The Temple of Lord Nash

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The Temple of Lord Nash
The exact size of this huge hall is not discernable by standard 
methods of measurement. The arches of the vaulted ceiling are a
dim, shadowy outline far above. The floors and walls are stone,
polished obsidian with swirls of purplish basalt. A dark miasma
seeps from the floors and walls, a physical remnant of the many
dark rituals this place has born witness and host to.  Tortures
and sacrifices, bindings and enchantments, prayers and pleading:
this unholy Temple to the Creator and Destroyer of Worlds, Lord
Nash, has stood witness to them all. 

(Red Aura) A large plaque rests upon the surface of this ornately carved pedestal.
(Glowing) a statue of Lord Nash stands before you in utter perfection.

Look pedestal
This pedestal appears - at first glance - to be ornately carved
wood, black with age. Yet when you peer at it more closely, the
material is revealed to be something entirely different: dozens
of bones, intricatly fitted together to create an unholy whole.
Skeletal fingers hold up slabs of femurs, forming a table-like
surface, upon which rests a large plaque and an open black book.

Look black book open
The first page of this large tome bears the name of each of those
Immortals who has given allegiance to the worship of Lord Nash:

SIRAK   -  Lord of the Junior Nashites, Son of Lord Nash, Unholy Pontiff
MOLO    -  Master of the Black Conclave of Nashite, Unholy Pontiff
OZMO    -  Lord of House Jhereg, Unholy Pontiff
PRIMAL  -  Lord of the Watchers
GRYPHON -  Lord of the Silver Fellowship, Justicar of Nash
SIMON   -  Lord of the Nashite Clan Chiselhammer
ASIA    -  Mistress of the Cauldron of Pain of Nashite
OKK     -  Lord of Life's Blood of Nash and Nashite Circle of Faces
XAVIER  -  Nashite Aretha of Draoi
SCHWARTZ-  Master of the Nashite Circle of Choice
ISOLAS  -  Phantom of the Nashite Magi, Unholy Pontiff

Look page2 second
The second page of this tome bears the names of those who gave
their sacred vows to their Lords and Masters, becoming Ordained
in Nash's unholy service:

CONCLAVE :  Guartwog, Tylorn, Maldobar, Rage, Sargas, Stouthbound,
            Chronic, Specious, Rath, Dundrave, Soulcrush, Avarice
MAGI     :  Cider, Tay, Keff, Totec, Turalurayay, Kaleb, Kodak, 
            Matthias, Homicide, Quick, Marian
CHOICE   :  Luckyboy, Sybill
DRAOI    :  Martyr
FACES    :  Mong, Whitehawk, Ravaged

Look plaque
The plaque lists the names and dates of Lord Nash's Unholy Pontiffs:

                Sirak   10/94-6/95      4/96-5/96
                Molo    2/96-4/96       5/96-8/96
                Ozmo    8/96 to 1997
                Molo    1997 to 2011
                Isolas  2011 - Present

A floor to ceiling tapestry woven from gem-set silks and linens 
depicts the Crest of Lord Nash in all of its terrible glory. An
offering bowl made of thick hammered gold rests before it, with
a variety of tithes within: coins, jewels, the spoils of war, a
lock of hair, a spilling of blood. To either side, grows a dark
and gnarled tree, taken from the Grove of the Draoi, watered in
the blood of those who opposed the Will of Lord Nash.

Look EAST:
A massive tapestry in gray and black and crimson depicts the Symbol 
of the Duergar Clan ChiselHammer: a Hammer and Anvil superimposed 
on an eclipsed starburst.  A plaque underneath reveals its origin: 

         "The Unforgiving One, Lord Simon the Duergar"

Beneath the tapestry, resting in state upon a raised platform, is a 
black iron Cauldron, its contents foul and ancient.  Upon its front,
an image of a minotaur, face contorted in a rictus of pain, has been

To the south lies a large onyx table. Twelve massive thrones of black
wrought iron set with gems encircle it. A second outer ring of chairs
wreathes them. For each of those who gave their allegiance - and that 
of their worshippers - to Lord Nash, a place of state and of glory is 
prepared and waiting.

