Tokugawa's Library

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From marbled floors to vaulted ceiling high above, books line the walls. Strongly tempted to run your fingertips along the bindings, you hesitate out of respect, and instead examine the chamber about you more closely. In the center of the library, upon a raised dais of purest marble streaked with violet, stands the Scales that the lord of this place has chosen as one of his symbols. Behind the dais, three large, finely upholstered chairs have been arranged in a semi-circle; one of red, one of purple, and one of blue. The air of the chamber is still and quiet, giving you the sense that this is a place for learning, study, and contemplation of life's choices, and that path you yourself have chosen.
(Purple Aura) The Scales of Neutrality rest on a dais.

Look scales altar:
Resting upon a dais in the center of the Library are the Scales of Neutrality, representing the Balance point between Good and Evil. To be in Balance one must cultivate the mind, body and spirit into perfect harmony, and never stop growing as a whole.

Surrounding the dais are tiles colored in red, blue and purple, representing the three alignments. To learn about balance means also to learn about the alignments you must deal with.

Look UP:
The vaulted ceiling high above you is richly carved wood, lovingly burnished to a deep brown. At the central point of the vault, a stained glass window in the shape of two intertwined water-drops lets in the natural light from outside.

Look Window:
Intertwined, inter-connected, two drops of water encircle each other. The line between the two shimmers - the path of Balance.

Look DOWN:
The marble floor beneath your feet gleams, its surface un-scarred.

A small stepladder leans against the large bookshelf that fills the wall to the north. The books upon the shelf are nearly black with age, the original color of their bindings darkened with time and handling. There are tomes on a startling array of subjects, and map-scrolls aplenty.

Look WEST:
The polished mahogany of the shelves that fill the walls here gleams, its unusual hollow-square shape framing a large oil painting. The books upon this wall are covered in leather or bound in hide, and seem to be personal journals, collected poems and stories, and accounts of journeys and combats by those Tokugawa held dear while he was in mortal form.

A large bay window bisects the massive bookshelves that cover the southern wall. The view is not of Temple Street, as you expected, but rather the gleaming white architecture of the open-air Temple of Mithas.

Look EAST:
Enormous double doors lead outside - but do you really wish to depart so soon? Beside the door stands a wooden lectern, bearing a large tome bound in violet leather. A silver plate upon its surface is inscribed, "The Laws and Ordinances of the Order of Balance."

Look Tome Laws Ordinances:
Gazing at the huge tome upon the lectern, you note that it has been left open to the table of contents. (To read a chapter, type Look Chapter1, Look Chapter2, etc.)
Chapter 1: What is the Way of Balance?
Chapter 2: General Rules for the Order
Chapter 3: Rules on Groups
Chapter 4: Rules on Selling & Trading
Chapter 5: Rules on Player Killing
Chapter 6: Rules on Stealing

Look Bookshelves walls bookshelf wall
This could only be the collection of an individual whose search for knowledge and wisdom has spanned aeons. There are books on hundreds of topics, from the mercantile offerings of Dwarvenhold, to the mysteries of the Mage's Tower, to the best routes through the southern jungles.

Look red
The scarlet chair has been bound in rich, plush velvet over a highly carved frame of ironwood. Its plush cushions look indulgent, decadent, and overly comfortable... but looking closer, you notice that the chair is spattered by a crimson fluid... a shiver works its way up your spine.

Look blue:
The blue chair, crafted of oak is heavy, straight-backed and solid. It is unadorned, and looks rather rigid and possibly uncomfortable. Frowning, you turn away.

Look purple:
You find yourself drawn to the central chair. While it is upholstered in what is undoubtedly the 'loudest' shade of purple you've ever seen, as well as well used and worn, it looks quite comfortable. But the stout walking stick leaning against one of it's arms gives warning that this chair does have an owner . . . and while he may not occupy it at the moment, you decide to be prudent and not take his seat in case he returns.

