Quelesta's Maze

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Quelesta's Maze
Type EXP Zone
Author Cordir
Installed 04/29/2018
Location Special

Area Lore/Back Story

The diabolical enchanter Quelesta has been known for having a cruel sense of 
justice. Those trapped within her Maze can only agree. Rumors abound that those 
committing an act of evil may find themselves transported there with no warning. 
Only the penitent ever escape.

General Information/Trivia

Quelesta's Maze is the 14th zone written by Cordir.

Area Creation Timeline

06/16/2017: Area Proposal is Submitted
07/18/2017: Area is accepted by the Area Coordinators, with planned discussion on a design issue. Area Coordinators request Founder creates area Sub-Forum. Author requests vnum assignment. (Development server is unavailable at this time, causing vnum assignment delay.)
08/07/2017: Vnum assignment provided. Author works to update zone documentation/map with assigned vnum.
08/28/2017: Initial draft of the zone sent to Area Coordinator for work on test port.
09/02/2017: Area Coordinator requests another re-vnum of zone. Author resubmits zone. AC requests assistance of Founder to get test port up.
09/16/2017: Test Port is restored. Author requests area file be uploaded.
09/17/2017: Founder creates area sub-forum.
10/02/2017: Area is submitted by author to Area Coordinators, along with maps, Apprentice's Workshop Area Review summary, and notes about oddities.
10/09/2017: Area Coordinators contact author requesting email of file as forum file download isn't working. Author sends new file.
11/09/2017: Author checks in with Area Coordinators. No progress.
12/07/2017: Founder checks in with Area Coordinators. No progress.
12/08/2017: Area Coordinators ask if file provided on 10/02/17 is current.
12/19/2017: Given that no work has been done by ACs on the previously provided file, Author provides a new file and map which includes some minor fixes.
12/21/2017: Area Coordinators upload new file to test port and begin review.
01/16/2018: Author checks in with ACs to see if any progress has been made. They respond that yes, some, but not much.
02/09/2018: ACs check in to let Author know that progress is still being made.
02/16/2018: Author re-requests connection zone area file.
02/23/2018: Author checks in with ACs to ask what section they are currently working on.
02/25/2018: ACs reply with a list of questions about mobs. Author replies with answers to all questions.
03/01/2018: Tokugawa responds with connection zone area file.
03/04/2018: Tamar completes her initial zone review and hands the zone over to Tokugawa for map crosscheck and item review.
03/11/2018: Author provides updated connection zone area file and map.
03/21/2018: Author checks in with Area Coordinators. No progress.
04/02/2018: Author checks in with Area Coordinators. No progress.
04/07/2018: ACs respond with questions about 2 objects, a room flag, and two mobs. Author replies with answers, and the room flag issue raises some debate which the Founder is able to provide answers for. Some map discrepancies are found and discussed.
04/14/2018: Connection point is installed on test port, and some issues are found by author. Corrections are provided. A Crash-level bug is discovered with the interactions between mob progs and extended mob functions. The assistance of Tynian is sought.
04/17-20/2018: Tynian responds with some information on the issue, author provides clarifying details.
04/24/2018: After much pondering, Tynian codes a solution. Author tests new stuff. It works. There is much rejoicing.
04/26/2018: New code written by Tynian is checked in.
04/29/2018: Area is installed.

Player Provided Information


  • The first person to enter the zone was Nicholai.
  • The first person to escape the maze and receive an explorer ribbon for the zone was Mercury. (^_^) Mercury has been awarded the 1st Explorer Pin.