Bug Hunt

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Similar to the Demonic invasions of the past sponsored by the Mad Implementor, the Bug Hunt involves large groups of mobs swarming a specific zone. (99.99% of the time, Midgaard)

How to Play:

  • All players are ordered (via global echo) to leave the target zone. Mobs are loaded and scattered.
  • A waiting period of approximately 5 minutes occurs to allow time for mobs to scatter.
  • Quest conditions are set: Corpses to appear in Inventory, free PK range above 20.
  • Upon announcement of the Bug Hunt beginning, players may enter the infested area.
  • Kill target mobs! (99.99% of the time, spiders)
  • Get target mob Corpse!
  • Turn In corpses to Cordir: She will be standing in a safe room somewhere in the zone (announced via gossip). (99% of the time, Midgaard Temple)


  • Quest Conditions are be set to prevent corpse loss during the Bug Hunt. If, by some weirdness, player corpse does not appear in Inventory, it is to be returned upon pain of death. Please note that quest conditions do not void debt or justification.
  • Yes, stealing corpses of creatures slain by others is allowed. (Grab those corpses fast. The one that turns them it gets the points.)
  • Turning in mob corpses that are NOT 'bugs' garners negative points. (No cityguards, stray dogs, etc)
  • Turning in your own (player) corpse, if killed during Bug Hunt garners extra points.
  • PK is not forbidden during Bug Hunt. However, using the Bug Hunt to garner a PK the moment quest conditions end, when people are returning to the collection point for prizes, etc, will result in the corpse being returned to the Pk'd individual.


  • It is recommended that participants examine the corpses of mobs before they turn them in...
  • Prize distribution will occur in the Room of Records after the quest is completed. God+ transport is available upon request.
  • A prize of 500-1000 gold per corpse turned in is given to all participants, as is a special Cookie.
  • The top Bug Hunter may gain an additional prize at Cordir's whim/discretion.