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Wistom (I)
Choo Choo Tiger
Created March 9, 2000
Status Active
Race Dwarf
Classes Thief
Followed Tripper


Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Written by Cordir:
With arms and legs nearly as thick as tree trunks, the dwarf before you exudes a poised strength. His grip upon his weapons is sure, practiced, that of someone who has dedicated his life to the deadly dance of battle. Fine armor of Delving-make - scarred here and there with the marks of intense combat, yet carefully maintained - gleams beneath a deep blue surcoat emblazoned with a snarling, rampant tiger bringing down unseen prey. His ice-blue eyes drill deep into your own, like twin bolts lightning from a cool summer night's storm. They seem to notice everything: about you, your possible intentions, and his surroundings down to the smallest detail. "Truth," he murmurs is a deep, almost gravelly voice, "is the candle. Action itself is the flame that lights the way. I am Wistom, proud servant of Lord Tripper, Truthsayer and Councilor of the Tigers. I am friend to those who are innocent or honorable, eternal foe to those who lie." He bows, eyes staying on you without interruption, waiting for your response.

WHO Lists:

Character History:



a shiny brass whistle on a sky blue cord

(written by Cordir): Long Description: Dangling from a sky blue cord, this brass whistle would have a piercing tone.

Look Whistle

This brass whistle would have a very loud tone - loud enough to be
heard over the noise of a train chugging along.  Along the middle
of the barrel of the whistle, an engraving has been made:

.                     **********************
.                     *  CHOO CHOO TIGER!  *

Player Provided Information:

Wistom was the guy who could be counted on, if you needed to call on him. He would go anywhere with you: Demon Realm, wherever, it didn't matter. His response would be "Awesome! Let's go!" He was a devoted, honorable guy and would help you - anyone - in any way he could.
Wistom's player and I go way back to the very late 90's. We were good friends back in Solanthas's following as other incarnations. He was one of the craziest guys I ran around with back then, and like Maimer said he was always game for any adventure even if it meant certain death. When I first met him he was a terrible PKer and often died, but I was always impressed with his attitude and lack of attachment to equipment. Most of us were not so blessed with that quality. With time he gained some PK experience and eventually by the time he created Wistom he was landing some pretty good kills and became rather powerful. He was well known as the CHOO CHOO Tiger, and rightfully so, because every time he came around he'd gossip "CHOO CHOO!". Although we have not played in the same following for quite a while, I still consider him a friend and he is on a short list of people I will not PK to this day. CHOO CHOO!

Personal Timeline:

7/7/00 - Wistom slays a druid guard for Sh:20.
7/19/00 - Wistom slays an angry druid to reach Sh:22.
07/24/00 - Tripper announced the end of a quest, and gives this report: "The Tiger Random Quest has been a resounding success. It lasted for 2 weeks and ended this past Monday. I want to take this opportunity to thank all those that participated in making the Quest a success. Seventeen Tigers submitted entries to the Quest. 811 Items were submitted for evaluation. 542 items qualified for the quest and were awarded points. A total of 1505.5 points were Awarded. Winners of restrings included: Fen, Khorlan, Wistom, and Teva."
08/17/00 - Wistom levels to 25th, killing a Junk Dealer for the final exp.
10/10/00 - Wistom (Choo Choo Tiger) reaches 30th level Shaman.
10/31/00 - Wistom completes a quest for Ordainment, the ceremony to follow at a later date
2/25/01 - Wistom attempts to slay the Yellow Dragon for a mob mastery, but as has been the case his last 5 mob mastery attempts, an Area spell disrupts the quest, and he fails.
3/16/01 - Wistom duals to Warrior, and levels 3 times.
3/19/01 - Wistom reaches Wa: 5\Sh:30.
3/21/01 - Wistom levels twice to reach Wa:10\Sh:30.
8/25/01 - Wistom leveled to level 14 thief on a ghost of a Minotaur wizard.
09/19/01 - Wistom gossips (in common), 'my 2 Weeks without a TS Amulet is OVER '.
9/20/01 - Wistom reaches Th:15\Sh:30\Wa:16.
9/21/01 - Wistom completes MM #63 - Racoon.
9/22/01 - Wistom reports: 'Skeeve on one of his trips [editor's note: To Triton Halls] got Gytar killed and the rest of us just about dead'.
9/26/01 - Cordir crafts a description for Wistom.
9/29/01 - Wistom levels to Wa:17\Sh:30\Th:15 by slaying an instructor.
9/30/01 - Gytar and Noctus did a CR for Aoife in the Strands of matter, and Wistom aided them in killing the demons
10/15/01 - Wistom reaches 1200 hours of play!
12/26/01 - Wistom dies on the third floor of Master's Tower after a bad "Skeeve trip." The corpse is recovered, however.
01/22/02 - Wistom of the Tigers reaches Wa:19\Sh:30\Th:15.
01/23/02 - Wistom kills Glorin, the Adventurous Seafarer, for MM#69.
2/4/02 - Wistom slays Arvard for MM#70.
2/10/02 - Wistom the Choo Choo Tiger completes MM# 72 by slaying Thengar, and gains 1914 exp, later leveling to Wa:20\Sh:30\Th:15.
2/11/02 - Wistom was on line for six hours and accomplished nothing.
02/13/02 - Wistom of the Tigers slays Lydian for MM#73 and #74 .
02/14/02 - Wistom completes MM#75 - the Supreme Thief.
2/20/02 - Wistom confesses that, "I am dumber then the dumbest claver because i listened to a claver that said the stasis ring wouldn't work=P. So i don't regain any stats for going on a bunch of RL hours now."
02/27/02 - Calivax dies again - in Gronk - and Wistom does that CR, rifting an Arcane on the way.
03/07/02 - Wistom turns 700 years old.
4/29/02 - Wistom reaches 1400 hours of play.
05/15/02 - Wistom slays Chromicon the Paladin for MM#81 and 2313 exp.
07/25/02 - Wistom levels to Wa:23\Sh:30\Th:15.
09/19/02 - Arianos attempts to EXP in Druid's Sanctuary, and is promptly slain. Wistom performs the CR.
09/26/02 - Abe and Wistom CR Drakar of the Tigers in Demon Realm. While they are there, Wistom learns that Ink of the WarDancers has died to the Demon Lord, Korsev. After grabbing Drakar's corpse, the pair jaunt over and fetch Ink's as well, despite a rather rudely timed repop of Korsev.
09/29/02 - Wistom killed the The Lineaoth Camp Leader for MM#83 and 2357 exp.
10/08/02 - Wistom gets to Th:16\Sh:30\Wa:24.
10/14/02 - Wistom levels to Th:17\Sh:30\Wa:24 because he was 'whining about how bad cloak is, so Gytar felt bad and took him exping.'
11/07/02 - Aravan reports, '2 nights ago wistom lied to the draoi and broke our non-aggression with the tigers'.
11/29/02 - Wistom is granted god+ reform from the Tigers.
12/03/02 - Wistom and Maimer join the WarDancers and then later the Choo Choo levels to Th:19\Sh:30\Wa:24.
12/06/02 - Wunk reports that 'Shon and Wistom heroically saved my butt from the brass dragon'.
12/07/02 - Wistom reaches Th:20\Sh:30\Wa:24.
12/08/02 - Wistom hits 1600 hours of play.

12/24/2011: *** INFO *** (ARENA) santa killed by Wistom at In the Combat Arena