Look Chapter1 Way
"Welcome to my Library and home - I hope you'll enjoy your visit. I've prepared this book as a means of communicating the essence and purpose of the order I lead - the Path of Balance. One of our symbols is the Scales of Neutrality, and our goal is to be like the scale: A perfect Balance between Good and Evil. Our alignment affords us many freedoms, but an equal number of responsibilities as well. Please read on to learn my rules and wishes for the behavior of my followers. - Tokugawa"

Look Chapter2 Laws
General Rules:
Obey all of the rules of TFC and our Following. Ignorance is not an excuse or an option.
In order for you to be considered for entry into the following you must have a magic class, i.e., Mage, Cleric or Shaman.
Please read the NOTE, FYI, and BOARD lists each time you log on. These lists provide important information regarding the Realm and our following.
Have Fun! Being Neutral provides you more leeway when interacting with other alignments. Use that to your advantage.
Make friends in all alignments. This will enable you to have more people you can travel with, and you are more truly playing your alignment at the same time.

Look Chapter 3 Groups
Although they can be a powerful tool for leveling, groups can also get you into trouble. Always consider these guidelines and restrictions:
You may group with anyone you wish to gain experience, however:
Know the intentions of those you travel with. If the group members begin speaking of attacking and killing another player, remove yourself from the group ('Follow self') immediately, and tell them that you can only rejoin the group when they are not hunting other players.

Look Chapter4 Trading
Rules on Selling or Trading:
You are free to trade equipment with anyone, but ask yourself these questions first:
Will the trade impact the following negatively?
Will a follower be attacked because of the item being traded?

Look Chapter5 PK
Rules on Player Killing:
This is to be done, only under very, very limited circumstances. One of the following conditions must be met:
1) The person you are attacking is on your 'Who Justified' list.
2) The person you are attacking is on a follower's ' Who Justified' - you may group with them and attack.
You may ask non-followers to assist you in slaying someone you are justified to do so.
However, be prepared for the consequences of this action.
Corpse Looting is allowed ONLY under the following circumstances:
If a follower is attacked or killed and you see the attacker's corpse somewhere, try and pick up the corpse. If you cannot pick it up, sacrifice it immediately.

Look Chapter6 Stealing
You may steal from anyone you wish (except Immortals, of course), but like attacking someone, be prepared for the consequences should you do so. Stealing from someone who attacked or killed a follower is preferable to stealing from someone just because you can.

Look poems ebon
A single, slim volume catches your notice. Bound in black leather, a strange, moving symbol inscribed upon its cover in orichalcum, this book is filled with page after page of neatly written poetry on a variety of topics, from love to loss. Flipping to the inside liner, you read, "Tokugawa: Enjoy - you're the only one who gets a copy, other than my sister, Jahiliya. May you guide your charges with the same grace and wisdom you granted the Trinity as Lord Foolkiller's right hand. May the Weaver bless and ward you, the Wyld remind you to change and grow and the Wyrm fill your world with enlightenment. Fondly, Cordir."

Look journals
Several ancient tomes catch your gaze, and you wonder that they have not crumbled to dust, they look so ancient. Though wracked with curiosity, you decide the better course of action is to leave them alone. If the Lord of this place came back to find his personal diaries in dusty pieces, his wrath would be dangerous...

Look maps
Literally dozens of map-scrolls have been shoved haphazardly into a cubicle. Several of them are marked by bloodstains, weapon-cuts, and various types of plant and animal ichor. (If you'd like to view the official TFC maps more closely, open your web browser and go to

Look Painting
Skillfully rendered by a master limner, this painting depicts a great battle. The central figure is the individual in whose temple you now stand. Additionally, you recognize several of those whose names are legendary in the Realm: Daris, Krazor, Myronides and Talen. Their foe is the fearsome Assassin of Midgaard, and though marked with evidence of the brutality of the battle, the adventurers portrayed herein seem confident, almost jubilant, as they finish off their opponent. A small brass name plate offers up the painting's title: "The Final Ascension : 50th level."