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Solaron K'Veeran-Al'Veeran
Wyld Huntsman, "Don"
Created February 3, 2001
Status Retired
Race Elf
(er, Elf-Ogre)
Classes Cleric
Followed Cordir
Katrana (x2)
Spouse Katrana
Partner Aphrodite
Tylin, Mistress
Miressa, Mistress
Areas Written Northern Stronghold
Immorted AMB: 10/04/05
ATTND: 12/13/05
DEMI: 12/23/05
Following Mafia
Children of the Light

Mud Contributions:

  • Solaron wrote 'A Complete Newbies Guide to TFC' - some of which is quoted within this wiki.
  • Solaron co-Wrote the Northern Stronghold with Katrana.

Mortal Notes:

(In response to a note by Molo, the contents of which are on the Wyld Hunt page:)
[ 6] Solaron: Molo
Wed Dec 8 12:11:45 2004
To: all
I love you too, Molo. *hug*
I'll never forget our days vacationing in that little villa
in the Oort range. You and me, baby.

Current Description:

Godfather of the Mafia: 07/29/06
Before you stands an impeccably well-dressed, oversized elf. His fine, graceful features are marred somewhat by two small tusks that protrude from his lower lip and by his immaculately groomed goatee. Thick, black eyebrows lie over two piercing green eyes that stare at you curiously.
A small group of thugs and goons surround him; his personal guard, along with those few desperate souls who have made a pact with this man. They seek now to curry his favor and avoid his harsh punishment.
His only true adornment is a wedding ring, a large, gaudy piece of gold and platinum, set with diamonds and rubies. He holds it before your face as he notices you still staring at him. One of the thugs following him sidles slowly over to you and whispers.
"The Godfather is making you an offer you can not refuse." The weasel-faced man snickers softly. "He has allowed you to look upon him and live. Kiss his signet ring and be gone, before he changes his mind."

Mortal: Blade of the Wyld: 05/13/04

Invader blood runs through my veins like giant radioactive rubber pants!
Solaron has summoned you!
Solaron has summoned you!
Solaron has summoned you!
self tried to steal from you!
self tried to steal from you!
self tried to steal from you!
Solaron leaves up.
Solaron has a special twinkle in his eye.

Mortal: 04/17/03

Solaron is using:
<worn on finger>    (Powerful magic) (Snarling) the figure of a hound on the hunt
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) (Glowing) (Bloody) a band of briars
<worn on body>      (Artifact magic) a bloodstained huntsman's vest
<worn as shield>    (Intertwined) the Sigils Odegra, Argedo and Draktha

Mortal: Triat Mastery: 08/30/02

Mottled-grey skin is stretched parchment thin across the misshapen face of this creature. A topknot of knotted black hair, shiny with oil, falls down past his shoulders. Two tiny eyes peer from brooding brows, nearly hidden within the deep recesses created by his sloping forehead. Wide, flaring nostrils sniff the air for familiar scents. Jagged, yellow tusks of teeth jut from the lower lip, and a scraggly beard grows in patches on his cheeks.
Flickers of intelligence sparkle, just for a moment, deep within the black orbs. A grimace, a look of profound sorrow, shimmers across the face for a moment, dispelling the illusion of dim-witted ignorance, but is quickly replaced by the hulking visage. Encircling his throat and writhing occasionally across his face, an azure tattoo seems to attract notice to itself. This, the mark of Fate. This.. is this Solaron?

Mortal: 08/25/01

Short-cropped golden hair frames a well-chiseled face. Seering blue eyes peer at you, above a face that looked to have once been handsome... but now has been...changed. Where his face ones was, a swirling, writhing tattoo pulsates. It seems to consciously draw attention to itself, a fact that the young elf has grown used to, obviously. Shouldering this twist of Fate, he nods grimly. "Lessons to be learned in all things." With a wry smile, he adds, "I'm still learning the consequences for my own vanity. Luckily, some people understand....surprisingly, a human I am so lucky to have found Aphrodite...." With that, he bows and departs. As he leaves, you notice a symbol etched into his mithril breastplate.. the symbol of the Grimward family. Interesting...Solaron Al'Miren, an elf, adopted into such a family, mingling with Dwarves... humans..
Perhaps he IS learning.

