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Nayr (I)
The Wise
Greater God
Status Retired
Race Elf
Classes Mage
Last Seen November 30, 2003
Followed None
Spouse Ginny
Areas Written 12
Immorted Demi: Oct 1994
God: Aug 1995
Greater God: 1996
Following (name varied)
Admin Duties Area Coordinator (199?-?)
MUD Manager (199?-?)


Mud Contributions:

For years, Nayr crafted the rich storyline of TFC's history. He was responsible for writing much of the mud's 'pre-history' and wove that history into areas implemented on the mud.

Current Description:

You see a tall Elf. Shoulder length brown hair hangs in curls below his elegantly pointed ears, framing a youthful face. His youthful appearance is betrayed, however, by a glance at his ancient eyes. In their depths lie two thousand years of stories. He is garbed in elfweave, woven from the blue-black light of the dying day. His presence is powerful, almost intimidating, but he gives you an amused smile that calms your mind.
Nayr is in perfect health.

Nayr is using:
<worn on finger> a Ring of Enchantment
<worn on finger> the Ring of Truth
<worn around neck> the Master Key, on a silver chain
<worn around neck> a silver pentagram on a chain
<worn on body> a twilight elfweave poet's shirt
<worn on head> a starlight elfweave headband
<worn on legs> a pair of twilight elfweave pants
<worn on feet> a pair of black suede boots
<worn on hands> (Glowing) an energy field
<worn on arms> Ygg the Raven, perched on a bracer
<worn as shield> an ancient patience
<worn about body> a cloak of Lagmonster hide
<worn about waist> the Mobius belt, from which the sword Souldrinker hangs
<worn around wrist> a bracelet of tiny blood red roses
<worn around wrist> a bracelet of tiny blood red roses
<wielded> (Glowing) phenomenal cosmic power
<held> (Glowing) a single black rose
<worn with pride> (Glowing) (Humming) the Medallion of Godhood

You peek at the inventory:
a bouquet of roses
a seashell ring
(10) a copy of the Metallic Table

WHO Lists:

Date Unknown : Elf [      DemiGod      ] Nayr the Illuminatus
08/08/1996   : Elf [    Greater God    ] Nayr the Wise: Mud Manager 
09-03-2001   : Elf [    Greater God    ] Nayr the Wise: Mud Manager

Nayr's Immortal Profile/Bio

(Taken from the TFC Website Archives)

Nayr is an ancient Elven mage. Neutral throughout his long mortal life, He became Evil upon becoming immortal. Soon after, He befriended the Evil raven Ygg. Ygg is His avatar, and though Nayr spends most of His time in the realms beyond mortal ken, little escapes the sharp eyes and ears of Ygg, who often brings him a surprising amount of information.

Although Nayr may seem cold and aloof to the casual acquaintance, one need only ask those who once worshipped Him to find that, to those He cares for, He can be quite helpful. Well versed in the arts of magecraft as a mortal, He has since expanded His knowledge to include all of the mystic arts ... and has become an unparalleled spellcaster.

Most often on in the evenings, or late at night (mud time zone), Nayr is usually invisible to mortal eyes, but He will usually answer a request to talk, if He is on.

Character History:

(Taken from a log by Foolkiller, during a celebratory pool party in the Temple of the Trinity.)
Foolkiller says, 'nayr, I never asked you this before....who did you follow when you were mortal?'.
Nayr says 'I was neutral as a mortal'.
Nayr says 'All the way to 30'.
Foolkiller says 'Was it harder back then?'.
Foolkiller says 'to be neutral I mean?'.
Nayr says 'Hmm, I think it was probably easier'.
Nayr says 'There were fewer alignments'.
Nayr says 'And fewer people in general'.
Foolkiller says 'Fewer "in-between" alignments I think'.
Foolkiller says 'Wasnt so much Lawful and chaotic - '.
Nayr says 'Most of them respected neutrality, especially since I was a mage'.
Foolkiller says 'I think that's where we're going again - less grey areas..'.
Foolkiller says 'So did you do much grouping as a mortal Nayr?'.
Nayr says 'Mostly for exploring'.
Nayr says 'Cyrix was big on exploring'.
Foolkiller says 'Sorry if Im being nosy, It's just that in all our chats Ive never asked much about you as a mortal'.
Nayr says 'He liked having me come along to do the invis/pass door/id'.
Nayr grins evilly.


  • Ginny and Nayr had a prenuptial agreement, that if either of them retired, the marriage would be dissolved. She retired approximately one month after their wedding.

Personal Timeline:

Player Information: