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Hum [       Wa: 3       ] Ringo the Boy                 10/26/2001
Hum [       Wa:11       ] Ringo, student of wisdom.     11/24/2001

Character History:

My name is Ringo of Midgaard.

Much of my early history, I learned from the holy Clerics of my hometown. I was born sometime in the month of the Shallow Graves in the year 2408, the son of a jeweler of Midgaard and a half-elf wench, a truly wanton woman who spent most of her time at the Shanty, in the Half-Elf Camp.

Like so many adventurers, I never really knew my parents. I would assume that my father is quite dead, as everyone knows that the jewelers of Midgaard are slain with great frequency due to their swindling of honest folk of the Realm. My mother… I would prefer not to think of what's become of her. As she was a half-Elf and my father a human, I appear much as any other human would - perhaps slightly taller and thinner. My father forsook my mother as soon as he heard she was with child. My mother did what she could to raise me until I was 4 years of age. By this time, her life had become so consumed with drink that she could think of little else.

One night, in a drunken stupor, she abandoned me near the gates of Midgaard, on the Great Western Road. Fortunately for me, merchants from Loth-Llorien happened to be traveling back to their hometown, took pity on me, and brought me to the great city in the trees. Unfortunately for me, the merchants forgot the reaction of giant eagles to human visitors. Before they could restrain the birds, giant talons had torn a web of cuts into my face, and I lost the use of my right eye. The merchants gave me my name, Ringo, since my mother had left me with a guard's signet ring on my right finger and a tourmaline ring on the left.

I spent the next 8 years in Loth-Llorien, where I learned the high Elven tongue and met my lifelong friend in the Realm - a young mage named Llaaron. At the age of 12, the elders of Loth-Llorien decided my proper place was with the clerics of Midgaard. There, I trained in the arts of the holy defenders and healers. Noticing the web-shaped scars on my face, the clerics took it as a sign that my destiny was to serve Lady Cordir.

On the day of my tenth ascension, when I was twenty-one, I began the quest.


  • Ringo began the entry quest to join Fate, but found it too difficult, and joined Wisdom instead.

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