WHO Lists:

02-03-2001    :  Elf [       Cl: 3       ]  Solaron.
02-09-2001    :  Elf [       Cl: 8       ]  Solaron the Dedicate of Fate.
07-12-2001    :  Elf [    Cl:16 Wa:15    ]  Solaron, Acolyte of the Order Draktha. (Wyld/Fate)
08-04-2001    :  Elf [    Wa:18 Cl:20    ]  Solaron, Acolyte of the Order Draktha. (Wyld/Fate)
09-09-2001    :  Elf [    Wa:20 Cl:24    ]  Solaron, Acolyte of Fate. Grimward/Blade/Aphrodite
09-16-2001    :  Elf [    Wa:22 Cl:24    ]  Solaron, Mourning Acolyte of Fate. -Grimward/Blade-
09-20-2001    :  Elf [    Wa:23 Cl:24    ]  Solaron, Acolyte of Fate. -Blade/Aphrodite-
02-03-2002    :  Elf [    Wa:25 Cl:27    ]  Solaron: Acolyte of Fate. (Cordir)         -Blade-
04-07-2002    :  Elf [    Wa:25 Cl:27    ]  Solaron, my eyes seek reality. -Fate/Blade-
04-20-2002    :  Elf [    Wa:25 Cl:27    ]  Solaron walks with renewed purpose.  -Blade/Fate-
04-28-2002    :  Elf [    Wa:26 Cl:27    ]  Solaron, but my friends call me Master. -Blade/Fate-
04-30-2002    :  Elf [    Wa:26 Cl:27    ]  Solaron is a penitent little elf. -Fate/Blade-
05-08-2002    :  Elf [    Wa:26 Cl:27    ]  Solaron: Licks his lIPS and smiles. -Fate/Blade/Kat-
06-05-2002    :  Elf [    Cl:28 Wa:27    ]  Solaron. My love is vengeance. -Blade/Fate/Kat-
06-05-2002    :  Elf [    Cl:28 Wa:27    ]  SSolaron: Funk Soul Brother. -Fate/Blade/Kat-
06-09-2002    :  Elf [    Cl:29 Wa:27    ]  Solaron. We are but men. -Fate/Kat/Blade-
06-09-2002    :  Elf [    Cl:29 Wa:27    ]  Solaron. We are but elves. -Fate/Kat/Blade-
06-13-2002    :  Elf [    Wa:27 Cl:30    ]  Solaron, Elven Prodigy.    -Fate/Kat/Blade-
06-18-2002    :  Elf [    Wa:28 Cl:30    ]  Solaron of Fate.    -Katrana/Blade-
06-29-2002    :  Elf [    Wa:29 Cl:30    ]  Solaron. Don't let life pass you by. -Katrana/Blade-
06-30-2002    :  Elf [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ]  Solaron: Avatar of the Wyld.     -Fate/Kat-
07-07-2002    :  Elf [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ]  Solaron: Weapon of Choice.   -Fate/Katrana-
08-03-2002    :  Elf [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ]  SSolaron the Exiled.  Ogre.     -Fate/Katrana-
08-28-2002    :  Elf [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ]  Solaron the Exiled. OgreNinja. Blade.  Fate/Kat
08-31-2002    :  Elf [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ]  Solaron wonders if Alex has the guts to be on fjust.
09-09-2002    :  Elf [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ]  Solaron.   Ogre.    Blade.   Katrana.    -Fate- (P)
12-22-2002    :  Elf [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ]  Solaron Al'Veeran:  Acolyte of the Triat   (Katrana)
01-10-2003    :  Elf [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ]  Solaron Al'Veeran.           (Katrana)
01-11-2003    :  Elf [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ]  Solaron, Unholy Cleric of the Hunt. -Katrana-
01-11-2003    :  Elf [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ]  Solaron Al'Veeran.   I can dress myself! (Kat)
01-28-2003    :  Elf [  Unholy Advocate  ]  Solaron, Unholy Cleric of the Hunt. -Katrana-
07-06-2003    :  Elf [      Huntsman     ]  Solaron, Chosen Reaver of the Hunt (DTR/Evil!/Kat)
07-18-2003    :  Elf [      Huntsman     ]  SSolaron!                (DTR/Evil!/Kat)
09-28-2003    :  Elf [   Wyld's Avatar   ]  Solaron, Arcane Dawnbringer of Mayhem.   (Evil!)
12-09-2003    :  Elf [      Scrooge      ]  Solaron, Arcane Dawnbringer of Mayhem.   (Evil!)
02-09-2004    :  Elf [      Huntsman     ]  Solaron, Arcane Dawnbringer of Mayhem.   (Evil!)
03-28-2004    :  Elf [ Th:21 Wa:30 Cl:30 ]  Solaron, Arcane Dawnbringer of Mayhem. Evil! Carma!
04-22-2004    :  Elf [ Th:26 Wa:30 Cl:30 ]  Solaron, loved by women.             -Lania/Katrana-
07-09-2004    :  Elf [ Th:30 Wa:30 Cl:30 ]  Solaron, Arcane Dawnbringer of Mayhem     Hunt/Evil!
02-06-2005    :  Elf [ Wa:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ]  Solaron, Arcane Dawnbringer of Mayhem. Hunt/Evil!/RM
02-13-2005    :  Elf [ Wa:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ]  Solaron is afraid of rats.
04-03-2005    :  Elf [ Wa:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ]  Solaron.
05-26-2005    :  Elf [ Wa:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ]  Solaron, Righteous Enforcer of the Black Conclave.
09-10-2005    :  Elf [ Wa:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ]  Solaron the Godfather.     -InsanitY-
12-21-2005    :  Elf [     Attendant     ]  Solaron. Don Genovese to you.
12-25-2005    :  Elf [      Demigod      ]  Solaron. Don Genovese to you.
01-07-2006    :  Elf [      Demigod      ]  Solaron Genovese is probably afw.
01-23-2006    :  Elf [      Demigod      ]  Solaron Genovese, Master of the Mafia of Un-Nash.
04-17-2006    :  Elf [      Demigod      ]  Solaron Genovese hates bandwagon-jumpers.
04-22-2006    :  Elf [      Demigod      ]  Solaron and his Mafia have no honor. We are sad.
05-27-2006    :  Elf [      Demigod      ]  Solaron Genovese rocks your socks off!
06-04-2006    :  Elf [      Demigod      ]  Solaron is too sexy for himself.
06-14-2006    :  Elf [      Demigod      ]  Solaron Genovese: Votes YES for Nicademus!
07-01-2006    :  Elf [      Demigod      ]  Solaron Genovese is your father. Godfather, that is.
08-09-2006    :  Elf [      Demigod      ]  Solaron Genovese, the anti-Blight Hand of Light.

