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The Were-Hamster
Created Septempber 21, 2001
Status Semi-Active
Race Minotaur
Hometown War'loov's Fortress
Classes mage
Last Seen Feb 201

Mud Contributions:

[ 18] Myre: Gratz Wolfgang!
Fri Oct 12 16:13:56 2001
To: all
Hey, Wolfgang, i just noticed the help mmrank list and Gratz on MM104! Stouthy's got some close competition. And Maldo, i know it's tough, but it would be cool if you could get up to 104, that way when they had more MM's for more, there'd be a close competetion tween you and Wolfgang (and Stouthy if he'ever comes online)
Myre, MM fanatic!

[ 27] Myre: Silence
Sun Oct 10 11:06:37 2004
To: all
Not adding a whole lot, just gonna say something which may, or may not be true, but it's based on experience. You say that a big cleric can see right through level 29-30 hide. I don't know about that. My cleric couldn't see some hides, even pumped by 200-ish. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you have high level hide, and you stay hidden for a little while, you just seem to disappear. This is what my experience has led me to believe, so please correct me if I'm wrong. As for your other ideas, I feel they are well thought out, but should apply solely to single class thieves, if that can be done. Maybe try presenting some ideas (in a compressed file:P) to the TAG, since that's what they do if I'm not mistaken.

Current Description:

(Did not ever have one)


You are Myre. Chosen Bovine. (got beef?)
208 years old (393 hours), created Fri Sep 21 01 18:05:59.
(Searynx the 1st, The Thawing Ice, year 2493, 8am.)
You live in War'loov's Fortress and your race is Minotaur.
You are a level 22 Mage, level 21 Thief, level 24 Warrior.
You worship Cordir, who appears to be ONLINE.
You have 463/463 hit, 357/357 mana, 504/504 movement, 16 practices.
You have 0 training sessions remaining.
You are carrying 21/37 items (24 total/0 fined) with weight 62/925 kg.
Str:  MAX. Int:  AVG. Wis: BAVG. Dex:  MAX. Con:  MAX. Chr:  MAX. Luc: HIGH. 
In increasing order: LOW BAVG AVG AAVG HIGH MAX.
MAX stats and luck are untrainable.
You are fairly lucky. 
You have scored 267797 exp (934323 total), and have 5495 gold coins.
You need 26941 exp for level 23.
Autoexit: yes.  Autogold: yes.  Autosplit: no.  Autoloot: no.  Autosac: no.
Wimpy set to 0 hit points.
You are resting.
You are barely armored.
You are Lawful Neutral.
You are a pacifist.
The linkdead combat command is set to:
<quaff red>.
You are affected by:
Spell: 'shield'.

PKSTAT: 05/26/2003=

PK statistics for Myre (pacifist):

Myre has initiated 3 attacks, 3 justified, and 0 not justified.
3 attacks have been recent (3 justified, 0 not justified).

Myre has been attacked 4 times (0 justified, 4 not justified).
3 attacks have been recent (0 justified, 3 not justified).
        1 recent unjustified attack by pacifists.
        1 recent unjustified attack by reprisalists.
        1 recent unjustified attack by sociopaths.

Myre is credited with 0 PKs (0 justified, 0 not justified).
0 kills have been recent (0 justified, 0 not justified).

Myre has been killed 5 times (2 justified, 3 not justified).
5 deaths are recent (2 justified, 3 not justified).
        3 recent unjustified kills by pacifists.

