A Hidden Meadow

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A sheltering circle of ancient trees surrounds this quiet, beautiful meadow. Tall grasses sway, caressed by a light, fresh win that carries the scent of a thousand flowers. Birdsong trills through the glade, as does a faint crackling sound. The air is warm, and the field exudes a sense of peace, tranquility and natural beauty setting your heart and soul at ease.

(Blue Aura) A rowan bush burns eternally here, ever flaming, never consumed.

Holy Symbol: a torch to forever light the way
Long Description: A torch made of bundled rowan twigs lies here, burning eternally.

Look torch
This sacred flame has burned for eternity. It is the fire of faith and hope. It is unquenchable, everlasting, enduring.

Look North:
Widespread maples fill the northern span of the glade. Their solid presence is somehow comforting, like that of a revered and respected teacher or guardian. Beneath them, the ground is thick with the fallen leaves of years past making a thick carpet. From high in the branches, the scolding tones of a blue jay arguing with a squirrel about who found that acorn first breaks the stillness.

Look East:
Slim, pale ash trees line the eastern border of the glade. A large black widow spider has made her home in one of them. She pauses in her weaving, and gazes at you with an intelligent, knowing gaze. She dips her thorax slightly in a bow, and then goes back to her spinning.

Look South
Only the slightest parting in the hedge wall reveals a passageway out of this meadow. Ivy and climbing sweet peas in shades of purple, pink and white create a lovely tangle over the natural fence, and here and there the tiny nests of sparrows can be seen amidst the fragrant blooms. Along the ground, a thick carpet of lily of the valley grows in profusion in the shade of the hedge. The pointed face of a fox kit can barely be seen warily peeping out from beneath the thick bushes where it has made a home.

Look West:
Goldenrod and sunflowers grow nearly chest-high in a wide golden swath that is dotted here and there with white Queen Anne's lace and the crimson and orange of wild poppies.

Look Up:
The purest sky stretches above, crystalline clear, but shadowed here and there by the swift movement of birds. The slightest shimmer is visible at the very edges of your vision, yet when gazed at directly, it disappears. There must be some great magic at work to protect those resting in this glade.

Look Down:
Sweet, fragrant grasses cover the ground in a lush carpet. The shoots are soft, and one can easily imagine how comfortable they would be under bare feet, or beneath a blanket. Here and there, thick patches of emerald green moss glitter like jade lakes, forming a semi circle in one corner of the meadow. It looks perfect for a small group to gather beneath that especially large, ancient maple to the north.

Look trees:
A wide variety of trees grow in profusion here, healthy and strong. Every one is a fine example of its breed, each with exactly the room it needs to grow. A few bear a bit of dangling silvery-gray moss, but not in such amounts as to cause the tree distress. Some are clothed in ivy, others ornamented by birds nests or resting butterflies.

Look birds:
A pair of mated hawks dance their courtship upon the wind, seemingly ignoring the many smaller birds that flit about the glade. The soft, sweet song of a robin can be heard, and here and there, the bright flash of color of the wings of a bluebird or cardinal can be seen. Sparrows hop about in profusion, comical winged clowns, too fat to fly. A single raven sits atop the ash trees to the east, glaring balefully about itself, but not disturbing the peace of the meadow of the weaving of the spider.

Look flowers:
Only in a rainbow could more colors be seen, than in the multitudes of blooms that fill this meadow. Bold, bright daisies sway upon the breeze, accompanied by strands of golden-rod, Black-eyed Susans, and dandelions. In the shade, the deep purple of pansies and violets contrasts with Lilly of the valley and forget-me-nots. Long branches covered in freesia, and vine trails of honeysuckle sweeten the air with a soft fragrance, matched only in a dream.

Look flame:
Seemingly unending in its strength, yet never consuming the delicate branches of the rowan about which it dances, the fire creates patterns of dark and light color that are nearly mesmerizing.

Look natilena sparkle blanket:
A sparkle in the grass catches your eye. Looking closer shows you a cache of potions in beautiful crystal decanters dumped into an unorganized pile beside a blanket. The blanket, an intricately hand-woven product of an Elven handywoman, is a personalized wool rectangle showing a small aardvark walking the Path of Virtue on the long edge. Several small paper sketches tucked under the edge show a handsome elf and several children, including twin elven girls and a darker image of a smiling human male with haunted eyes. This must be Natilena's.

Look edge shadow:
A shadow creeps rapidly and quietly across the dark landscape. He slowly vanishes from view, only to appear next to you. Edge glares at you intently.
Look tirant eggplant:
An eggplant seems to be growing near the rowan bush. Oddly, it resembles Tirant's head.

Look keat chicken:
A chicken runs amok in the bushes, clucking and scratching. You ponder eating him until you realize this might be one of Keat's relatives.

Look kerien aamor amarus draven:
There is a heap of junk equipment hidden from first glance in the grasses. Hmm... this must belong to the first four Priests of Dawn -- Kerien, Aamor, Amarus, and Draven.

Look maximus azkral:
Skulls and bones lie haphazardly on the ground beneath you. They are the remains of the sinners Maximus and Azkral have brought to justice.

Look strider paco:
A sombrero and an unfinished steak sit on a stump tucked away at the edge of the meadow. You deduce that Paco and Strider must be nearby.
Look dreamstar totem tien iggwilv izzy:
Spilled chalices of drunken bliss surround the rowan tree from last night's merriment. Dreamstar, Totem, Iggwilv, Tien, and Izzy always forget to clean up their mess.
Look maxine vampress:
Red satin and silk garments are strewn about the flowers of the meadow. Torchbearer and his beloved vampress Maxine have obviously spent a great deal of time here.