Character History:

(written for joining the Chosen of Fate. Not updated since that time.)
Solaron was born in Malenest, north of Harper's Landing, during an important time in the town. Orcs had recently overrun both Malenest and Harper's, with the latter taking the brunt of the attack. Malenest, with it's towering majestic trees and curving paths proved a reliable deterrent to the hoard of Orcs. Still, many of the guardsmen died, and Solaron's father, a wealthy noble, fled to Loth Lorien to save his holdings there, bringing his large entourage of guards with him, leaving Malenest to the wolves so to say.

Solaron was raised in Loth Lorien, given everything, taught many things, yet he wasn't happy. Constantly his mind dwelled on the friends he had left that night, years ago. Finally, during a recently restored trade route run with his father, Solaron had a chance to visit Malenest and check up on his old friends. Unfortunately, when his father's guards had left, large gaps in the cities defenses allowed Orcs through. His friends, many of them, had perished before brave Guardsman had sealed the breaches.

Solaron, aghast at this startling revelation, confronted his father. They quarreled, and his father disowned him when Solaron called him a coward.

Slowly the years passed, and Solaron grew, as people tend to. He made his home in Loth Lorien, turning to religion in an attempt to allay the guilt he strangely felt at the loss of Malenest that day. Searching, the different faiths, while all intriguing, didn't pull at him. The only solace Solaron found was when the elven ladies fawned over him, as they tended to do. He was quite handsome, and he knew it. He revelled in it. He may not have loved himself, but others did. He used it to his advantage, sometimes TAKING advantage of it. He grew vain, and haughty....and the years passed.

