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Duvel (I)
Winged Warlock
Created 1998
Race Aarakocra
Hometown Aaracity
Classes Shaman
Followed Kalten

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Portrait by Jerome

WHO Lists:

Aar [ Sh:30 Wa:29 ] Duvel, Winged Warlock [IPS-Ivory-Unity]

Character History:

Duvel hatched on Dreade the 23rd, The Testing of Fates, year 2281, at 9pm. This corresponds to Tue Mar 31 98 03:52:07 in real life (IRL). (Of course, real life is only a rumour. Many say is doesn't exist except in the imagination...)

As a young warrior, he received aid from Masja, a girl scout in the following of Kalten, Keeper of the Ivory Rose. He soon found that the war-like tendencies of the Aarakocra didn't really suit him, and made two life-changing decisions. The first was to start dabbling in the obscure shamanic arts, and the second was to worship Kalten.

As a follower of the Ivory Rose, Duvel made numerous friends, and learnt plenty. He could often be found wandering the remotest corners of the realms in search of knowledge, experience and wealth.


Duvel was the first member of Unity

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