WHO Lists:

Min [       Ma:11       ] Myre follows the way of the Wyrm                    10/01/2001
Min [       Ma:11       ] Myre. Follows the way of Fate                       10/11/2001
Min [    Wa: 2 Ma:12    ] Myre. Forever fateful. *Servant of Cordir*          12/30/2001
Min [    Wa: 2 Ma:12    ] Myre. Forever Fateful. *Cordir/Taoiseach*           02/22/2002
Min [    Wa: 3 Ma:12    ] Myre. Forever Fateful. *Cordir/Taoiseach*           05/23/2002
Min [    Wa: 4 Ma:12    ] Myre. Forever Fateful. *Cordir/Taoiseach*           06/11/2002
Min [    Wa: 5 Ma:12    ] Myre. Forever Fateful. *Cordir/Taoiseach*           06/23/2002
Min [    Wa: 6 Ma:12    ] Myre, NEW Fated Cow Supreme. *Cordir*               07/28/2002
Min [    Wa: 7 Ma:12    ] Myre, NEW Fated Cow Supreme. *Cordir*               08/27/2002
Min [    Wa: 8 Ma:12    ] Myre, NEW Fated Cow Supreme. *Cordir*               09/09/2002
Min [    Wa: 9 Ma:12    ] Myre, NEW Fated Cow Supreme. *Cordir*               10/14/2002
Min [    Ma:12 Wa: 9    ] Myre, Fated Cow of the Chosen.                      03/18/2003
Min [ Wa:12 Th:12 Ma:12 ] Myre, the Almighty Werehamster of Fate.             04/27/2003
Min [ Ma:15 Th:16 Wa:16 ] Myre. Le grenouille mange la pamplemousse. *Fate*   05/27/2003
Min [ Wa:18 Th:16 Ma:18 ] Myre. Le pamplemousse mange la grenouille. *Fate*   06/28/2003
Min [ Wa:19 Th:16 Ma:18 ] Myre, Chosen Reborn. *Fate*                         07/29/2003
Min [ Th:18 Ma:19 Wa:20 ] Myre...Almighty Werehamster of Fate!                09/23/2003
Min [ Ma:22 Th:21 Wa:24 ] Myre. Chosen Bovine. (got beef?)                    11/27/2003    
Min [ Ma:22 Th:21 Wa:24 ] Myre. Chosen Bovine. (got beef?)                    03/12/2004
Min [ Ma:22 Th:21 Wa:24 ] Myre. Chosen Bovine. (got beef?)                    10/16/2004
Min [ Ma:22 Th:21 Wa:24 ] Myre. Chosen Bovine. (got beef?)                    11/16/2007
Min [ Ma:22 Th:21 Wa:24 ] Myre.                                               01/31/2009

Character History:

Historical Snippets:

May 25, 2003: A Blessing

You say, 'May the Three ward and keep each of you on today's travels.'.

MissFit curtseys gracefully.

Eliste says (in common), 'thank you'.

Myre says (in common), 'And may thine condiments and potato chips stay fresh:D'.

Eliste giggles.

You say, 'Will you be venturing out into the Realm to challenge yourselves this day?'.

Isolas snickers softly.

You say, 'If so, I'm CERTAIN that Myre here would love to be your spell-slave. Just come back to Guild and he will HAPPILY do so.'.
Cordir pokes Myre very very hard in the ribs.
You say, 'Won't you.'.

Myre says (in common), 'without a doubt'.

October 16, 2004:Amputation

Cordir ftells, 'heh. been on 9 hours today.'.
Cordir ftells, 'my butt is going numb. :-('.
Myre ftells, 'Quick! Hand me a scalpel!'.
Myre ftells, 'We may have to amputate!'.
Myre ftells, '*tickles Cordir*'.
Cordir ftells, 'I"m fairly sure Abe would seriously object.'.
Myre ftells, '*snickers*'.

[ 5] Myre: Myself

Fri Nov 16 17:26:09 2007
To: Cordir
Greetings, my Lady.
I don't even know if you'll remember me...I haven't really played since late 2003, and as I recall, the last thing I did is die on 4th master's. I know. A bad note on which to leave.
Unfortunately, my return will not be on a much better note. I humbly ask to be released from your service. Now I need you to understand that this is in no way because of you. You are, and I'm sure will continue to be one of the best immortals out there (OOC: As far as I'm concerned, the best RP'er, too:P), but my heart just no longer lies where it once did.
Honestly, I believe that the Nashite Magi are a scourge that must be exterminated. I would like to attack them, unhampered with full of passion, but I would not like to offend you, or to cause you any problems.
Please think it over and let me know your decision.
Humbly yours,

[ 6] Myre: My Choice and Intention

Fri Nov 16 19:15:40 2007
To: all
I am Myre. Until recently, I was one of Cordir's Chosen. However, I chose to leave. The reason is simple: join the fight against the Nashite Magi.

