Blackthorne Forest

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The Blackthorne Forest
Photo by Nicholai

Blackthorne Forest
Type EXP / Connect Zone
Author Cordir
Installed 07/19/2015
Location Outland Frontier

Area Lore/Back Story

Surrounding Riverhold on two sides, the Blackthorne Forest is filled with woodland creatures of all manner and type. In an attempt to revive the flagging economy of the town, a growing logging industry has sprung up in the forest. Rumors of night-raids and sabotage of the clear-cutting persist, though the source of the mischief is not fully known.

General Information/Trivia

  • Approved by the Area Coordinators on 03/23/2015. It was submitted to the Area Coordinators for review on 04/25/2015, and installed on 07/19/2015.
  • Mapping the Blackthorne Forest was given as a task for the Wyrm to Ghazkull during his Trial of Triat Mastery.
  • The first person to level in the zone was Harland.(07/20/15)
  • The first person to die in the zone was Harland. (07/24/15)
  • The first person to complete a mob mastery quest in the zone was Oalieaga, who killed the snarling brown bear. (07/20/15)
  • The first person to puzzle out the papers was Nicholai (07/24/15)

Player Provided Information


Map of Blackthorne Forest by Ghazkull