The Tower of Sorcery

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This gigantic structure fills visitors with an overpowering sense of awe and
no small degree of trepidation. Massive walls of a gray stone reach skyward.
Sharply angular windows of a clear crystal vault upwards, taking over the top
third of the tower's elevation and curve to form the roof far above. Starlight
cascades down through the rotunda's clear ceiling, no matter the hour and
clearly lights the area.

Dominating the Tower and drawing the eye is an azure-hued circle inlaid upon
the floor. Strange sigils and wards are inset along its perimeter, and one can
almost see the flow of power they channel. Wards below and sky above provide
full illumination for the chamber, swathing it in an eerie magelight.

The pathway back to the temple area is blocked by two massive doors that curve
upward in a perfect arch. Made of thick oak, they are reinforced by ornate metal
designs that remind you of some of the most ancient of Elven scripts, or the
movement of leaves in the wind, or a ripple in the curve of an ocean wave. A
small lock, shaped like a spider, waits to bar entry or exit from here.

Dominating the wall above the doors is an enormous black tapestry, depicting
the unholy crest of Lord Nash. On either side hangs a lesser crimson banner,
one displaying the emblem of the Arch-Lich's Black Conclave and the other
showing the symbol of the Phantom's Nashite Order of the Magi.

Rising around the tapestries, bookshelves of oak matching the doors stretch
from the floor to the top reaches of the walls. No space in the shelves seems
unused, as volumes of books seem to fit in perfectly. The shelves wrap around
the curving walls and end as the northern curve of the wall ends and the
southern curve begins.

Look EAST:
Where the massive oak shelves end, a display of artwork begins. Portraits of
various sizes are arranged perfectly to create an easy flow for the eye from
one to the next. Two portraits in particular catch your gaze. (LOOK PORTRAIT1

A dais of the same black marble as the floor beneath rises three steps. Upon
the platform sits a plush throne, gleaming in its perfection.

Beyond the throne, the wall is dominated by an awe-inspiring mural relief,
seemingly made from a single piece of ivory stone. Set inside its huge
circular frame, multiple scenes of flawless mortals partake in various
activities of enjoyment.

Look WEST:
Matching the wall's curve, a long table also angles along the western area.
Comfortable chairs line the sides and ends: enough to seat multiple Magi as
they diligently research the realm's secrets, or to seat the Phantom's
Council as he meets with them. Every so often, a candle provides light for
those seated nearest to it.

Look UP:
The tower vaults upward to an impossible height. Abruptly, the stone walls
end and a dome of glass curves inward to a mathematically precise point above
the floor's Circle to display the starry sky above. Along the curve where the
walls and glass meet, you can make out a wrap-around catwalk, hinting that
Isolas has private quarters beyond mortal reach.

Look DOWN:
The floor is made of an unbroken slab of a black marble, streaked with veins
of pale gray and white and polished to perfection. In contrast to its darkness,
the eye is instinctively drawn inward to the brightly glowing, incandescent
Circle at the Tower's center. It is complex - more so than the eye can truly
comprehend in one glance. It flows freely inside itself, seeming to build its
power and potency for the Magi to channel as they desire. At spontaneous
intervals, it glows brightly and sends a surge of light and energy rocketing
upward through the glassy ceiling and into the realm outside in infinite
directions. Could this be the source of the Magi's power? Or perhaps, more
ominously, the source of the realm's magic?

Look mural relief ivory
Flawless work creates a perfect flow inside the mural boundaries. Characters
appear to engage in delights deemed "sinful" by some so-called Goods of the
realm. The sceptical gaze suggests the relief itself may be alive, or in the
very least, enchanted, as the characters are sometimes caught in motion with
a caress or subtle repositioning... Ever present, however, are the crest of
Lord Nash and symbol of the Nashite Order of the Magi.

Look portrait1
An allegorical painting hangs on the eastern wall, illustrating the creation of
a Firstborn -- an elven woman, dangerous in her beauty. She is wreathed in
flames that do not burn her pale flesh. Her eyes draw you in, captured like
an insect upon a pin. The fires detailed in the painting seem to flicker and
dance, like the emotions that a woman such as this can inspire: a conflagration
that consumes your soul and burns you to the core.

