The Hall of the High Order

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This cold stone hall is not a place of warmth and comfort: it is sparse and
imposing in its nature. From the placement of the tables and benches to the
lines of armored figures against the wall, everything draws the eye up to a
commanding and horrifying throne of made of bone against the south wall. An
ancient black dragon hide has been stretched taut and nailed to the ceiling, 
a barbaric reminder of the prowess of the one who makes this his home. Fire
roars within an enormous hearth, large enough to roast an entire cow within,
yet the chamber has an icy stillness to it despite the flames. Upon the wall
to the east and to the west, a massive portrait hangs in a black wood frame.
On the floor, just in front of the throne, a black iron plaque has been set
into the stone.
A hand-lettered open book rests upon a black iron pedestal.

Look BOOK:
My angels, my brothers and sisters: 
We have came together to right the wrongs in the realm. We have chosen 
this Path, for we have grown weary of all that the unjust have caused 
and all that they have done. Together we will stand united as one. We 
will mourn the loss of our brothers and sisters in battle together. 
We will rejoice in watching the young rise up to fight the battle - 
together. We will show honor and respect in victory and defeat - for 
we are the High Order. 

The pedestal is shaped like a powerfully built human male, the book 
resting upon his outstretched wings.

The doorway out is flanked by two tall and narrow tapestries. One is black and
bears a green tree, reaching upward. The other is crimson and bears a twisting
black briar.

Look EAST:
The east wall bears a long line of book and curio shelves, some of which are
protected by a pane of glass. The volumes appear to be ancient lore relating
to the falling from grace and its regaining, on combat and conquest, and the
violent history of various gods from the dawn of time. Above the books, past
the glass, is a series of gemstones on display.  They are each the size of a
eagle's egg, and there are a variety of colors: from pure white to golden to
deep crimson and bright blue. 

The portrait on this wall is that of a host of winged beings, plummeting down
from the heavens. Their names are illuminated in gold around the frame: Turel,
Samyaza, Arstikapha, Armen, Kakabael, Turyal, Rumyel, Danyal, Kael, Bataryal.

Beneath the portrait, a black iron plaque reads: 

            "Though We Have Fallen, We Have Still Glimpsed Heaven"

It is impossible to look anywhere but the throne that commands and dominates
this section of the Hall.  It is enormous, formed of the remains of a dozens
of different species, both humanoid and otherwise. The plaque set into the 
floor before it would be conveniently right in front of the nose of nose of 
anyone kneeling before the throne.

Look WEST:
The west side of the chamber contains a series of arranged areas: a space for
weapons instruction, tables and benches for meetings or meals, and a grouping
for study. Some effort has been made, most likely by the female followers, to
bring a little warmth and comfort to this section of the Hall: a pale, fluffy 
sheepskin rug rests between a few overstuffed chairs, and handmade quilts are
tossed over the armrests.

The portrait on this wall is that of a host of winged beings, plummeting down
from the heavens. Their names are illuminated in gold around the frame: Tarel,
Basasael, Ananel, Simapiseel, Yetarel, Tumael, Rumel, Azazyel, Armers, Barakel,
and Azazel.

Beneath the portrait, a black iron plaque reads: 

"Though We Have Fallen, Our Wrongs Are Washed Away In the Blood of the Sinful"

Look UP:
The scaly hide of a black dragon has been nailed to the heavy wood beams of 
the ceiling: a particularly prized trophy. The eyes of the dragon have been
removed, and past them, you can barely glimpse a roiling black void.

Look DOWN:
The flagstones of the floor are huge - easily wider than a dwarf is tall.  
They appear to be sandstone but of a inky black color you have never seen 
anywhere in nature.  A black bronze plaque has been set into the floor at
the foot of the throne to the south.

* No one shows weakness.                   *      
* Everyone with the spirit will lead       * 
* All will protect each other              *
* Those who break the laws will be outcast * 

armor armour suits~
Each of the suits of armor shows the signs of battle - scars, dents, creases - 
the bite of acid and the scorching of flame. Yet he who wore it, endured.

Look VOID:
The void seems to encompass your senses, empty and terrible.

The black briar upon this tapestry looks remarkably like those that grow in
the home of the Wyldess.

Look TREE:
The elegant tree upon this tapestry looks remarkably like the home of the 
Lord of the Dark.

The stones of the fireplace are well-swept and tended faithfully, with no 
ashes built up or mess scattered about.  In front of the hearth, a desert
goat hide has been laid, that one born of warmer climes might find a spot
of comfort.