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Created 03/28/2004
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Classes Cleric
Last Seen 05/09/2004*
Followed Cordir

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Before you stands a tall elven maiden with dark hair plaited into
many braids, gathered and woven into a knot high on her head. Her
skin is the color of cinnamon with a tint of raspberry in her cheeks.
She has eyes of deep olive with thick, beguiling lashes. She notices
your gaze and beams a huge smile in your direction.
Arieda has a special twinkle in her eye.
Arieda is in perfect health.

WHO Lists:

Elf [       Cl: 2       ] Arieda the Elf Maiden                             03/28/2004
Elf [    Wa: 4 Cl:11    ] Arieda, child of Fate.                *Cianna*    05/09/2004

Character History:


  1. Will speak no language save Elven, but will always keep Tongues active, so that all can understand her.
  2. Will offer spells to each level 1- 10 upon entry into the Realm.
  3. Will never eat meat for sustenance.


  • Arieda was sponsored (at the last minute) by Noctus as she had forgotten to obtain a sponsor prior to showing up for her joining ceremony.
  • While Arieda was last seen by Cordir in 05/09/2004, Arieda was still showing as an 'active' follower on a list provided by Tynian on 11/08/2004.

Player Provided Information:

4/7/04 - Arieda joins the Chosen of Fate.

Personal Timeline:

Player Information:

Arieda was a player that Cordir met at a GT, who then decided to start a Chosen of Fate.