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Status Inactive
Race Human
Classes Cleric
Followed Splat

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WHO Lists:

Hum [ Wa:16 Cl:23 ] Kalee: a naturally naughty, nutty newbie patroller            01/23/2000
Hum [ Wa:16 Cl:23 ] Kalee, jolly servant of fate                                  01/30/2000
Hum [ Wa:17 Cl:23 ] Kalee. Servant of Fate.                                       02/07/2000
Hum [ Cl:23 Wa:19 ] Kalee, Fate's little joke                                     02/17/2000
Hum [ Cl:24 Wa:19 ] Kalee, Love Weasel of Fate                                    03/07/2000

Character History:

I'm glad that you've asked for my history, because it will explain a bit about me. When I was just a babe, I was put on the doorstep of Splat's. I grew up knowing the excitement and fun of his following. Jerald and Nalya, while they were mortals were my heroes and I followed their examples. This is while the world was still strongly divided between Good and Evil, and we were forced to take a side. Being raised by this group, my obvious choice was Good. Although, Splat always taught me that part of being Good was being good to all, even evil. Perhaps he was one of the founders of neutral thought.

I spent time journeying with many fine adventurers. Gaul was one of my favorites. I even spent time with Syrinx, as he quested to obtain his 50th level, casting cures and heals upon him. Then, the world changed for me. Splat retired, Jerald immorted, Syrinx left. I spent much time abroad, exploring other worlds, rarely visiting this land that I once called home. Without the people I cherished, it broke my heart to bring forth those memories. On one of my visits here, I talked to Gaul and decided to join Nature. Lady Rhina's beliefs in neutrality fit the path Splat had started me on.

In Rhina's following, I met Elladan and we traveled together a lot. I stayed here a long time with my new found friends. Then, a letter came from one of the lands I had visited. A woman who I had befriended asked me to come and help take care of her, as she was sick. While I was gone, Elladan immorted, and Rhina was rarely around. Gaul had disappeared too. I kept adventuring, but when another letter asked me to join another adventure in a far away land, I took that opportunity. While I was gone, Rhina retired and Nature was dismantled.

This is why, when I ask to follow you, you must know that I am an adventurer with wanderlust. While I always come back home, I am often gone for a month, adventuring in other lands and learning new skills there.

My past followings have affected my beliefs. I believe that there is good and evil in everyone. I believe that nature is still a powerful force, even if her lady is gone. But, I also believe that fate weaves it all together. Splat and the other were meant to leave, so that I would get set off on a different path of life.


Kalee says (in common), 'To honor and remember those who have taught me, I have picked geasa for each'
Kalee says (in common), 'for Splat, I shall fill the pit with mushrooms to feed those new to our realm each time I journey here'
Kalee says (in common), 'for Rhina, I shall seek to do no living being harm, and thus will become a vegetarian'
Kalee says (in common), 'for my friends, especially Gaul, I shall seek no financial gain for the things I do. I shall never auction or sell, but only seek to give'


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Personal Timeline:

01/23/2000: Kalee joins the Chosen of Fate.
01/30/2000: Kalee levels to 17th level warrior (WA-17/CL-23)

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