The Great Race

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The Great Race has been run as a quest in two different ways:

Version 1 - 2003: The Great Race was a challenge of mud knowledge, ability to traverse the realm, and a race against the clock, all combined. Only one racer per following was allowed, and only one person could race at a time. They could receive no information specific assistance whatsoever: only helpful spells were allowed. Individuals started at the Room of Records. There, they were given a riddle to solve, that would designate a specific item and a specific mob. They had to obtain the item and give it to the correct mob, to receive the next riddle pair. There were a total of 18 pairs of mobs and items, ranging all over the world. Tyrn, Fobro, Grale and Mordith were unable to complete even the first round. Mandrake and Wylin completed 5 rounds each. The overall winner was Whoz, the only one to be able to complete the entire course of 18 items and mobs, completing it in 4 hours.

Version 2 - 2011: A race of all-out speed, fighting the clock. A mad dash from the Throne Room of King Zentarion & Queen Sylette in Dwarvenhold, to the Coach House in Riverdale Plantation.

Name Time Date
Kylor 2 minutes, 50 seconds April 6, 2011
Progenitus 2 minutes, 18 seconds April 6, 2011
Leif 3 minutes, 12 seconds April 6, 2011
Hano 2 minutes, 35 seconds April 7, 2011
Eathor 2 minutes, 31 seconds April 7, 2011
Cremini 4 minutes, 0 seconds April 7, 2011
Tambalor 2 minutes, 11 seconds April 20, 2011