April 08, 2011
Following Monks of Blood

Mud Contributions:

Immortal Description

Written by Cordir:

The sweet scent of blood permeates the air around the Immortal before you.
Compassionately, He does not meet your gaze - for most mortals cannot bear
its weight without first having been bonded to Him in holy sacrament. Ruby
tears inch down the pale angles of his face, the pallor of it interrupted,
abruptly so, by the presence of three sets of ever-fresh fang-marks. He is
the Thrice-Born, blessed by the Kiss of Night, and He is here to wash away
your sins in the baptism of sacred blood.

Mortal Description:

WHO Lists:

Character History:

(written for his entry into the Chosen of Fate:
Born in the town of Loth Lorien, Rufus was always picked on by the other children walking around the town. As he grew his Father, tought him how to defend himself. His father noticed that Rufus was learning too fast, he began to think that he could be a serious threat if he stayed. So. the leaders of Loth Lorien met and decided it was best if he left immediatly.

Rufus took his leave and never turned back. He stumbled apon a women in the forest stuffing her face with chocolate and asked who she was. The woman replied my name is Bliss, Goddess of the Coven of the Ashen Moon. Rufus couldn't resist her beauty, so he followed her around for a while. Bliss tought him the ways of being evil. He began to utilize his new found abilites to strike back at those that have caused him harm in the past.

On his walk back to Loth Lorien he noticed he was in the middle of a battle field. The war between worlds. Good and Evil were about to collide. he looked around and noticed that Bliss was standing at one end of the field. He ran over to her yelling "what are you doing here". She replied choose a side Good or Evil. He stood there and thought trying to control his anger inside. Finally he looked up at Bliss and said "evil it is". Bliss welcomed him to the Coven.

Rufus and the rest of the Coven fought side to side until only Evil stood supreme. Over time Bliss got very sick and couldn't control the Evil way of Coven so she stepped down, release the Coven into the world.

Rufus was once again lost. He finished his walk back to Loth Lorien and saw another pretty lady sitting in the grass. He walked up and started a conversation with her. He asked who she was. She replied my name is Clue, Wyrm of the 3, Goddess of the Folk. Rufus seemed interested in what she had to say. After the countless hours of Clue explaining why Evil is not the way to go. Hurting people is bad. Rufus couldn't disagree. He decided he was going to change his way and fight on the Good side. Clue and Rufus finished the trip back to Loth Lorien togethor.

When they arived everyone stopped what they were doing and looked over at the two. The leaders rushed out of the homes and demanded Rufus to leave at once. Clue explained that he has learned to harness his powers and to not use them for evil.The leaders put Rufus through a series of tests to see how well he has harnessed his powers.After many hours of tests, he gained the leaders trust, and was welcomed back into Loth Lorien.

Rufus couldn't thank Clue enough, So he asked Clue if he could be of service to her. She smiled and nodded. Off the 2 went, and Clue continued to train Rufus in the arts of Good. After years of training he decided it was time to set off on his own once again. Clue agreed and let him go.

As he was wandering through The Mystical Forest he stumbled upon a Dwarf by the name of Athorne. Rufus didn't know what to think, seeing someone this small. Athorne raised a beer. Rufus still puzzled by the size of this man. he asked Which side are you on? Athorne said Good. Rufus smiled.

The 2 joined forces in the battle against Evil. Many Evils died at the hands of the Goods, Athorne appeared to grew old fast. Rufus didn't know what to think. Athorne had said he had been battling evils for centuries already. Rufus sighed, knowing that he would be alone once again. Athorne gave Rufus 2 months atleast until his time was up. The 2 months went by and Rufus was left all alone like he expected.

Rufus continued his Journey and stumbled upon another elf by the name of Mnaramenth. Who was sitting, completely drunk, in a barren of dwarven ale...and surrounded by dwarves! He never heard of such a wierd name before. Mnaramenth tilted his head to the side noticing Rufus' heritage. He laughed. Rufus asked, 'What are you laughing at?" Mnaramenth began to grow quiet. This was the start of a fast friendship, Mnaramenth soon suggesting that Rufus joins the Chosen of Fate. He seemed interested, and took his word on it, and proceeded to speak to Lady Cordir...

