Tribal Sands

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Tribal Sands
Type EXP Zone
Author Cordir
Installed 06/07/2013
Location Northern Continent

Area Lore/Back Story

Few of those who are born within the tribal territories of the desert are able to escape this restrictive and isolationist culture, and its remote location discourages the casual traveler. However, the lure of lapis and opals, used by the tribesfolk to craft traditional jewelry, and the plethora of goats found there have tempted merchant caravans from time to time. But be warned - the desert has its dangers... and not all of them walk on four legs.

General Information/Trivia

  • The initial draft of Tribal Sands was begun on Friday evening, February 1st and was submitted to the Area Coordinators approximately 48 hours later, on Sunday, February 3rd. This may be a record for the shortest span in which a (non-connect) zone area was written.
  • Seraph contributed zone lore and mob and EQ concepts throughout the design.

Player Zone Interaction

  • The zone was found in 4 minutes flat by Portobello.
  • The first character to die in the zone by PK was Belgarion.
  • The first mob-death in the zone was Cresom.
  • Aoide was the first to find the names of those Outcast.

Player Provided Information

Tales of the Desert Sands: 04/06/2013

Sabella says (in common), 'Why did you want to know about the desert? DeeCee mentioned something about someone else beyond the Veil?'.
Sabella arches one eyebrow, the expression wickedly inquisitive.

Venom says (in common), 'I have a personal reason, I want to get to your homeland.'.

Sabella says (in common), 'Why? There's nothing there but angry men and starving goats... and Sarcon, but...'.
Sabella shrugs slightly, the movement causing pleasant jiggles.

Venom says (in common), 'Who is Sarcon?'.

Sabella says (in common), 'The Pharaoh-beneath-the-Sands. The Maker of the Veil.'.

Venom says (in common), 'Interesting.'.

Sabella frowns.
Sabella says (in common), 'do people not remember the story?'.

Venom says (in common), 'I have not read the story, nor do I know where it can be read. I also wish to learn your native tongue for personal reasons'.

Sabella says (in common), 'Do you know who Scyrah was?'.

Venom says (in common), 'I know the name only because of the pyramid named so'.

Sabella nods.
Sabella says (in common), 'Sycra and Sarcon were brothers. Sarcon, the elder. Sarcon's son, Jahine, was the light of the sun to his father. He was killed by a scorpion. The red ones are venomous. When the prince died, Sarcon went mad. He closed himself up with his sorcerers and sought to bring the entire desert into death, that his Son would be accompanied in the afterlife. He created the Veil. This was shortly after I was given to the Black Conclave. Scyrah escaped it, through some magic, and took over the empire his brother had abandoned.'.

Venom says (in common), 'There is another who has come through the veil'.
Venom says (in common), 'A bard'.

Sabella says (in common), 'there is only shamanic magic in the desert. The song of sky and sand and wind.'.

Venom says (in common), 'She may have taken up the trade after arriving here'.

Sabella says (in common), 'Scyrah took over the lands that his brother had abandoned, and upon his death, caused a pyramid to be built that his name - and not that of his weaker, older brother, felled by emotion for his lost son - would be remembered as the greatest of pharaohs'.

Venom says (in common), 'It would seem to me Sarcon's work was more powerful, but that's just my opinion.'.

Sabella says (in common), 'well, of course it was. A Veil of sand and wind that has stood for thousands of years is a bit more impressive than causing tens of thousands of slaves to die, building you a tomb.'.

Venom says (in common), 'Granted, nobody remembers him now.'.

Sabella says (in common), 'but yes - no one, as you say, remembers Sarcon and his son, Jahine.'.


  • Samiyah hails from the Tribal Sands and sang about their traditions in her 10th level Bard Review: "Find The Path". This was described by one listener as being both 'depressing and brave.'


Tribal Sands: Map by Venom