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Created March 06, 2001
Status Inactive
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:


You see nothing special about him.
Bancor is bleeding freely.

Bancor is using:
<used as light>     (Magical) a ball of bright purple light
<worn on body>      a reinforced leather shirt
<worn on head>      a leather cap
<wielded>           (Magical) a hammer

You peek at the inventory:

WHO Lists:

Hum [    Ra: 6 Ma:15    ] Bancor,Apprentice of Fate -=[Chosen]=-             07/31/2001
Hum [    Ra: 7 Ma:15    ] Bancor,Apprentice of Fate -=[Chosen]=-             10/30/2001
Hum [    Ra: 8 Ma:15    ] Bancor,Apprentice of Fate -=[Chosen]=-             02/09/2002

Character History:

This is not a tale of a mighty warrior or of a spectacularly grand adventure. This isn't even the tale of a great King finally returning home to his kingdom. But this is the story of a young man who believed in mighty warriors and grand adventures. A young man who wanted to make adventures of his own. This is the story of Bancor, son of Janek the merchant.

Bancor was a young man living in the enchanting city of Midgaard. His mother had died at his birth. His father, proud that his son was alive, loved him very much and did all he could to make Bancor a strong and courageous young man.

Bancor's father was a merchant of leather, cloth and wares. He traveled all over Northern Continent peddling his merchandise. Bancor was to young for such long travels and remained in Midgaard. While his father was away, Bancor stayed with his fathers brother, Jarren. Jarren was a mage and taught young mages at the guild in Midgaard.

Bancor spent a lot of time in the guild, watching his uncle and listening to the instructions. Bancor wasn't a formal student, because of all the chores he had to do around the house while his father was gone and because he never knew when his father would return and need his help. But he was a quick learner and had a passion for magic.

Sometimes when there was nothing going on in the guild, he would sit in the market square. He would watch and listen to the travelers as they sat around and talked. He heard stories of far of places like Nydia and Kuroth on the southern continent. Once he heard a traveler tell of a terrible place called Demon Realm where the traveler's cousin was killed when he accidentally wondered in there.

Little did Bancor know that his adventure was about to begin. It came one day when Bancor was sitting in the market square. His father had left three days earlier on a trip to Ofcol, then to Dwarvenhold. As Bancor sat there, a group of men came in through the West Gate. Their armor clearly told that they were adventurers. One of them, a huge man with muscles rippling and armor gleaming, was carrying something on his shoulder. Bancor was curious, because a lot of people had stopped what they were doing and were now looking that direction. The men stopped in front of the Mage Guild and Bancor's Uncle was brought out. Bancor tried to make his way through the crowd, because he feared for his uncle's life.

When he finally made it, his uncle quickly turned toward him. "My nephew,"he said,"it saddens me to be the bearer of such news. I know how much you loved your father...."

Bancor realized that the great warrior was carrying his dead father. Bancor sunk to the ground and sobbed.

The great warrior had already laid the corpse onto the street. He now made his way to the merchant's son.

"Young man," he said in a deep voice, "we found your father on the side of the road on our way from Ofcol, we were adventuring in the Great Whitefrost Forest. He was jumped by some ambushers, he didn't have much of a chance, but it did look as if he gave them a good fight. He was greatly outnumbered. They took almost everything, except some leather scraps and this." He handed Bancor a book.

"My fathers book," whispered Bancor.

Bancor's father would read to him from that book. It was a book of heroes and legends, something they were both fascinated with. His father always carried it with him and would read it when he made camp or whenever he got a chance.

"Bancor, your father was a great man. An honest man. Everyone in Midgaard took pride in his honesty and would come to him to buy their wares. I know that that same integrity and honesty is in you, Bancor," said his uncle, Jarren. "I want to train you, Bancor, to be a mage. I think the world would be grateful to have a mage of such integrity. I think you have much skill in the art, for you learn alot just sitting around while I teach others. It will be a long road Bancor, but I think you have what it takes to be great. And you may be an adventurer yourself one day."


Bancor says (in common), 'I will not raise arms against a merchant.'.
Bancor says (in common), 'I will always take 5 mins, as soon as I log in, to do Id's for newbies.'.
Bancor says (in common), 'I will never confuse people by using charm and ventriloquate.'.


  • Bancor was listed by Orgrim in the Anathema's note, 'Glory to the Dead' as one of those he had Pk'd.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

05/25/2001: Bancor joins the Chosen of Fate.
10/22/2001: Bancor of Fate reaches Ra: 7/Ma:15.
12/07/2001: Bancor rejoins the Chosen.

Player Information: