The Refuge of the FoLK

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(Exits: south)
Hours of careful study and exploration could not possibly allow you to fully discover all that can be revealed in this wonderful place. This chamber is considerable, yet somehow intimate and cozy; made of thick wooden timbers, each as stout as a dwarf, it is crafted in the style of a druid's cottage. Herbs and plants of nearly every variety hang in fragrant bundles from the rafters above, and one entire wall is covered from floor to ceiling in maps, charts, and careful notes of the Realm. A fireplace of gray river stones adds warmth and comfort to this sanctuary, and upon the hearth an ample iron cauldron of fragrant stew bubbles gently. It is plain that care has been taken to craft an environment of welcome and learning, a place of family and instruction, a true home for FoLK of all kinds.

Holy Symbol: a travelworn leather journal with quill pen
Long desc: This travelworn journal and quill have recorded many secrets and wonders.

look north:
Tall, thick-paned windows allow natural light to flood into the cottage, yet their sturdy construction would not permit a single draft or loss of warmth. Each has a different shape and height, and they somehow seem to move on their own accord, each capturing the light of moon or sun perfectly, following its travel through the heavens. Each window appears to reveal a different part of the varied and wonderful Realm.

look east:
Neat rows of benches line wide tables along this side of the chamber. Easily dozens could work, eat, or rest here in one of the comfortable chairs that are scattered in and among the tables. Gentle illumination is provided by softly glowing balls of light, candelabra, and smokeless oil lamps, their colored glass chimneys bringing a lovely glow to the area. A neat pile of blank parchments, quill pens and bottles of ink wait on one end table, and a small gnome glances your way as he tidies the study, humming as he works.

look south:
The passageway out of this special place is an arched door painted to resemble a beautiful elfweave drape, luxurious to the curious touch and pleasing to the eye. The handle has a heart-shape, much like the lockets made in Loth-Llorien. To either side of the portal, plain but well-made sconces of some pale metal bear candles that cast a clear, steady light but no smoke.
The door is open.

look west:
The enormous beams of this massive cottage still bear bark upon their surface. It appears that several different types of trees were used in the construction, from ancient pines to maples to Cillidellian aspen. Here and there, a bug can be seen creeping along. Suddenly a bird flies out of what appeared to be a whorl in the wood, but is actually a hole in the trunk of what must somehow be a living - not harvested - tree! How this building could have been formed from actual growing trees is quite beyond any comprehension, but the gods do have their magics... At the center of the wall, a blackboard has been hung, upon which is written an important message.

Look Down:
The floor underfoot is as changeable as the southern seasons. Here and there, it appears to be lush, soft summer grass, nearly ankle height and dotted with wildflowers of every hue imaginable. A short distance away, the thick pile and geometric design of a hand-crafted Hovelton carpet covers a polished hardwood floor. To the left, flagstones gleam, carefully swept by the gnome caretaker. Up ahead, symbols have been drawn into the hard packed earth.

Look Up:
The flutter of wings catches the eye, as above, dozens of birds flit amongst the beams of the cottage. Nests can be seen, the grasses of their making plucked from all over the world. Only one cobweb is visible, tucked in the easternmost corner. A small, shiny black spider rests at its heart, strangely left alone by the hungry birds..

Look Blackboard message writing:
To my FoLK and curious others:
Some of you will wonder how I define and shape the actions of those who would be one of us, in such a changing world. This is what I believe our alignment to be: Those who are Neutral Good believe that laws can either protect or oppress, and should be written in such a way that they protect the weak without taking away any more freedom than necessary. Oppressive laws should be challenged within the legal system when possible, and through protest or even revolution in extreme cases.
(look message2 to continue)

Look Message2
To continue: In my eyes, a Neutral Good will...
- Always keeps his or her sworn word or promise
- Is VERY unlikely to lie, except perhaps to an evil person
- Never attack or kill the helpless (Linkdead, sleeping, etc.)
- Never harm an innocent
- Never tortures for any reason
- Never kill for pleasure or passion, only out of duty
- Always tries to help others
- Works well in groups
- Never knowingly take corpse-tainted money or items
- Never betray a friend
(Look Message3 to continue)

Look Message3
What are our Goals:
The Seekers of the Fellowship of Lore & Knowledge (FoLK) pursue
personal and group growth through adventuring; through exploring
and mapping; through helping newbies, allies, and each other, and
even through rebirth.
How to Join Us:
Entry Quests are based upon the ability and level of the applicant.
Possible tasks might include finding specific places, learning of
indicated events or persons, etc.

Look window1:
This oval window of deep blue glass appears to look into a chapel carved lovingly from stone. The walls are inlaid with obsidian and sparkle darkly in the faint light from the luminescent moss on the high ceiling. The front of the chapel is covered with shrines to various new and old gods. An arched opening leads out into the cavern hallway to the east. A sense of peace pervades the chapel, and you can almost make out the still figure of a woman praying.

Look window2:
This tall cathedral window looks out over a seething pool and is misted with spray from a massive waterfall that comes roaring down hundreds of feet to culminate in a majestic spray on the rocks just above the pool. The river, ice cold and swiftly flowing, runs down a narrow channel to the north. In the spray, you can almost make out the figure of a couple holding hands while sitting upon the rocks by the pool.

Look window3:
This wide bay window is barred with elegant wrought iron, and seemingly gazes into ruins. A peculiar darkness fills the area, and a thick crawling vine has nearly overtaken the temple and is slowly pulling down the walls. Branches of neighboring trees scrape against the ancient stones. Despite the desolation, there is an unusual peace here, something which wells from the distant past. You can just barely make out the laughter of mortals who once stood here in another time. A bittersweet regret fills you for what this place must have once been, and almost in sad verbalization of your thought, you hear the soft yowl of an unseen, prowling cat.

Look window4:
This narrow window is tucked into the wall within a small nook, providing a perfect place to perch and gaze outside. The window stands partially open, allowing the clean, pure scent of the grassy fields beyond to flow into the temple. All the cares of the world seem to slip away, as if you have been transported to that distant plain. All that surrounds you is the azure sky above, and the flowing grass, like a sea of green. The scent reminds you vividly of your happiest memories. This is what life is all about...

Look window5:
This round stained glass window is shrouded by a heavy curtain of black velvet. Daringly, you peep beyond, to see a massive bedchamber, lost to the mists of time, a joyous couple entwined in the dance of passion upon their wedding night.

Look window6:
A moonlit garden is revealed by this odd, spider-web shaped window, the scene split into sections by the silvery partitions between the panes. A Lady stands breathlessly still, as a dark and shadowy form flows between She and one of her beloved folk. A woman, wracked with grief, chooses the abyss... the shadows close around her... and a cascade of crimson liquid conceals whatever else this window might have revealed.

Look Locket heart-shape
The door handle is formed like one of the famous heart shaped lockets sold in the elven city. Examining it closer, initials are visible:
R + C