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Led By Coleman
Created 1st: November 1995
2nd: June 16, 2003
Holy Symbol The Mark of Mirth
Alignment 1st: Good
2nd: Neutral
Future Immortal Followers Gryphon
Ordained Mortals 1st:Gryphon
2nd: Schwartz
Temple Coleman's Temple
  • Coleman created the following of Mirth originally in 1995. In 2003, he unretired and created Mirth a second time.
  • Gryphon served as the Paladin of Mirth. Schwartz was an Ordained of Mirth on May 4, 2004.
  • Coleman used the same temple for each time he was a DemiGod.

Temple Key: the All-Important Key to Success
Temple Altar: The Altar of Coleman stands in the center of the temple.
Look Altar:
You see a glorious looking altar that looks like an IKEA piece. It resembles
a large desk....strewn over it are ceremonial robes and other garb, some
miscellaneous weapons, sheets of paper with notes scribbled on them (one is
titled 'Quest ideas' but you can't decipher any further), snack foods, and
other bits of junk. You sense at once that Coleman places small emphasis
on keeping things tidy.

Following Description / FINFO:


1st Mirth:
Gryphon, Coyul, Kestrel, Pez

2nd Mirth:

Hum [ Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Schwartz mirthmirthmirthltwfmirthmirtht2mqfcmirthmirth

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