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Type Racial City (Half-Elves)
Author Ink
Installed November 24, 2012
Location Outland Frontier

Area Lore/Back Story

This fishing village on the eastern banks of the Sava River was founded by the half-elven Seremela family over one hundred years ago. In its earliest days it found quick prosperity, from verdant crops grown in the rich earth and abundant fishing in the river. Unfortunately, Riverhold's wealth drew the eye of bandits who saw it an easy jewel for the plucking. The founding family was slain and the fishing fleet demolished. Few survived the battle, and since that time, despair and poverty has been a thick blanket weighing down the spirit of those who eake out their living. Half-elves that choose Riverhold as a home will find that the fields and pastures to the south of town are still a wonderful place to hide in troubling times and might seek out the wreckage of the Seremela mansion. Fishing is still the primary way that citizens make their living and fish in its many varieties is found in most of the stores. The Lemming, a small inn, provides a place to rest, or to toss back a pint or two after a long day at the river. Due to the mixed bloodline of the founders, all races are welcome in Riverhold.

General Information/Trivia

  • It is rumored that because of the very large number of rodents drawn to the town, lured there by the wheat and corn fields, that Riverhold's less complimentary nickname is "Mousetown."

Player Provided Information

  • The first player to find the zone was Sagan.


  • Additional assistance at Implementation was provided by Natilena -- Ink and Cordir wish to express their thanks for her timely help.
  • At installation, a Lore Quest was presented, challenging adventurers to learn the answers to several very difficult questions about Riverhold. The questions included:
    • What is the name of the baker's husband?
    • Why are Vern and Kaleb rivals?
    • Why does Jessa hate the schoolteacher?
    • Who is Kelar smitten with?
    • Where is Hans buried?
    • What crime did Hans commit?
    • Where does the Thief Guildmaster live?
    • Why is Me-Maw beloved of the villagers?
    • What is her full name?
    • What creature gives a clue to each safe place in Riverhold?
    • What is the name of the woods to the south and east?
    • Who are the parents of Jahrie and Zrilia?
    • Who was the Herbalist's daughter?
    • Why does the bodyguard protect the merchant?
    • Who injured the donkey?
    • Whose blood stains the blouse?


Riverhold: Map by Ludo