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Created July 19, 2001
Status Inactive
Race Gnome
Hometown Gla-Shorn's Realm
Classes Shaman
Last Seen November 2001
Followed Cordir

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Standing here is a small, stout gnome. His brown hair covers his face almost completely. Realizing that you are here he moves his hair back and his black eyes and gentle smile come into view. You also notice a tattoo of the Covenant of the Chosen on his upper right arm. He quietley tells you," I am a Chosen of Fate. I am here to protect and aid all those in the realm. If you ever need anything just feel free to ask." After speaking to you, he moves his hair over face again and slowly steps into the corner of the room.

WHO Lists:

Gno [       Sh: 7       ] Ordeith, studies the Path of the Wyrm.    07/20/2001
Gno [    Wa: 9 Sh:10    ] Ordeith, Chosen Apprentice of Fate        08/20/2001
Gno [    Sh:13 Wa:10    ] Ordeith, Chosen Apprentice of Fate        09/11/2001
Gno [    Wa:10 Sh:15    ] Ordeith, Chosen Apprentice of Fate        09/28/2001
Gno [ Th: 5 Sh:15 Wa:11 ] Ordeith, Chosen Apprentice of Fate        10/07/2001
Gno [ Th:10 Sh:15 Wa:11 ] Ordeith.       {Fate}                     11/05/2001
Gno [ Th:12 Sh:15 Wa:11 ] Ordeith.       {Fate}                     10/24/2001

Character History:

Ordeith was born into a very wealthy mining family in Gla-Shorn’s Realm. His mother tragically died at birth leaving Ordeith to be raised by his father. His father was the head miner around Gla-Shorn, so Ordeith did a lot of exploring in the magnificent diamond mines. His father told him that someday all of the mines would be his own someday. Ordeith thought differently, he wanted to explore the mysteries and wonders of the Southern Continent. He was always going to the top of the tallest mountain in the Oort Range to speak with the Guru. There Ordeith learned ways to survive and protect himself against the dangerous creatures the lurked nearby. He learned about Skull Top, Aran, Nydia, The Isle, and other wonderful racial cities on the SC. Ordeith’s father frowned upon these the late night meetings but didn’t stop him from chasing his dream. When Ordeith was 12, Gla-Shorn had its worst winter yet. Diamonds were needed quickly to trade for badly needed food and clothing. All the males in Gla-Shorn were working over time to get as many diamonds as possible before the first blizzard came. While mining, Ordeith’s dad and three other brave souls went into a uncharted mine to look for gems when suddenly a cave in occurred killing all in the mine. Distraught, Ordeith went to the Guru seeking guidance. The Guru gave him a letter and told him to open it at the Adventurers Guild. Ordeith did so and letter simply said:

Present this letter to Algenara, leader of Camp Toleran.

Guru of the Mountains.

Ordeith did so and was soon training to be a shaman. After time he became expierenced enough to leave the camp. After leaving, Ordeith met the Lady Cordir. That meeting would change Ordeith’s life forever.


  1. Will mentor newbie Shaman
  2. Will spend a moment in silence with the Guru each day.
  3. Will never travel by water, and if forced to do so (through bad recall, etc), will take on a form of punishment.


  • Ordeith's sponsor was Tien.
  • Ordeith was apprenticed to Noctus.


Short Description: the Sigla of the Wyld's Eye
Long Description: A gleaming medallion upon a gold chain bears an open, unblinking eye.

Extra Description: Sigla medallion
Around the Eye, strange symbols have been carved. Upon close scrutiny,
you realize that they are tiny replicas of three sigla, repeated over
and over: Odegra, Argedo, and Draktha.

Extra Description: eye
Gazing down into the eye, it glares back at you, baleful and crimson,
filled with a roil of emotion and memories. It is rumored that this
Eye was that of one of the first priests of the Triat, and that upon
his death, he requested that his form be used in the creation of a
trio of artifacts to protect those who served the Three, as he did,
down through the ages.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

07/22/2001: Ordeith, who is questing to join Fate at the time, accidentally types WO Cordir instead of "WHO Cordir". Because to disallow his worship would, per code at the time, prevent him from worshipping in the future, she goes ahead and accepts him as a member of Fate.
08/20/2001: For providing her with a mana upgrade, Ordeith gets a restring (See above).

Player Information: