Silver Fellowship

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The Silver Fellowship of Nash
Led By Gryphon
Holy Symbol the Silver Aegis of Gryphon
Alignment Good
Future Immortal Followers Cordir
Ordained Mortals Wren
Allies Nashite Followings
Temple The Sanctuary of the Silver Fellowship

Temple Key: a Silver Key
Temple Altar: A pristine white marble altar is here.

Following Description / FINFO:


Cordir, Crim, Kelton Trap D'Augustine, Kestrel, Nameless Demonspawn, Polnevdra Zrelendar, Quizzatz, Raja, Solais, Steal Thornfoot, Taffron, Wren, Zakaera

Requirements for Entry

To gain entry into the Silver Fellowship, you had to be able to either: pick up the phone and call Gryphon (in RL), or, you had to be the mortal alt of an Immortal.

Additional Notes