Look woman
Staring more intently at the face of the elven woman in the painting, your eyes
cannot focus fully. Her visage seems to shift between three distinct sets of
features, shades of hair and eyes. Perhaps she isn't a single woman, or even
three different women, but rather the essence of womankind as a whole. Or
perhaps not... it remains a mystery.

Look portrait2
The thick, lush expanse of a jungle is portrayed in this lovely oil painting.
The leaves gleam in jewel tones, and the sunlight streams in through the
branches in a waterfall of light. Breaking through a less dense spot in the
foliage is the lithe form of a mature tiger, with unusually dark coloring.
Upon his back, two young elves cling to him for dear life. They do not fear
this deadly predator; rather their expressions are ones of relief at being
rescued from dire and dreadful circumstances. If you didn't better... hmm.
Could that be a smirk on the face of the tiger?

Look tiger
Staring more intently at the painting, it becomes obvious that this is an image
of Drakar of the Tigers rescuing a pair of young elves: Isolas and his brother

Look windows dome glass
Made of some unknown crystalline substance, the dome of this place are set in
place at precise angles. They seem to catch every possible source of light and
magnify it, intensifying the moon's glow from above and the Circle's
luminescence from below, voiding the need for artificial forms of light such as
large torches.

Look catwalks
Two thirds of the way up the tower, the windows merge together to form the
entire circumference of the building. At that point, a deck circles the chamber,
guarded by a railing. It would take an immortal's power of flight to land
safely: no Aara could maneuver amidst the reflections created by the
mirror-shine windows.

Look deck
It appears the deck high above is a private chamber reserved for Lord Isolas
and any of His guests.

Look circle
The experience of viewing the circle of power within this chamber varies from
moment to moment and person to person. Some hear the siren whisper of creation's
purest core while others hear the screams of pain of those they would defeat
using magic's power. At times, the sigla upon the circle's seal shift and
writhe like angry tongues of flame, while at others, they lie quiescent. The
circle can terrify, elate, inspire or fill with reverence: At its core, while an
implement of magic, it also serves as a mirror to the soul of the one who
observes it.

Look sigils wards
Ancient and arcane traceries shift and pulse along the Circle's edge. There
are more than can easily be counted. At times, the Circle is simply a ring of
magic flowing in illumination through the floor, and at others it seems capable
of rising to form an unbreakable prison for anything bound within.

Look bookshelves
The bookshelves rise up an uncountable number of feet along the wall's edge,
the higher shelves bearing larger-sized tomes. Great care was put into making
sure that materials were available to all - including those of larger-than-human
size. Wheeled ladders permit access to the highest shelves for the curious
height-impaired. One shelf bears volumes that rest behind a cord of velvet,
braided into a nine-strand plait. It is easy to see these particular books are
very special, and their removal is not permitted. (LOOK VOLUMES)

Look shelf tomes volumes
Upon this shelf rests several slender volumes bound in leather. They include:
- Volume1: Requirements for Entry
- Volume2: Rules of the Magi
- Volume3: Words of Wisdom

Look volume1 entry
Requirements for Entry:
- You must be at least 10th level.
- You must be a citizen of good standing in this realm.
- You must obtain sponsorship of a member of the Council.
- You must complete an interview with the Phantom.
- You must know the Laws of Nashite upon presentation for acceptance.

Look volume2 rules
Rules of the Nashite Order of the Magi:

- Respect the rules of the Realm, the Immortals, and each other. This is the
universal rule. If you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself.

- Character separation is required at all times. Real life spouses, siblings,
family, and friends are irrelevant inside the game. Your allegiance starts and
ends with this following and its members. Keep this in mind when playing.

- I expect every member of the Magi to be a model citizen of the realm at all
times. Tempers flare and temptation beckons, but rising above that is part of
what sets us apart from so many others.

- Always observe the Laws of Nashite. Unspeakable punishment is dealt to those
who do not.

Look volume3 lore words wisdom
Words Of Wisdom

- RESPECT. This is the universal rule. Always respect the Rules of the Realm,
the Immortals, and each other. If you have nothing nice to say, keep it to

- DISCIPLINE. Tempers flare, temptation beckons, and wills may wander. If it is
not a wise move, refrain, and let patience and determination succeed.

- KNOWLEDGE. Those who are bettered with every lesson that life offers have
never lost. Intelligence is the greatest weapon of all.

The previous Immortal occupants of this temple location are: Splat, Jerald, Masher, Cordir (2nd Demi Temple), Myronides, Grimace