He became an adventurer of some skill, and one day was in the Coliseum, the ladies' favorite gladiator, when he was approached by, literally, a Goddess. He learned something that day, and was intrigued. It actually PULLED him. Amazed, he asked to see the Entrance Ritual, and was instantly swept away. This WAS his calling. Fervently he threw himself at the requirements for entrance. --Which is where he is today. He is a vain man, struggling constantly with his inner demons. Although he is not to blame for what happened in Malenest, since his father won't accept the blame, he feels he must. He ignores the topic, outwardly, but dwells on it constantly inwardly. One of his large goals is to become renowned enough to destroy the Orcish Hoards now encamped around the Realms. He has a large interest in learning, and putting that knowledge to use. He abhors those who run from there fears, and believes that it is better to face a problem then hide from it, despite his obvious avoidance of the Malenest topic.

Historical Snippet: 02/10/2001

Elf [       Cl:10       ] Solaron the Dedicate of Fate.

Solaron ftells, 'Aries just summoned me to the Cityguard barracks, unlocked the captains room, and shut the door leading outside, so that the only way I could go was into '.
Solaron ftells, 'the captain's room.'.
Solaron ftells, '*smirk*'.

You ftell, 'That's crappy.'.

Solaron ftells, 'Luckily I'd seen that trick. That would be BAD for someone who didn't know MG.'.

You ftell, 'Indeed so... you should have told me sooner'.
You ftell, 'I would have slapped him as he walked by'.


  • During Solaron's time as a mortal he had over 150 player kills. 146 of these are on the TFC News Page.
  • Solaron and Katrana not only married online, but also in real life.

PK Statistics: 04/28/2002

PK statistics for Solaron:
Solaron has initiated 218 attacks, 196 justified, and 22 not justified.
19 attacks have been recent (19 justified, 0 not justified).
Solaron has been attacked 110 times (49 justified, 61 not justified).
1 attacks have been recent (1 justified, 0 not justified).
Solaron is credited with 10 PKs (8 justified, 2 not justified).
1 kills have been recent (1 justified, 0 not justified).
Solaron has been killed 0 times (0 justified, 0 not justified).
0 deaths are recent (0 justified, 0 not justified).


Wedding Ring

<worn on finger> (potent magic) (Snarling) the figure of a hound on the hunt
Long desc: One can practically hear the low snarl of the hound that forms this ring.

Look hound:
With bared teeth and claws, this hound grips tightly to its wearer,
drawing blood. Made of pure, heavy platinum, the ears and muzzle of
the hound are crafted of tiny, flawless rubies. Growling softly, it
worries at the flesh of the Huntsman who bears it, reminding him of
oaths sworn to the Wyldess.


Solaron ftells, 'When I was little I used to sniff my shoes and eat cigarette butts.'.
Solaron ftells, 'This is a big step'.


  1. I will ALWAYS remember, publicly, the massacre of Malenest.
  2. I will NEVER attack and kill an elf, knowingly.
  3. I will NEVER learn the languages of orcs or goblins.

Player Provided Information:

Solaron's player and I first met as newbies in the Conclave probably around 1996 or 1997. We were playing little Cle/War characters and desperately trying to PK people but failing repeatedly. We bonded over the fact that we were both young kids (I was 12 or 13 and he would have been a couple years older). We were also big fans of ICP at the time. Eventually we lost contact and went our separate ways. For a while we even hated eachother (Ink of WarDancers vs. Solaron of Hunt), but after Solanthas retired and Ink was looking for a home I heard from a mutual friend (currently playing Spooky) that had a character in the Hunt that it was actually a decent following. I made a new character and joined and quickly found friendship in the Hunt. Since that time Solaron and his RL wife, Katrana have become very close RL friends to myself and my RL wife Aoide. We get together at least once or twice a year and spend a week goofing off and letting our kids run wild. Solaron is without a doubt the most witty and clever person I know. He is a fantastic arguer, and I have spent countless hours kicking back watching him verbally demolish people. He is also among the most loyal people I know and I am extremely proud to count him as one of my most favorite people in the world -- in game and out.

Personal Timeline:

2/3/01: Solaron is born and joins the Chosen of Fate
02/09/01: Solaron reaches Cl:8.
07/01/01: Solaron reaches Cl:14 Wa:12.
07/05/01: Solaron reaches Wa:13 Cl:15.
07/08/01: Solaron reaches Wa:15 Cl:15.
08/09/01: Solaron posts "Guidance". He also posts a note to all thanking Legolas for his "selfless dedication to IDing".
08/11/01: Solaron and Katrana get married in RL (gratz!)!
08/23/01: Solaron levelled (Cl:22\Wa:20) and got level 33 MM, a Dwarven Warrior.
08/25/01: Daelin slays Riella, and is kind enough to allow a trade to be arranged to have her wedding ring returned, with Solaron of Fate trading +3 dam gloves for the wedding band. The momento is returned to Riella. Solaron completes MM#29 - the spirit of a priest, and #30 - a duergar cleric, and 31 - the Spirit of a Priest again..
08/26/01: Solaron reaches Cl:23 Wa:20.
8/28/01 - Solaron slays the Ghost of Lestiggen for MM#34 andA Knight for #35 and 980 exp...
08/30/01: Solaron shares a Vision with the Chosen.
09/09/01: Solaron completes MM#39 & #40 - a student and a stone golem.
09/15/01: Dracos, Mael and Solaron retrieved Darwin's corpse from 4th floor of the Master's Tower.
09/16/01: Solaron rescues Goganga from the House of Pancakes.
09/17/01: Echo levels to 6 thief and is dubbed an honorary elf by Solaron.
09/21/01: Solaron reaches Wa:24 Cl:24.
09/25/01: Khore attends the Fateful Hour, rewards Solaron for his week of service, and answers the questions of those present.
10/16/01 - Solaron completes mobmasters 51 & 52 -- they sound like a talk show -- Oprah and Odir.
11/08/01: Kantor's bad day continues, when later that evening, he dies to Pheather the aarockran by his own sword (which the birdie had disarmed and grabbed), and wishes it noted that Solaron bravely got the weapon back from Pheather.
12/08/01: Solaron writes about the Nightbringers, prompting a whole slew of notes from others.
12/12/01: Solaron completes mobmasters 54 & 55, reaching Cl:27 Wa:25 in the process.
12/30/01; Solaron announces that it's time for mud trivia, and Triston immediately asks, 'what does water and dirt mixed become?'. Solaron then goes ahead with his various trivia questions, and the winner is Teluin.

1/12/02: Solaron posts a note about Lins' idea to remove sentry followings from the game.
02/13/02: Solaron earns five rifts in a row for being a smart alec on gossip (fortunately he spams "heal" spells in between).
03/08/02: Early in the am, Cordir asks the men present to go collect pretty clothes for her daughter, Mireya, to wear to the wedding on sunday. Belsambar Lin goes to fetch Bethany for a group to kill, all present forgetting that while before, she was simply really nasty... now she's also a Mage mob... the group is unable to take her down. Nearly 10 hours later, another group takes on the hunting gypsy.. Gunner, Iso, Kelanea, Lexie and Kaleyah finally managed to kill Bethany... and as Fate would have it, she ghosted! All the while, a certain Anathema (*cough*Kain*cough*) was harassing the group. Kaleyah, Keat, Indiga, Solaron, Famine and Lexie, having enjoyed their epic battle against Bethany, continue the rampage by killing Justice.
04/27/02: Ephiny gossips (in common), 'In a valiant group effort, Paython, Dogdaze, Solaron, Wylin and I killed Bethany'.
4/28/02 : Solaron levels to Wa:26\Cl:27.
05/08/02: Kaleyah posts a note expressing her gratitude for a corpse retrieval - in response, Solaron gossips (in common), 'Ha! Scairz? Who's Scairz? Big sissy.'. Solaron gossips (in common), 'I was only blinded, annihilated, poisoned...'.
05/21/02: Toke dies horribly to the Tempest, and a group consisting of Tassadar, Lorax and Solaron perform the CR.
05/30/02: Solaron slays a Fire Elemental to advance to level 27.. he also gains a Train.
06/03/02: Ihsahn dies in Nydia, but is swiftly corpse-rescued by Solaron. Solaron reaches Cl:28\Wa:27.
06/06/02: Solaron of Fate slays a magman for Cl:29\Wa:27.
06/11/02: Sahelr levels to Th:13 then promptly dies in the Icy Wasteland and Solaron performs the CR.
06/12/02: Solaron reaches Cl:30 Wa:27.
06/13/02: Raile posts a note about Solaron thanking him for assisting with a CR.
06/18/02: Solaron reaches Wa:28 Cl:30. Cordir has to fix his debt and it gets a little crazy: Solaron's Debt
06/29/02: Clue dies to Scairz, and Solaron and Kantor quickly perform the CR. Solaron once more joins forces with Kantor (as well as Kethran) to slay the ghost of Scairz who shows up rather unexpectedly hours after the CR of Clue.
06/30/02: Solaron: Wyld's Avatar, Acolyte, and Katrana's sweetie, levels to Wa:30\Cl:30 and effective level 40!! Grats, Sol!
07/02/02: Solaron accepts a Trial of Triat Mastery. The Chosen's Fateful hour is quiet, so Solaron and Katrana create a story to describe the events planned.
07/03/02: Solaron, Wylin, and Shon CRed Liora's corpse from the Tempest.
07/12/02: Cordir runs a 25 question trivia contest. Participants include Solaron, Nazinthas, Aslan, Wylin, Elaina, Katrana, Pol, Abe, Natilena and Quarnel. Solaron wins with Katrana in second place. First prize is a custom potion, second prize is 500 exp.
07/14/02: Previously, Sylt had quaffed a teleport and wound up... in a locked cell on the River of Dispair! Today, Vex went there and attempted to rescue him, but bad-summoned and wound up trapped as well. Abe and Solaron come to the rescue, each summoning out one of the pair.
07/18/02: A group consisting of Uriel, Azeworai, Solaron, Lins, Spell, and Vex take on the Master's Tower as part of Solaron's Triat Mastery quest.
07/30/02: Marius of Darkness dies in Demon Realm. Solaron, Lexie, and Abe head into Demon Realm to get the corpse. After about twenty minutes of them killing demons, Lins walks in and picks up the corpse for the CR. Markoon dies in the demon realm, and Mandrake attempts a CR but is slain himself. Mandrake tells Cordir (in common), 'mental note-- don't attempt CRs in Demon Realm without a weapon'. Abe, Solaron, Noctus, Markoon and Kerson dive into the Demon Realm. They snag corpses of Dakkon and Markoon, but Mandrake's is lost when a Darkling snags it. Galithandril is accidentally killed when, while fighting a mob, he is confused, and Solaron walks into the darkened room. One round later, Galithandril is dead. Solaron gains and returns the corpse.
08/09/02: Tripletriztz and Carrie both die in the Wintermeet Valley. Carrie recovers her own corpse, and Solaron of Fate obtains that of Tripletriztz.
8/9/02 - Solaron posts a note about an upcoming Renfest GT in Cincinnati.
08/11/02: Solaron gossips (in common), 'OOC: Anyone who cares: Go to [ (this link)] for a picture I made of Solaron. :)'. (Link still valid)
08/18/02: Solaron posts more about the GT.
08/21/02: Katrana recieves God+ consent to wed Solaron, thus completing all but one requirement of her Triat Mastery quest (and in record time...)
08/24/02: Solaron of Fate posts a note about a Web-Banner Contest!
08/28/02: Traume is killed by a black jungle spider, and Solaron performs the CR.
08/30/02: Katrana and Solaron are wed... and lots of fun happens at the reception party afterwards.
9/1/02: A GT is held at the ESPNzone in Chicago, Illinois with Myronides, Natilena, Boyardee, Solaron, Katrana, Humble, Faille, Plato, Shon, Snappy, Ambrose, Tazz, Wylin, Lorax, Maimer, and Lania attending.
09/02/02: A big GT is held at the Ohio RenFest! This was held in Cincinnati with Mael, Mylo, Sylt, Vex, Agralebean, DuKaron, Solaron, Katrana, Humble, Faile, and Theoden attending.
See more photos from the GT.
10/25/02: Solaron auctions off a level 31 Health Amulet, "free to first person to give me a reason I like.". Sabella wins, with an auctioning of "Because I'm a wicked, filthy, naughty girl, who will teach your wife horrendously evil things to do to you?"
11/07/02: Solaron announces the winners of the tfc banner contest.
11/19/02: INFO: Somewhere, Solaron pops the swelling ego.] Solaron gossips (in common), 'Looking for a level 70ish death-spell scroll usable on gods. Tells please. '. Someone gossips, 'Looking for suggestions on ways to kill mouthy elves who thing they're ogres.'. (This results in Solaron becoming a god+ plaything for a while, during which it is learned that folks CAN in fact, flee in fear... while asleep.
11/21/02: solaron wins third place in a story writing contest hosted by Tiax.
11/24/02: Cordir runs another round of Trivia, and this time, Solaron wins, with Aries and Raile a close tie for second place.
12/22/02: Solaron departs the Chosen of Fate, and Cordir posts a note about it.

