The Te'nayu'ka

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The Te'nayu'ka
Type Transportational / EXP Zone
Author Cordir
Installed October 31, 2014

Area Lore/Back Story

The Te'nayu'ka is a sailing vessel under the command of Captain Ak'ash'eck.
Built to transport fragile goods and land-bound passengers across and below
the waves, it is a unique creation, using the technologies developed by the
gnomes of Barbegazi and manned by the fearsome sahuagins of Tiren's Rock. A
smart passenger will remain in the berth provided, as wandering about would
be unwise. Solidarity and teamwork keep a crew safe when traversing the sea,
and this crew is experienced in repelling pirates and Tempest alike. With a
journey that spans the three continents, one should be patient while on the
Te'nayu'ka, but know that the Captain and her crew will get to port safely.

General Information/Trivia

  • While individuals of any level can safely travel on the Te'nayu'ka, if one wishes to utilize the EXP portion of the vessel, it is recommended for levels 40+.

Player Provided Information


The Te'nayu'ka operates in a continuous circuit from north to south and back again. One full circuit is shown below.