Snowman Wars

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Official Information

The Snowman Wars are a complex, multi-step quest that is run annually. It was created by Natilena. The snowman equipment was written by Cordir.

Official War Announcement:

It's that time of year again! Time to make some snowmen fight to the death!
As with previous years, this is a following based quest. You will need your
immortal to participate. Unfortunately there is no snowman for UA. You may
help the following of your choice if you wish.

Each following can constructor a snowman by collecting the required items and
delivering them to a god+.

Items can be collected from various mobs throughout the realm.
The items you need:
15 handfuls of snow
2 sticks for arms (any stick will do)
a corn cob pipe
and a button nose
and 2 eyes made out of coal (any lump of coal will do)

Snowman Wars Winners

  • 2015: Ey'ce'ii (The Lost): The Fights!
    • Round One: Ey'ce'ii vs Darth Snowder - Ey'ce'ii won
    • Round Two: Han Snowlo vs Sleetkicker - Sleetkicker won
    • Round Three: Ey'ce'ii vs Sleetkicker - Ey'ce'ii takes first place, Sleetkicker 2nd place
    • Round Four: Han Snowlo vs Darth Snowder - Han Snowlow takes third place.

  • 2014: Eyce (The Lost)
    • Round one: Eyce vs Snowball - Eyce Won
    • Round two: Snow Way Jose vs Sleetkicker - Snow Way Jose won
    • Round Three: Sleetkicker vs Snowball - Snowball won
    • Round Four (which lasted forEVer..) : Eyce vs Snow Way Jose - Eyce won!

  • 2013: Suriel's Icy Indifference (The High Order) The Fights!
    • Round One: Hunter Stark vs Suriel's Icy Indifference - Suriel's Icy Indifference won
    • Round Two: Sleetkicker vs Mr. Mr. Fridged - Sleetkicker won
    • Round Three: Suriel's Icy Indifference vs Sleet Kicker - Suriel's Icy Indifference won
    • Round Four: Hunter Stark vs Sleet Kicker -- Hunter Stark won

  • 2012:

  • 2011: Captain Global Warming (The Magi)

  • 2010:

  • 2009: Sleet Kicker (Nexus) The Fights!
    • Round One: Cold Fusion vs Glacius Vires - Cold Fusion
    • Round Two: Blizzard vs Sleetkicker - Sleetkicker wins
    • Round Three: Sleetkicker vs Cold Fusion - Sleetkicker wins

  • 2008:

  • 2006: Frostbite (Black Conclave): The Fights!!
    • Round One: Frostbite vs Phraustea -- Frostbite wins!
    • Round Two: Lord Hypothermia vs Sleet Kicker -- Lord Hypothermia wins!
    • Round Three: Captain Jack Frost vs Lord Hypothermia -- Captain Jack wins!
    • Round Four: Frostbite vs Captain Jack Frost -- Frostbite Wins!

Snowman Stats

Year Following Snowman name Standings Level Hit Points / AC
2015 Lost Ey'ce'ii 1st Place 147 18,320 (AC -292)
2015 Nexus Sleetkicker 2nd Place 60 5,592 (AC -212)
2015 Wyld Hunt Han Snowlo 3rd Place 43 4,598 (AC -138)
2015 Unaligned Army Darth Snowder 4th Place 4 240 (AC 75)
2014 Lost Eyce 1st Place
2014 Wyld Hunt Snow Way Jose 2nd Place
2014 Wisdom (Hutt) Snowball 3rd Place
2014 Nexus Sleetkicker 4th Place
2013 The High Order Suriel's Icy Indifference 1st Place Approx. 90 Approx. 9500
2013 Wyld Hunt Hunter Stark Approx. 90 Approx. 8800
2013 Nexus Sleetkicker
2013 Lost Mr. Fridged Approx. 10 Approx. 200
2011 Magi Captain Global Warming 1st Place 271 17,630 (AC -216)
2009 Harbingers Cold Fusion 1st Place 170 5,944 (AC -235) *
2009 Nexus Sleet Kicker 2nd Place 126 9,989 (AC -267) *

* Data provided by Natilena.

Famous Snowmen