Within The Light

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A soft, warm golden light fills this round chamber. Cascading down from above, the gentle rays of the morning sun pour in through an open oculus in the dome ceiling. Wide channels of clear crystal set in the ceiling and walls carry the light downward, bathing the entire sanctum in pure, glowing, harmonious light. The material of the structure around you is made of a stone you cannot discern. It has the silky texture of marble, but none of its coldness. Archways lead to various other parts of the building, presumably living quarters for those who dwell here.

(Blue Aura)An ornate bronze sundial rests in the center of the chamber.

Look bronze sundial
This sundial is a beautiful example of Dwarven craftsmanship. Made of burnished bronze, it glows within the pillar of light that streams in from the oculus above.

Short description: a bronze sundial cloak clasp Long Description: This cloak clasp is crafted of bronze and bears a tiny sundial on its surface.

Look sundial
Like a compass guides the lost, this sundial will always show its bearer the proper Way of the Sun.

A wide alcove in the curving wall to the north perfectly frames and contains a beautiful fountain. The play of the sun's light on the tumbling water is almost mesmerizing, and the sound it creates as it tumbles over the bronze abstract sculpture at it's center is both soothing and somehow spiritual as well. Three beautiful mosaics have been crafted as backdrop to the fountain.

(Look Mosaic1, etc, to view)

Upon the curving east wall, a beautiful wide plaque decorated with amber, citrine, and topaz details the entry requirements for the Defenders of the Sun.

  • You need to be off level 10 effectively. In rare cases Tiax will allow you in before reaching that level. Individuals in the following who are level 10 to 19 are known as Apprentices. Those above level 20 are named Defenders.
  • Applicants must be players in good standing within the TFC Community.
  • Everyone wishing to join the Defenders must first complete a challenge. This challenge will be open to all comers, and must have at least two contestants. These will be administered by Tiax or his second in command, and will take place periodically with a note pre-announcing them. Applicants should have at least a standard set of equipment. Realize that by participating in the challenge, you accept the inherent risks. The Defenders and Tiax are not responsible for deaths or lost corpses of those taking up the Challenge.
  • Descriptions are required for both members and those entering the Challenge. They are not judged on writing, but on whether it is fitting or not. ASCII graphics or the same line repeated over and over again are not appropriate.

To the south, a wide set of brass-bound doors of golden oak stand wide open, leading to the Temple grounds outside. To the right of the doors hangs a huge beam, which could easily be lowered to bar the way of any intruder seeking to defile or disrupt this place of peace and beauty.

Upon the curving west wall, a beautiful wide plaque decorated with amber, citrine and topaz details the rules of the Defenders of the Sun:

  • I want you to have fun. If something bothers you, talk to me first, or the General before taking action.
  • I want you to obey orders. Those who are of higher rank in the following should be obeyed. Rank is NOT directly linked to level, but rather skill and sense of responsibility. Keep an eye on the board notes and websites to learn who holds which rank. If you think someone is abusing their rank, contact me. Abuse of rank will be punished severely.
  • Help one another! I want everyone to feel welcome and a part of this group.
  • Individuals who have harmed the following are named Eclipses. There is to be no trading with, grouping with, or helping these people. Just like the moon passes before the sun, blocking its light, those named Eclipse seek to darken our world, dimming the light of the Defenders.
  • Always behave as if I am watching you. Who knows, I might be, when you do not expect it!

The golden light of the sun fills your gaze, no matter the hour. It is not the harsh light of high noon, but instead the gentle illumination of morning. Wide bands of clear crystal carry the light downward into the temple. Between them, intricate and beautiful murals have been painted.

(Look Mural1, etc, to view)

Under foot lies a burnished floor of golden oak planks, each carefully set in place so that not so much as a mote of dust could fall between them.

LOOK mosaic mosaics
The curving niche that houses the fountain has walls decorated with three mosaics that each tell an important tale of the priesthood of the sun.

(Look mosaic1, etc to continue)

LOOK mosaic1
In this mosaic, a young man wearing priestly robes is depicted performing a ritual at sunrise. He collects the morning dew in a clear crystal goblet and lifts it up to the sun. Sediments are visible in the water. Beams of light stream down through the glass and dissolve away the impurities, leaving only pure water behind, just as the light of truth casts away the stain of lies.

LOOK mosaic2
In this mosaic, a middle-aged man wearing priestly robes is depicted performing the midday ritual. The priest uses a curved bit of clear glass to focus the sun's rays to create a fire, burning some straw and wood upon an altar. The power of the sun can be either a tool or a weapon. Like anything, it can be used for good or ill.

LOOK mosaic3
In this mosaic, an old man wearing priestly robes is depicted performing the ritual of sundown. As the sun sets, the man scatters scented herbs and dried flowers in respect to the sun's power, and acknowledgment of the cycle of life. Even the sun fades for a time, only to be renewed and return with each dawn.

LOOK mural murals
There are four murals pointed on the ceiling between the crystal channels upon the ceiling. They were painted in bright, luminous colors that seemingly glow in the golden light.

(Look mural1, etc to view)

LOOK mural1
This carefully painted mural shows the birth of Tiax in the dwarven town of Lineaoth Valley, and his initiation into the mysteries of the priesthood and the warrior craft.

LOOK mural2
This carefully painted mural shows Tiax kneeling upon the beautiful marble steps leading up to the altar of the Tigers. Other images show some of the adventures he enjoyed in Tripper’s loyal service, including his wedding to his beloved Lady Riella, the light of his mortal life.

LOOK mural3
This carefully painted mural shows Tiax kneeling in prayer, meditating before his guildmaster more and more often as he sought for some greater meaning in life. A vision comes to him - that of the glowing Sun.

LOOK mural4
This carefully painted mural shows Tiax as the Ascended Lord of the Defenders, happily caring for his charges, and helping them shape their destinies.

LOOK channel channels crystal
The crystal channels running down the ceiling and wall are made of some form of gemstone, perhaps citrine. Then the light within them shift, and you realize that the wide bands are made of pure energy - the sun itself.