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Created December 2003
Status Inactive
Race Ogre-Kin
Hometown Og
Classes Warrior
Last Seen 2004
Followed Vorax

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WHO Lists:

Ogr [       Wa: 5       ] Brick the Ogre                                12/08/2003
Ogr [       Wa:12       ] Brick peeks around the corner                 01/19/2004
Ogr [    Sh: 4 Wa:12    ] Brick,the worlds first Ogre Nurse             02/20/2004
Ogr [    Sh: 5 Wa:12    ] Brick,the worlds first Ogre Nurse             04/23/2004

Character History:


  • Brick was a member of the Chosen of Fate for one day. He did not complete the entry quest. He did, however, generously give all of his gear to the following for the eating pleasure of Lanae.

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