Promotion to Ambassador

The Nexus
[Exits: north]
Those stepping into this holy place are filled with a sense of calm, as
if no longer torn by the winds of change and strife that fill the world.
Partially understood musings on the ways and wiles of life suddenly seem
clear and incisive. Plans half-formulated now are complete, vaguely felt
intuitions speak loudly and with incredible clarity. Perhaps...

The room suddenly seems new, as if viewed for the first time: pure, white
marble and crystal walls shine with the rosy glow of a new dawn, and reach
upwards into a forever-shifting sea of mist. Under foot, a glistening expanse
of dark gray stone provides a comforting foundation in this focal point of all
that is... the Nexus.

It is impossible to track here.

A stone chest of silver-veined gray stone rests here, waiting.
(Intense Dark Cyan Aura) [GS] Boromir is here.
Soloban is here.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
Boromir says, 'how did you get to 30 30 30 rufus?'.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
You say (in common), 'by killing stuff'.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
Soloban laughs.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
Boromir rolls his eyes.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
Tynian has transferred you.
Tynian's Private Office
[Exits: none]
You are in a large room, with plush carpeting and cheery color. A giant
desk dominates the room. Upon the desk sits a jumbled array of chaotic
notes, sketches, maps, and printouts, surrounding (and on top of) an
obviously well-used computer.

No one has been through here recently.

(Intense Light Cyan Aura) Tynian is here.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
You bow deeply.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
Tynian nods in recognition to you.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
Tynian smiles at you.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
beer Tynian
You draw a cold, frosty beer for Tynian.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
Tynian smiles happily.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
Pitt ftells, 'I'm off, take care all'.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
You say (in common), 'I appreciate it'.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
Wistom ftells, 'see ya pitt'.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
Boromir ftells, 'hold on :)'.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
Tynian says, 'I'm sure you'll do well'.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
Pitt ftells, 'haha sounds liek you have a visitor Boro'.
Korran ftells, 'Later Pitt'.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
Tynian smiles happily.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
Boromir ftells, 'something could be happening'.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
Boromir ftells, 'i do'.

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >
12 players.
Hum [ Wa: 1 ] Skraper the Boy
Aar [ Wa:30 Th:30 Sh:30 ] Pitt, nexus bird
Hel [ Th:28 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Mortimer, Believes.
Dwa [ Th:21 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Wistom CHOO CHOO *NEXUS*
Aar [ Sh:18 Th:11 ] Enoch the Aarakocran
Elf [ Demigod ] [GS] Boromir Master of the Nexus
Elf [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Rufus, Kindred Blade of the Nexus
Hum [ Ma:18 Ra:15 ] Soloban Amateur Cartographer of the *Nexus*
Hel [ Retired ] Syla: Goddess of Mischief
Hum [ Tg: 9 Ra:10 Sh:20 ] Tancred howls for his lost hound
Dwa [ Founder ] Tynian: Is it organization or bureaucracy?
Hel [ Nexus Prime ] Korran Stonebow, Reborn within the Nexus -*(Rhyki)*-

<682hp(682) 425ma(425) 610mv(610)(45349) 0gp sp: [commn] >


Skraper gossips (in common), 'gratz ruf'.

Enoch gossips (in common), 'CONGRATS RUFUS!!!'.

Wistom gossips (in common), 'CHEEEEEER RUFUS'.

Pitt gossips (in common), 'congrats Rufus!!'.

Tynian says, 'Congratulations!'.

Someone gossips (in common), 'GRATS Brother!'.

You bow deeply.

You gossip, 'Thanks all'.

Tynian grins mischievously.

Wistom gossips (in common), 'GRATZ GRATZ '.

You say, 'Thanks'.

Boromir gossips, 'GRATZ RUFUS!!'.

You gossip, 'Thanks Boromir :)'



Rufus' Entrance & Exit Messages

Rufus steps in through a blinding light.
Rufus smiles at you.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

  • Due to inactivity on his part, Rufus' followers began receiving Reforms on September 15, 2011.

Player Information: