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Marisa (I)
The Enchanted
Created 1995(?)
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Hometown Loth Llorien
Classes Thief
Spouse Talen
Admin Duties TFC Webmaster:
2002 - Present

Mud Contributions:

  • Marisa wrote a primer on 'How To Get PK'd.'
  • When Cordir temporarily suspended her Timeline, Marisa created and hosted one on her site.
  • While serving as TFC Webmaster, Marisa completed the huge task of integrating her own timeline with Cordir's files, both sites having been donated to TFC. She also completed a full redesign of the site.

Current Description:


Marisa is a tall, blue-eyed elf.
Marisa is in perfect health.

Marisa is using:
<used as light>     (Glowing) a mason jar full of fireflies
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) the aged peridot ring
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) the sparkling zircon ring
<worn around neck>  (Weak magic) the dim sapphire amulet
<worn around neck>  (Powerful magic) a Major Amulet of Anti-Oak
<worn on body>      (Artifact magic) a couatl scale jerkin
<worn on head>      (Weak magic) a fur hat
<worn on legs>      (Moderate magic) a pair of quilted cloth commoner's pants
<worn on feet>      (Weak magic) a pair of studded leather boots
<worn on hands>     (Weak magic) a pair of studded leather gloves
<worn on arms>      (Weak magic) a pair of studded leather sleeves
<worn about body>   (Powerful magic) a fur coat
<worn about waist>  (Powerful magic) a studded leather sash
<worn around wrist> (Weak magic) a studded leather wrist guard
<worn around wrist> (Weak magic) the shattered smoky quartz bracelet
<wielded>           (Artifact magic) an ant sting
<held>              (Red Aura) (Weak magic) the quill of a manticore
<worn with pride>   (Powerful magic) a Crest bearing the Midgaard Coat of Arms
<worn with pride>   a Warrior's Sash

You peek at the inventory:
( 3) (Token magic) a clear red potion
(Invis) (Red Aura) the Plasm of the Polyp
(Moderate magic) a glowing potion with orange swirls
a dragonet hide pack
an egg casing
(Moderate magic) a bright orange potion with black swirls
(Weak magic) a clear red potion
(Moderate magic) the plain electrum wand
(Potent magic) a green potion with glowing swirls
a gigantic leaf
bag made from Cocoa, the chocolate monster hide
( 2) a small pouch
a dolphin hide bag
bag made from Marisa hide

WHO Lists:

Elf [ Ma: 8 Th:17       ] Marisa the Enchanted               (Lich Archive: Date Unknown)
Elf [ Wa: 8 Th:17 Ma: 9 ] Marisa the Enchanted               (Lich Archive: Date Unknown)
Elf [ Th:17 Wa: 9 Ma: 9 ] Marisa the Enchanted               (Lich Archive: Date Unknown)
Elf [ Th:19 Wa: 9 Ma: 9 ] Marisa the Enchanted               01/24/1996
Elf [ Ma:11 Wa: 9 Th:20 ] Marisa the Enchanted               03/24/1996
Elf [ Ma:11 Wa: 9 Th:20 ] Marisa the Enchanted               04/05/1996
Elf [ Ma:12 Wa: 9 Th:20 ] Marisa the Enchanted               05/16/1996
Elf [ Wa:10 Ma:15 Th:20 ] Marisa the Enchanted               06/30/1996
Elf [ Wa:11 Ma:15 Th:20 ] Marisa the Enchanted               08/10/1996
Elf [ Wa:18 Ma:15 Th:20 ] Marisa the Enchanted               12/08/1996
Elf [ Th:21 Wa:20 Ma:19 ] Marisa the Enchanted               07/28/1997
Elf [ Th:21 Wa:20 Ma:19 ] (KILLER) Marisa the Enchanted      10/26/1997 (Last moments of 2x)
Elf [ Th:21 Ma:19 Wa:20 ] Marisa the Enchanted (lost)        10/26/1997 (First moments of 3x)
Elf [ Th:20 Wa:20 Ma:22 ] Marisa the Enchanted               05/19/1998
Elf [ Th:20 Wa:20 Ma:22 ] Marisa the Enchanted               10/??/1998
Elf [ Th:20 Wa:20 Ma:22 ] Marisa the Enchanted               12/26/1998
Elf [ Wa:20 Th:22 Ma:22 ] Marisa the Enchanted               11/15/1999
Elf [ Wa:23 Th:22 Ma:22 ] Marisa the Enchanted               10/24/2000     
Elf [ Wa:23 Th:22 Ma:22 ] Marisa the Enchanted               10/11/2001
Elf [ Wa:23 Th:22 Ma:22 ] Marisa the Enchanted               01/05/2002 (Wedding of Talyn & Aslan)
Elf [ Wa:24 Th:22 Ma:22 ] Marisa the Enchanted               01/21/2003
Elf [ Ma:24 Th:22 Wa:25 ] Marisa the Enchanted               01/24/2004
Elf [ Ma:24 Th:22 Wa:25 ] Marisa the Enchanted               09/28/2006

Character History:


  • Marisa was part of Welverin's group when he slew the [The Executioner Falls|Executioner]: [12 Wa:] Marisa 242/ 242 hp 91/ 114 mana 331/ 331 mv 78436 xp. For this, she is mentioned on Plaque15 in the Room of Records.
  • Marisa is also mentioned on Plaque23 of the Room of Records for her participation in the Coins and Slayers quest.
  • Marisa received votes in the BlissPoll 2000A for Most Elusive Mortal, Most Humorous Mortal, Most Lovable Mortal, Friendliest Mortal, and Best Looking Mortal.
  • Marisa received votes in the BlissPoll 2002B for Nicest Mortal.
  • Marisa is mentioned in [[Pol's Tale - Part 1|Pol's Tale].
  • Marisa is mentioned in the Story of Zarous's Paladin
  • Marisa is mentioned in Asia's Who's Who
  • Marisa is mentioned in the mortal history of Isolas.
  • Marisa is specifically mentioned in The Temple of Lorna.
  • Marisa was mentioned in Okk's 08/25/2000 Retirement note.
  • During The Trinity Halloween Costume Contest, there is an info of Marisa mobdying, while linkdead, to a filthy screaming harpy (Dylan's Area - now removed from the mud).
  • Marisa attended the 2003 Chicago GT.
  • Marisa attended the 2004 Vegas GT.
  • Marisa attended The Wedding of Syla & Pyros.
  • One of the days of the week in the TFC Calendar is named after Marisa (Marisae).


  • <worn around neck> (Magical) a Major Amulet of Anti-Oak (Circa 12/12/99)

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

1995 - 1997

May 1995: Marisa and Talen are xping in Ofcol when Diana dies of plague in front of them, fully eq'ed. They scoop up her eq and manage to trade it all to Ozymandius for (among other things) *two* Rods of Neutrality (+5 damage lights).

08/24/1996: Marisa is part of Welverin's group when he reaches level 50: [12 Wa:] Marisa 242/ 242hp 91/ 114 mana 331/ 331 mv 78436 xp

09/24/1996: A GT is held in Costa Mesa, California, with Ivarr (the host), Marisa, Zarous, Khore, Foolkiller, Gryphon, Tokugawa, Einskaldir, T'Far, Cordir, ZARA, Polnevdra, Taffron, Nameless, Xaviera, and Feydorian among the mudders attending. 12/22/96, at the PiZaN house, we had the Christmas GT for people in Phoenix. It was a load of fun, and we ALL thank the PiZaN guys for letting us destroy...err...have the run of their house. What follows is the list of the attendees, as noted by Talia: Airwalk/Sohcahtoa, Wyrm, Splat, Shinu, Caradoc, Aladin, Foolkiller, Xaviera, Tokugawa, Furnock, Shushila, Sierra (Shushila's RL baby), Phooey's RL dad, Kell, Agape, Crysania, Emaleth, Cerebus, JohnPaul, JohnPaul's RL wife, Syrinx, Facade, Gwyrdain, Scroll, Darkmoon, Malaki, Larry, Jyslin, Lorna, Zrie, Madman, Tynian, Assilem, Wazoo, Phooey, Kaplin, Zipp/Voltron, Marisa, Sloan, Nayr, Jaxxon, Maltor, Syla, and Talia. Biscuit (a dog) and Charlie (a cat) also were there.

2/11/1997: Marisa gets really nosy & winds up in the god realms.

05/14/1997: Marisa turns into a pker.

1999 - 2000

09/03/1999: A GT is held at Grandma Tony's in Tucson, Arizona. In attendance are: (Mortals) Kamil, Elistan, Majere, Rubicant, Nydus, Gaul, Rocky, Marisa, Trap, Kennet, Jahiliya, Nyx, and (Immortals) Cordir, Syla, and Thaygar, with Asia arriving just as the GT was ending.

12/18/1999: Marisa reaches Wa:21 Th:22 Ma:22.

12/28/1999: Marisa goes dancing.

01/13/2000: Marisa and Myronides are wed.

07/28/2000: Bliss, Okk and Marisa try to have a meeting at Ladislaw's.

08/08/2000: Marisa dies in Velalasier. An immediate Corpse Rescue is made by Maimer, Abender Stormreaver, Celeborn and Plane.

08/19/2000: A GT is held in Phoenix, with Marisa, Marisa's RL son, Molo, Molo's lawyer, Tynian, Darkmoon & family, and Syla attending.

08/24/2000: [Note:23] Marisa: *sniff* / Thu Aug 24 10:04:33 2000 / To: all / alright, i noticed that the _really snazzy_ timeline cordir was doing has been discontinued :( I dunno bout you, but i find it really depressing that something as cool as that is gone. It was definiately appreciated, and i can't begin to imagine how much work and effort went into that. So uh, unless someone else has already volunteered, ill continue it on my webpage, and see what i can do about getting as much of what was up before put up again. If you have stuff to add, or if youre already in-progress with something like that, holler. My email is *hug*

08/29/2000: [Note 16] Marisa: timeline & stuff / Tue Aug 29 17:42:04 2000 / To: all / ok, i put up a little of the timeline, still working on the rest :P But you can see whats there at and ill keep working :) *hug*

2001 - 2002

08/16/2001: [Note 12] Marisa: phoenix gt / Thu Aug 16 18:35:40 2001 / To: all / hey, some people wanted to have a gt (me and toku at least) so if you have ideas for where/when, send me an email i'll post more info when i get some :) *hug* ps prolly should say my email is

08/31/2001: [Note 20] Marisa: phoenix gt :) / Fri Aug 31 22:25:32 2001 / To: all people in phoenix or those who can be :P / we're thinking of having a gt in phoenix/tempe on saturday sept 15th. If you want to come, or think you might want to, email me at *hug*

09/23/2001: Marisa wears a pirate's eye patch while hunting for treasure (chocolate) with Myro, and can't get it off.

10/30/2000: Marisa posts a response to all of Bliss' polls.

10/14/2001: [Note 26] Marisa: golem quest logs / Sun Oct 14 14:25:26 2001 / To: all / a whole bunch of golem quest logs are up on my site :) *hug*

11/08/2001: Marisa finally gets her no-remove eyepatch off.

11/19/2001: Whitehawk becomes Marisa's slave for the day, but isn't able to bring her any chocolate.

11/24/2001: [Note 12] Marisa: pezquest 9 / Sat Nov 24 17:33:08 2001 / To: all / if anyone wants their pezquest 9 entries posted, email them to me at *hug*

01/07/2002: [Note 11] Marisa: your wedding / Mon Jan 7 20:16:44 2002 / To: aslan talyn / hiya :) in case you don't have one, there's a log up of your wedding at *hug*

03/14/2002: [Note 25] Marisa: / Thu Mar 14 13:06:00 2002 / To: all / hiya, just wanted to remind anyone that's interested to send me info for the timeline on my site if you want it posted :) (email is *hug*

03/22/2002: Marisa sends in an entry for the Top 10 Reasons You Don't Want Khore to Run A Quest

05/18/2002: A GT is held in Phoenix, Arizona at Tranquility's house in Arizona, with Tranquility, Ptarchyzk, Tianna(sp?), Cordir, Nyx, Jahiliya, Kennet, Tripper, Belsambar (via phone), Foolkiller, Gaul, Tirant, Kain, Majere, Syla, Tokugawa, & Marisa attending.

06/23/2002: Garland and Fenrir do a corpse retrieval from demon realm for Cygnus while Marisa whacks on his demons for him.

