The Glade of the Wardancers

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Mighty oaks and soaring pines surround this wide clearing, creating a sheltering wall of forest that distances you from the outside world. The cool deep green leaves reflect the light of the sun above, which pours down unrelentingly, warming the glade. At the center of the glen a massive bonfire roars, its flames dancing and crackling with fierce intensity. The source hidden amidst the trees, a low drum beat echoes, each strike in time with your racing heart.

(Blue Aura) A weathered altar of massive stone blocks rests here.

A crude altar crafted of thick, square stones lies here, runes and inscriptions covering its surface. In the center of the altar, a worn bronze bowl has been inset, perhaps to hold offerings... or the pooling blood of those who fall to the Dancers.

short desc: a Golden Leaf
long desc: (Blue Aura) A perfectly preserved leaf of golden hue lies here.

Look Leaf:
This exquisite leaf is still alive, magically preserved forever. It is unusual, in that at its very base, where it would attach to the tree, there is a subtle jade tint to the gold. The jagged edges of the leaf are surprisingly sharp, like the blades of those who wear it with pride.

To the north, one oak towers above them all. It would take ten men to enclose its trunk with their arms, and it soars to a height of sixty feet. At its base, a seat wide enough for two has been carved out. Perhaps this is where Lord Solanthas and his Lady Lania rest when in their woodland home. Steps spiral up the bore of the tree, leading to a hidden bower within the leaves. The growth surrounding the entire glade is thick, keeping it secluded and distant from the outside world.

Sly, quick movements can be seen amidst the thick depths of the forest, hinting at the presence of magical woodland creatures moving through the the woods. Shadows cast upon the tree trunks appear those of elves caught up in a rapturous dance, inquisitive fauns watching those within the glade, or pixies curiously flitting here and there. One towering pine has been marked by fire, the scorching forming a circle around the initial "A". Words have been carved around the mark, leaving a message of honor and remembrance.

The tree branches here have been trained to grow in an archway that leads out of this glade to the world outside. Atop one of the framing boughs, a pixie reclines, keeping watch and note of all who enter or exit this holy place. His moss green eyes are keen, seeing everything, and his clothing of leaf-green and brown blends perfectly with the forest growth around him. Around his neck is a golden chain, from which hangs two perfect leaves: one is a deep forest green and the other is pure gold.

Here, two large trees grow side by side, the area around them kept clear of other growth. Upon each a likeness has been carved: in one, the face of Dalaran can be seen, a smile slightly curving his lips. His face seems younger, less bitter, than it appears today. Upon the other tree is the image of the now-Immortal Myronides, but again the image is of the elf in past times, when he and Dalaran stood side by side with Solanthas in friendship and wild adventures. Between the two, a silvery rowan grows, and before it lays a silver chalice of pure rain water. Rose petals float in the water, an offering and sacred remembrance to the exquisite Lady Rhina, the only Goddess Solanthas ever served.

Framed by the reaching, lofty tree branches, the brilliance of the noonday sun beats down upon you, in an azure sky bare of clouds. Here and there, the silhouette of birds can be seen, winging gracefully above the glade. The piercing scream of a hunting hawk can be heard as it spots its prey.

Under foot, the rich dark soil is blanketed in a thick layer of pine needles and dried leaves of every sort, save for around the bonfire, where constant movement and travel have worn the undergrowth away. Mushrooms dot the loam here and there, tended by the clerics of the Wardancers, that their fellow members have food.

A bold letter "A" has been burned into the tree trunk, surrounded with a circle that is as jagged as the flames of the bonfire. Around the mark, words have been carved:
"This mark stands as a remembrance of Abender Stormreaver, my most loyal and trusted of servants and Councilors. His spirit has always danced, that fire within ever burning brightly."