Beyond the table, three banners hang upon the wall:  In the center, 
an aegis of gleaming silver upon a blue field bears the the Seal of
Nash. To the left of it, a ragged scar is embroidered on a celestial
purple field. To the right, a holy reliquary is blazoned. Beneath, a
small plaque identifies each:  Gryphon, Justicar of Nash, Lord of the
Silver Fellowship. Okk, the Guardian Spirit, Lord of the Circle and
of Life's Blood. Schwartz, Master of the Nashite Circle of Choice.

Look WEST:
A low bookshelf is nearly hidden by a massive tapestry depicting
the the Mark of the Black Conclave: a burning symbol of the Arch-
Lich embedded on the Unholy Crest of Lord Nash. The power of the
Conclave and its indelible imprint upon the lives of believers -
and non-believers alike - is evident in the richness of the many
trophies and offerings laid before the banner: a king's ransom of
treasures and artifacts, and more grisly tokens: a long-rotted 
and shrivelled heart, an elven skull, a broken Paladin's blade.

Look UP:
The vaulted ceiling far above is shrouded in shadow, yet for a brief
moment, glints of moon and starlight can be seen, as if the night sky 
was somehow enclosed within this space, or perhaps the view mirrors
or echos that of another place.

Look DOWN:
Under foot, the stone is a glossy and slick slab of obsidian. Near the
altar, the stone is worn rough by the application of penitant knees. A
pair of channels runs from before the altar in a complete circut around
the chamber, its purpose not immediately evident. At the very edges of
the temple, a eerie scarlet glow can barely be seen, as if it were the
reflection of a distant light source.

Look bookcase case bookshelf
This simple, non-descript, low wooden bookshelf is easily missed 
in comparison to the grandeur of the tapestry that hangs above. 
Within it, a series of slim volumes rest: a book in elvish, with
"Jhereg" written upon the spine. Another is a book of spells - a
painful shock meeting any who would attempt to read this personal
record of magics (and lessons) learned.

Look volume1 1.volume jhereg
The first volume is written in elvish script, the paper ancient and 
cracked. It is titled "Why I Worship Lord Nash and You Should, Too."

'Among the many teachings of Lord Nash, many truths can be found. Many
people find different ways to glorify Lord Nash and improve themselves,
and thus it should be... Lord Nash is in everything, and mortal limits
and limitations do not allow the embracing of every path. To the Jhereg,
the most important lesson of Lord Nash is his proof of the ability of a
mortal to transcend all limitations and become a model of true perfection.
This is a true revelation and a gift for us to thank Him for, eternally.
The members of this House are thus charged to emulate the path of Lord
Nash and strive to perfect themselves in all they do. Accept failure only
as a lesson lf limitations to be defeated and never surrender. Freedom
lies in the purfication of the self through excellence.'

Look scarlet eerie glow light
Around the very edges of the chamber, a faint crimson glow can be 
glimpsed.  Upon further examination, it appears to be the ghostly 
echo or reflection of a powerful magic circle, bound about by sigla
and seals. 

Look throne thrones
Each throne is a massive, towering thing. At the head of the table, 
rests the seat of Lord Sirak, Son of Lord Nash. At its foot is that
of the current Unholy Pontiff, an honor held by Isolas Starleaf, the
Phantom of the Nashite Magi.

Original, Author Unknown:

This huge hall's exact size is not discernible by standard measurements.
The many buttresses and arches form a tracery of shadowy dimness. The floors
and walls are covered in slabs of polished stone, apparently obsidian with
swirls of purplish basalt. Much magic has evidently been placed here, for an
evil darkness seeps from the walls and floor, making the whole chamber seem
uncomfortable and nerve-racking. In the center of the hall is a large plaque
sitting on an ornately carved pedestal.

A tapestry depicts the Crest of Lord Nash.

Look EAST:
A tapestry depicts the Symbol of the Duergar Clan ChiselHammer, a Hammer
and an Anvil superimposed on an eclipsed starburst.

A large onyx table surrounded by three mighty thrones and many lesser chairs.

Look WEST:
A tapestry depicts the the Mark of the Black Conclave, a burning symbol
of the Arch-Lich embedded on the Unholy Crest of Lord Nash.

The plaque lists the names and dates of Lord Nash's Unholy Pontiffs
                Sirak   10/94-6/95      4/96-5/96
                Molo    2/96-4/96       5/96-8/96
                Ozmo    8/96 to Present