05/23/2002: [Note 24] Marisa: golem fight logs, etc / Thu May 23 14:50:06 2002 / To: all / logs of the first round of golem wars are up at: (link is under 5/22) there's also a link to some gt photos under 5/18 :) *hug*

06/07/2002: [Note 31] Marisa: *scream* / Fri Jun 7 17:14:38 2002 / To: all / bleah, it's come to my attention that internet explorer hates me, or at least it hates my webpages :( So, if youre trying to view my timeline (or toku's area status page either for that matter) and things look like they havent been updated in eons, it's a lie! But, there's hope, if you want to see the real, updated content and youre using ie, you can go up to tools, internet options and then delete temporary files. A pain i know, so if you can help me fix this email me at and ill buy you a chocolate bunny and be eternally grateful :)

07/10/2002: [Note 20] Marisa: huge timeline update / Wed Jul 10 20:47:22 2002 / To: all / alright i added about 250 files to my timeline, which now goes back to 1994. So, if you wanna see it, go to: (remember to hit cntrl f5 if it looks like nothing's changed and you're using ie, cause believe me stuff's changed :) *hug*

08/20/2002: Cordir runs a quest, and first place is won by "The Three Ladies (and a wolf)" - consisting of Marisa, Lexie, DogDaze and Vex. Lexie and Vex are briefly locked into a Jail Cell.

11/16/2002: Galadadrid passes the 500k mark in total xp, and scares Marisa by pointing out that she probably have twice that much. (She does.)

2003 - Present

01/21/2003: Marisa decides to get some xp, and winds up getting a LOT of it, but in the wrong direction. She dies twice to some big scary blue dragon, but Abe gets her corpse back. (Later on, Vex went and killed the dragon for Marisa, and got all the stuff that had blown out of her inventory back too.)

02/01/2003: A GT is held in Tempe, Arizona with Pitt, Mistyfier, Johnpaul, Syla, Azeworai, Rubicant, Majere, Alucard, Tolken, Tokugawa & Marisa attending View a few pictures.

03/07/2003: Myronides is SURE that Marisa's not really herself, because he discovers her xping. A lot.

03/08/2003: Tynian gossips, 'Hmm, I just got a weird info'. 'I'd better shut us down and investigate!'. (In other words, Marisa shocks everyone and reaches Wa:25 Th:22 Ma:22.)

06/29/2003: [Note 23] Marisa: where's waldo? i mean... / Sun Jun 29 16:40:35 2003 / To: all / where are you? i'm thinking of adding a rl map to the tfc site that shows pretty much where we're all from. (Not by character name, just by putting little dots on a world map, with one dot per rl player.) So, if you want to be on the map, post me a note here with where you are from, or email me at *hug*

06/30/2003: [Note 25] Marisa: my timeline & big thank you's / Mon Jun 30 13:11:37 2003 / To: all / Let me start off with the biggest thank-you of all to Tynian, for coming up with a great instant way to get tfc news to everyone who wants to read it. I can't do more than *begin* to tell you how happpy I am with the addition of news like that to the tfc website. I also want to thank Tynian for eliminating anywhere from one to six hours of work for me several times a week ;) *bounce* And of course I want to thank the many, MANY people over the years who have provided info & let me plunder their logs for it, there's no way in Lleheibwen I'd ever have been able to do without them. And special thanks to Tokugawa for putting up with all my "but I really need to update the timeline" whining when he'd rather go watch a movie :P I'd also like to donate all of my previous years' timeline info (currently 1300 files) to Tynian if he wants it. And I'd like to announce that I will no longer be updating my timeline as frequently or as in-depth since my goal of having info available to whoever wants to see it is met with Tynian's change :) I will though keep putting up odds and ends that I find interesting (and hopefully you might too), so please send any logs or whatnot you might have if you want them up. Updates will probably be reduced to once a week or so, and will not include any repeat info from the news page except for maybe people immorting. So if you're still reading, thanks again :) *hug*

09/13/2003: Marisa posts a note about web page changes.

10/05/2003: Marisa actually levels -- to effective 40th no less -- Ma:24 Th:22 Wa:25!

12/24/2004: Cordir announces on gossip that: A present was just delivered to Marisa, for TFC...And at some point in the future (not sure when) entire timeline will be visible on the TFC homepage (Along with Marisas, if I understand correctly - as a mega-merged timeline).

8/18/2005: Eldric is shocked to see Marisa (who is going to level this year, really) playing.

03/13/2005: The combined TFC Historical Timeline goes live, and Marisa posts this note about it.

Player Information:

Marisa lives in Arizona and is married to Tokugawa.