01/11/03: Katrana is promoted to Demigoddess! She starts the Wyld Hunt, a neutral evil Sword following. Her first follower is Solaron, her second is Mordith.
01/28/03: Solaron is ordained by Katrana!
02/09/03: Solaron of the Wyld Hunt advances to Ordained level 5.
03/06/03: Solaron of the Wyld Hunt is a busy lad, reaching level 9 Ordained, and performing two CRs: Solo, he regained Elektra's corpse from Dark Manor, and with Lanfear, he CR'ed Linkins corpse from the Demon Realm. Vorax has some fun with Mace, Rone, Solaron and Mandrake, when he asks anyone who can 'play nice' to come to Temple Courtyard, then eats some pink sand, and earthquakes those present, much to their amusement (and disappointment at no 'justification.').
03/07/03: Solaron advances to Ordained level 10.
03/11/03: Solaron, the Ordained of the Hunt, gains level 12 and 13.
03/13/03: Solaron reaches Ordained level 15.
03/18/03: Solaron posts a story about Tharune to the tfc forums. 03/22/03: Solaron, Katrana's Huntsman, completes MM #65 - the Beholder.
04/06/03: A someone tries to encite people into having the "fight of the millenium" (reds vs. blues), but this somehow turns into the founding of Solaronville instead.
05/11/03: Solaron ascends to Ordained level 19.
05/31/03: Solaron reaches 21 ordained.
06/28/03: Solaron is briefly silenced for being mouthy and refusing two direct orders.
07/15/03: Solaron posts a poem for the Wyldess to the TFC forums.
09/13/03: People start locating for IOU's (which are found on fire fairies for Natilena's ongoing quest) and Solaron finds a slightly unusual one: Solaron gossips (in common), 'An I.O.U. for 108 hockey games in someplace mysterious.'. Wisteria gossips (in common), 'Canada isn't mysterious!'. A spirit of darkness gossips, 'hockey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
11/06/03: Khore runs a quest involving killer ducks (and other small normally otherwise-innocent animals) and Solaron is the winner.

1/29/04 - Solaron is PK'd by Judge.
04/12/04: There's a strange conversation on gossip about Solaron's nipples.
04/25/2004: ### [The Magistrate says, 'Well, if you want Solaron hauled in, it will cost you 38127 gold.'] 11/28/04 - Katrana is promoted to Lesser Goddess! Later this night Katrana & Solaron's area, Northern Stronghold, is installed and Orpik is the first to find it.

03/09/05: Solaron posts a retirement note on the forums.
10/04/05: It's a busy night for promotions: Solaron and Azeworai are promoted to Ambassador, and Thor is promoted to Demigod!
12/13/05: Solaron is promoted to Attendant of Wylin!
12/23/05: Solaron is promoted to Demigod! He starts the lawful neutral Mafia, and his initial finfo reads: "The Mafia - hidden behind the name of the Genovese crime family - is a close-knit group of thugs, goons, lawmakers and lawbreakers. Their vast wealth, resources and immeasurable skills, along with their strong sense of loyalty and kinship, make them a force to be reckoned with. Those wishing to join should speak to a member of the Family. Those wishing 'protection' may speak to a Family-member for pricing. Those with contracts must seek out the Godfather himself." Tylin is his first follower. Earlier in the day, Solaron and Belsambar discussed reading.

5/9/06: Teluin is ordained by Solaron!
5/20/06: Goon reaches effective 40th (Wa:30 Cl:30) and is ordained Consigliere by Solaron!
7/13/06: Solaron posts a change of heart to the forums to announce his change of alignment to lawful good. His new finfo reads, "Within most mortals lives darkness, a seething ball of hatred and sin. The Children of Light have scourged this vileness from their souls and work now to reclaim the souls of those mortals still lost within the darkness. The Children are an aggressive following that seeks to purge evil in any form it may take. If you are Evil or allied with Evil, you will be attacked. The Hand of Light (Solaron) may absolve an individual or following of its sins, if approached. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis."
7/31/06: Dauthi is ordained "Herald" by Solaron!