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Quathros Ambar'ato
Created Setepmber 2, 2004
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Classes Ranger
Last Seen 2010
Followed Cordir

Mud Contributions:

[ 21] Quathros: death
Fri Sep 24 08:24:04 2004
To: Cordir
I retrieved it.

Current Description:

(Written by Cordir, 2005):

This slender, almost gaunt half-elf will not meet your eyes:
his gaze slides away yours like oil upon water or a blade as
it shears off a well-angled shield. Even that slight glimpse
of the soul behind those weary gray eyes was enough to catch
your curiosity in an iron grasp. There is so much self-hate,
mingling with an almost desperate hunger to save others from
a similar fate. His black hair is ragged and unkempt - least
of his concerns - and his clothes are worn and patched. Only 
the weapons at his waist gleam with careful tending. He nods 
in your direction, then whispers a harsh syllable of Thoras,
gestures with one tanned, scarred hand, and an ebon darkness 
creeps over him like a cloak, concealing him from view.

WHO Lists:

09-02-2004 :  Hel [       Ma: 4       ] Quathros the Half-Elf
09-02-2004 :  Hel [       Ma: 4       ] [Quathros Is Seeking his Thread in the Pattern.
09-03-2004 :  Hel [       Ma:12       ] [Quathros Ambar'ato, Chosen of Fate.
09-06-2004 :  Hel [    Ra: 1 Ma:19    ] [Quathros Ambar'ato, Chosen of Fate.
09-13-2004 :  Hel [    Ra:12 Ma:19    ] [Quathros Ambar'ato, Chosen of Fate.
09-26-2004 :  Hel [    Ma:21 Ra:15    ] [Quathros Ambar'ato, Chosen of Fate.
10-29-2004 :  Hel [    Ma:24 Ra:15    ] [Quathros How far down is Rock Bottom?
01/02/2005 :  Hel [    Ma:24 Ra:15    ] Quathros How far down is Rock Bottom?
09/27/2007 :  Hel [    Ma:24 Ra:15    ] Quathros.
07/08/2008 :  Hel [    Ma:24 Ra:15    ] Quathros.
07/24/2010 :  Hel [    Ma:25 Ra:15    ] Quathros. (KotE)

Character History:


Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

09/02/2004: Quathros joins the Chosen of Fate.
11/14/2004: Quathros is #10 on the location quest ranks.

Player Information: