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History of The Trials

The concept of the Trial of Triat Mastery, or TMQ, was created by Thaygar, Master of the Ebon Hand, back in 1995. The purpose was to create a quest that would so challenge the player, in his words, "to the point where they dread logging in, but can't bear not to." Triat Mastery Quests were only granted to individuals who worshiped a Triat themed immortal, and who had reached level 30 in at least one class. While on the quest, the individual was known as a 'Triat Initiate.' The core of the Triat Mastery Quest is self-knowledge and awareness. They were designed to push the Initiate to face their fears, to overcome challenges they didn't think they could, and to role-play in ways that they hadn't considered before. Each was written specifically for that person, tailored to their strengths and weaknesses.

During his tenure on The Final Challenge, Thaygar created Triat Mastery Quests for Typhon, the first to do so, Ivarr, Pestis, Huey, MissFit, and Cordir.

Most records are lost of these first Trials of Triat Mastery. It is known that for one aspect of his TMQ, Typhon had to dual to Thief (he was a 30th level Shaman) and gain third level, without ever sleeping, eating or drinking. Cordir was required to give up speaking - she could only use emotes and socials to communicate, and was still required to spend time providing service to the world, including IDs (back before Imp ID Mark was an option.) She was also required to find and kill the Guardian Vampire. Huey failed in his Trial - Thaygar posted this note about it: Huey Fails Mastery. Pestis was one of those who completed a Triat Mastery Quest. For the Wyrm, her trial involved exploration and solving a particularly obscure riddle to find a specific creature: in the end, she discovered it to be a certain golem in The Caverns of N'Kai. She was also required to dual class, which for a level 30 in 2x, was crippling, as a task for the Weaver. For the Wyld, she was bid to slay three mortals of equivalent or greater level than herself.

Thaygar granted Cordir control over the Triat roleplay upon his departure, and she handled the creation of Triat Mastery Quests from that point forward. Cordir broke the challenges down into three areas: One for each Aspect of the Triat: Wyld (violence, change, death, rebirth), Wyrm (growth, knowledge), and Weaver (perseverance and sacrifice).

Not everyone who has undertook such a quest, succeeded. Several very skilled players have failed. Sometimes it was a lack of self-control (Huey), or deciding that another task was more important (Gregar - who broke his quest restrictions to do a CR for a friend), or, in one case, for role-play purposes (Solaron).

Quests Granted

Quests Granted by Cordir

Name Result Granting Completion
Nyx Successful Nyx's Triat Mastery Quest Nyx's Triat Mastery Completion
Adso Unsuccessful Adso's Triat Mastery Quest
Gregar T'Sarran Unsuccessful Gregar's Triat Mastery
Kaldred Kandrell Successful Kaldred's Triat Mastery Quest Kaldred's Triat Mastery Quest Completion and Ordainment
Noctus Successful Noctus' Triat Mastery Quest
DarkClaw Unsuccessful DarkClaw's Triat Mastery Quest
Katrana Successful Katrana's Triat Mastery Quest
Details: Katrana's Triat Mastery Quest Details
Katrana's Triat Mastery Quest Completion
Solaron Unsuccessful Solaron's Triat Mastery Quest
Tranquility Unsuccessful Tranquility's Triat Mastery Quest
Corri Successful Corri's Trial of Triat Mastery

Quests Granted by Katrana & Cordir together

Name Result Granting Completion Notes
Ink Unsuccessful Quest Offered: 12/18/2011 See Ink's Triat Mastery page for tasks undertaken.
Aoide Successful Quest Offered: 12/18/2011 See Aoide's Triat Mastery page for tasks undertaken.
Vale Unsuccessful Quest Offered: 12/18/2011
Ghazkull Unsuccessful Quest Offered: 07/03/2015

Triat Mastery Quest References

The Song Of Power

The following object was discovered in the Grand Library:

A thin gray book lies here, bound shut with three cords.

This book is bound closed by three cords: scarlet, blue and purple. Only
by cutting these threads can the inside be revealed.

A trio of cords binds this book closed: one of crimson, one of blue, and 
a third of purple. Each is bound with a complex knot binding it shut. It
is clear that only through severing the cords can the Inside be revealed.

Severing the cords, you peer inside. In an ancient dialect of Thoras, you
read the single page bound so protectively within:

    Although the Trial of Triat Mastery is the greatest of all the 
    transformative rites of passage for those who are Adherents, a
    lesser known rite is that of the Song of Power.  This personal
    ritual is undergone by Bards of the Triat Faith. It requires a
    singular self-awareness. The Song of Power is both declaration
    of intent and acknowledgement of self and past.  The Song must
    be found within: it cannot be imposed from without. Whether an
    ogre's chant, a lilting song or sonnet, or somber quatrain, it
    is incumbant upon the Bard to craft and be Witnessed, that the
    Song be written within the Pattern, as binding as Geasa.  When
    sung prior to sacred ritual task or undertaking, the Song will
    embue the Bard with special and unique protections and focus.

<<< the remainder of the text is obscured, stained with blood and tears >>