I have taken an oath not to attack for 2 weeks. I will stand by it. However, after that, I will be as active as any. Fate can count on my continued help and support.


  1. Will never ask mages (excluding the Lady) for spells.
  2. Will drop everything to aid with life or death situations.
  3. Will alert all those online of any threats online in their PK range (by tell or gossip)


  • Myre was sponsored into the Chosen of Fate by Katrana and Noctus.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

10/03/2001: Myre joins the Chosen of Fate.
07/28/2002: Myre levels (Wa: 6 Ma:12) and gets 4 pracs!
10/01/2003: [ 10] Myre: Cygnus / Wed Oct 1 15:42:41 2003 / To followers of: Cordir / Sorry I'm late posting happened right before I was about to leave and didn't have time. He attacked Shilea with whom I was grouped. Then when she fled, he attacked me. So, I guess utilize:P
09/23/2003: Myre levels to Th:19 Ma:19 Wa:20, and talks to Nyx and Cordir about becoming a Hand of Fate.
10/10/2004: [ 19] Myre: Tylorn / Sun Oct 10 10:59:34 2004 / To followers of: Cordir/ He's down as deleted on Anathema list. He was, but he's back. In clave, level 11 or 12 cleric/10 warrior. Not sure if you wanna give him a chance to prove himself as Anathema again, but I am next to certain he will.
10/16/2004: [ 13] Myre: Ink / Sat Oct 16 18:03:41 2004 / To followers of: Cordir / Ink reports: 600/614 hp 22/422 mana 667/667 mv 384086 xp. I'd recon he swings pretty durn hard. Has a bunch of potents, svs-4 light, ring of power. He'd be a nice kill, but he's dangerous, so watch out. He's ranked #1 on pkrank.
11/16/2007: Myre requests release from the Chosen of Fate (see Historical Snippet above). Cordir ftells, 'I'll release you, but I *REQUIRE* your oath that you will Post a Note stating your intentions to leave and why, and swear 2 weeks of NON Aggression. The note must be visible to all.'.
01/28/2009: Myre visits for the first time in over a year.
02/10/2009: Myre dies to Mas, The Tempest, Scairz (4 times), and a nightmare (2 times) and the Ancient Blue Dragon, all in one day. On a positive note, he worships Thor joining the Guardians.
12/21/2009: Myre shows up after a 6 month absence.
01/23/2011: Myre visits for the first time in over 6 months. He is reformed from Thor's following upon login.

Player Information:

[ 0] Myre: Apologies.
Sat Oct 9 13:49:21 2004
To: Cordir
My dear Cordir,
I realize that I have put you through turmoil, and have caused you more problems than I am worth. For this, I am sorry, and I wish to beg your forgiveness.
My lengthy absence has been due to various personal OOC problems...depression, girl troubles, family troubles, and other bad stuff of that sort. I have been getting over that for the past 2 months or so, (could be longer, time seems a little distorted) and since then I have been working on starting a music career, and busy with school and trying to make things better in my life.
Tuor is gone, I'm afraid, and I leave my fate in your hands (no pun intended), as I have done since you took me under your wing. I wish to return. My playing time may be somewhat little at first, but I can guarantee that it will increase. I wish to stay in Fate, but if you do not desire me to remain, then I will understand, and will most likely go to Kerri, if he will take me.
Thank you for all your support in the past. I look forward to seeing you next, regardless of the circumstances. You are like my non-bovine mother. Thank you.